Alt-left blogger Stan Grant wants Aussie statues torn down


Stan Grant wants a race war.

Just like his fellow anti-Western, alt-left bloggers at CNN, where he worked for four years, Stan wants to eradicate any memory of Western heritage to make sure that there is no racism in the future.

Writing for their ABC last Friday, Stan was moved by the statue of evil white male Captain Cook in Hyde Park, Sydney, to make his call for the destruction of white Australian identity. Being clever, Stan says that he doesn’t want to see the statue taken down, but that “There are indigenous people who for good reason would prefer to see it removed.”

We know what you’re saying, Stan. It’s like the old ‘moderate’ Muslim trick: “I don’t mind if you criticise Islam, but there are terrorists who will come blow you up if you keep doing it”. Subtle.

As anyone with half a brain can see, if the alt-left get their way and statues of great Australian pioneers, leaders and explorers get torn down, there will be a civil war for the first time in our nation’s history. The battle lines in that war will be along ethnic and ideological lines, and it will be entirely due to the cultural Marxism of hate merchants like Stan.

For true believers like Stan though, that doesn’t matter. Whitey has got to pay. In his article, Stan wrote:

On the base of the statue is an inscription in bold letters:


It has stood since 1879. When it was unveiled more than 60,000 people turned out. The procession at the time was the largest ever seen in Sydney.

No-one present then questioned that this was the man who founded the nation.

But think about that today. Think of those words: “Discovered this territory.”

My ancestors where [sic] here when Cook dropped anchor. We know now that the first peoples of this continent had been here for at least 65,000 years, for us the beginning of human time.

Yet this statue speaks to emptiness, it speaks to our invisibility; it says that nothing truly mattered, nothing truly counted until a white sailor first walked on these shores.

The statue speaks still to terra nullius and the violent rupture of Aboriginal society and a legacy of pain and suffering that endures today.

Dammit Stan, you got shoes. And bacon. And WiFi. And the opportunity to participate in a millennia-long project of human civilisation that your white ancestors strove and bled and died to achieve.

You’re not a victim, Stan. You’re one of the most privileged men in all of human history. Now you even get to make an international career and a top 1% salary playing the victim card about it all the time.

To be fair, Stan wasn’t born into the top echelon of Australian society with whom he now shares foie gras and Moet on the harbour. He was born in Griffith, into a pretty rough milieu. His dad was born in Cowra and worked the sawmills. In his biography, Stan claims that his father was ill-treated for being dark.

That narrative might read well in the leafy inner suburbs of establishment Australia Stan, but I can see right through it. I spent my childhood in nearby Parkes, in a Housing Commission house on the edge of town. I know that world, and I know that whatever ‘prejudice’ your father might have experienced would have been much more a result of his character and conduct than his ethnicity.

My Irish ancestors were shipped out in chains in the Second Fleet, and like your Aboriginal ancestors had a culture of alcoholism and violence which prevented them rising in society for long. Now I thank God that my British ancestors dragged their Celtic arses out here to the end of the earth. I’m grateful.

You should be, too, Stan. Burnt goanna must get a bit boring after a few years.

Stan attributes his neo-Bolshevik revolutionary fervour to the presidency of Donald Trump, of course:

Mr Trump is feeding a hate that burns deep in the American soul.

Race — racism — is written in American DNA. The war to end slavery — the Civil War — is seen by historians as the bloody birth pains of the nation.

Yet Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation, Martin Luther King’s dream, the civil rights marches that brought an end to segregation, the election of the first black president, Barack Obama, none of these things have healed America’s wound.

There never will be for fanatics like you, Stan, until white history, white culture and whites ourselves have been eradicated. You’re a genocidal maniac, driven by a grievance complex to exterminate the ethnic group who built this country, and to whom you partly belong.

Americans are tearing down the monuments to hate, but we remain oblivious to ours.

When I drive through the Blue Mountains west of Sydney to return to the country of my ancestors, the Wiradjuri, I cross the Coxs River named after William Cox the pioneer and road builder.

In the 1820s, at the height of conflict between the Wiradjuri and the British — described in the Sydney Gazette as an “exterminating war” — the same William Cox called for the massacre of Aboriginal people…

William Cox is immortalised, he lends his name to our landscape.

Across Australia there are monuments to those who drove Aboriginal people from their lands.

There are reminders of frontier battles that are still not taught in our schools.

There is still no place on our War Memorial wall of remembrance for those Aboriginal people who died on our soil fighting to defend their country.

They got conquered, Stan. Welcome to civilisation. The evil British you hate so much got conquered several times, too. First by the Romans, then the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, then the Vikings, then the Normans and now by Third World economic invaders. If it makes you feel better, London has now fallen to non-whites.

When you get conquered, only your will and resolve determine whether you survive as a people or disappear back into the sea of humanity. Playing the victim and blaming others is not helpful, and is increasingly hated by the remote indigenous communities you claim to advocate for.

They don’t get invited to the same parties you do, so you probably haven’t heard. They’re not interested in playing identity politics against whitey. They’re just grateful if they have some shoes.

I guess that’s our fault, too?

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  • BunyipBill

    wholesale revision of history desired by the left is a truly scary
    thing. That they are being permitted to do so it worrisome on a Grand
    scale. “1984” could have been a warning, not a blueprint!

    • They are trying to erase history, not revise it.

    • Ada Williams

      It was a warning. Orwell belonged to the Commie Party at one time until he saw what they were really up to. It influenced 1984. Huxley’s Brave New World was also a warning. Both these books wrote about statue destroying and destroying/rewriting history. Also the disgusting Germans have been experimenting with drugs to try find something that can make people accept mass illegal Muslim migration. They are looking at the hormone oxytocin. Be afraid. In Brave New World the people were drugged daily with Soma. How can these v retarded lefties think this is good??? God spare us, if there is one.

  • Kellie Maree

    Tan Grant becomes more indigenous every year thanks to the help of the makeup department.

  • Stan Grant. What can one say, really.
    He has popped up now like a bad penny as fifth columnist Indigenous Affairs Editor at the ABC.
    How surprising he has joined a posse of fellow travellers.
    Same old axes to grind about terrible, evil Whitey.
    Whiteys sole mission in life is to grind Aboriginals into the dry red dust. Sure, Stan.

    It’s sad that Stan now seems deeply ashamed of his White heritage and all the advantages of fame and wealth Australia has generously given to him.
    Stan constantly harps on the sorrow, shame, anger and hardship of being an indigenous man.
    He seems to be doing alright in “deeply racist Australia” as far as I can see, apart from a giant chip on his shoulder.

    • Glyn Davies

      Can I share some of your thoughts on Stan Grant…Please…my adopted brother was Bruce Trevorrow and he was awarded the First Stolen Generation payment about 10 tears ago and he knew anguish and heart ache but still loved my All White Anglo family and never really showed any hate towards Whites that I can remember…Bruce got on with life but the smoking and grog had its ways with him and he sadly died a year after he got payment,,,there are articles and books about him…he had a very precious soul and he felt lost for many years because of his treatment…he still got on with his life…But some people like Stan have the spotlight and must lust after it and he has a banner to run with…

  • Peter Thompson

    Grant will get under the tanning machine and come out and state how black he is, a total disgrace.

  • Dom Inic

    Stan’s sad opinion peice is listed under a header of ‘analysis’. As satire it would have been funny because after all the fake tan a bloated ABC salary can buy, the Captain Cook statue is still darker than Stan. The petty whinging about the ‘invasion’ is silly. Call it discovery or what you like, if it was an invasion then the invaders are pretty damn tolerant to the invaded. We are not going to give captain Cook a gender reassignment or paint him in rainbow colours. #Just vote No.

  • Peter Thompson

    How long before the rabid red bandana Fitzsimmons and Wally Ali join him in demanding all signs of white man in Australia is removed.

  • Ralphy

    Racism at its most malevolent and poisonous. And from a “celebrity” who owes everything to the “invaders”.

    The people responsible for the injuries and death at Charlottesville are the half-wit counsellors like Stan who authorised the removal of the statues. A huge insult to the many who revere those generals as the South’s finest heroes, and rightly so.

    Why does the ABC hate us so and continually hire these hatemongers. He can say what he likes, but why on our coin!

    This is why I’ll vote for any party willing to smash the ABC. I read many articles here focusing on which new ism, ist, ology, is the new holy grail of wisdom and enlightenment and it doesn’t cut it for me. It’s navel gazing, wheel spinning and all but a cloistered irrelevance/hobby to only those few. That’s all fine too, people are entitled to pursue whatever interest that appeals, but what will it achieve? 90% of Australians don’t give a rats about politics at all or only have the merest understanding or interest.

    Taking down the ABC for me would be akin to demolishing Pravda or Der Sturmer! All State based, protected and propagandised, purveyors of purulence that have become much too dangerously powerful.

    We need to start winning, clawing back our rightful ground, but it will only eventuate from using the existing system to get our message out, loud and proud! The rest is like predicting afternoon showers in the Sahara.

    Ranting I know but this bloke is just too much.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Australian Liberty Alliance published years ago and first!

      Values and Core Policies
      11. A Free Press and ‘Back to Basics’ for Public Broadcasting

      We reject any form of censorship or political oversight over the work of journalists.

      We aim to privatise SBS, together with non-core sections of the ABC.
      The core of the ABC shall provide one national free-to-air TV channel
      for news and current affairs, one free quality channel for children as
      well as essential radio, satellite and online services for rural and
      remote areas. The ABC should retain the brief to connect Australian
      expatriates and overseas friends with Australia.

      Our publicly owned broadcaster needs to reflect the broader sociopolitical spectrum of Australian society.

  • Trace Andrew

    I feel offended by Stans comments but come on”” fake tan “” !!! are you serious ?

  • Grant is such a despicable creature.

  • SamSammy

    “This statue…says that nothing truly mattered…until a white sailor walked these shores.” Well, did it Stan?? Because none of your aboriginal ancestors were sufficiently motivated to keep written records or erect statues before your white ancestors came along!

  • When Captain Cook landed on the NSW beach in 1770, he could here a loud, strange whining coming from the scrubby bush.
    He later discovered it was Stan Grant bleating about Whiteys arrival.

  • Sadsak

    This article should be printed on a poster and attached to power poles all over Australia. If you agree with it or not , it provides a serious subject for contemplation by all.

  • disqus_ZOU3Aed6Q1

    Stan drove (!) to the Cox’s river, named after the road -builder ? If he hates this guy so much, why didn’t he walk it ?

  • OneFatOzGuy

    It’s already happening: the Bourke and Wills statue in Melbourne was removed for no good reason.
    They’re doing the same thing, they’re just quieter about it.
    Next time you drive through Royal Park, I hope you appreciate the crappy abstract ‘art’, because we probably paid a fortune for it to some Marxist ‘artist’.

  • Karen Dwyer

    A really good article, Moses A (Mr Grant has provided you with a lot of material! )

  • Ada Williams

    He better not touch that statue or rile up others to destroy it. We have had enough. People will lose it.

  • entropy

    I can only surmise that, being an Aboriginal male, Stan misses the good old days.

    The invaders brought internet and air conditioning, but they took away Stan’s right to rape women and play stabby stabby while dressed in a loincloth.

    Maybe the less privileged Aborigines who were slaughtered by Stan’s tribe would have been more receptive to European civilisation. I guess we’ll never know.

    Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the book of Stan’s people and just murder anyone who disagrees with us. I’m sure he would appreciate such a fitting tribute to his ‘deadly’ culture.

  • Ryan Fletcher
  • Karen Dwyer

    “Safe Schools” is vile; the self serving, callous proponents who do not care one jot about children, nor the damage they inflict on them, make me VERY angry. The Marxists have done a grand job of victimhood and sympathy-baiting. The best thing I can think of is that Mums are told “you’ve been HOODWINKED by creeps” so that they don’t go into guilty defensiveness, but turn like tigers AS THEY SHOULD on the Molech-like government and others who insist that children be sacrificed for adult lusts and ambitions.

    Have just had a little search re Rowan Dean & will check out the others. Oh how I wish podcasts came with separate transcripts!! Mr Shelton & the ACL deserve massive kudos for standing firm in the face of base hostility. And a mention must go to Mr Shorten, without whose namecalling and slander I would not be aware of Mr Bernardi or ACL. Own goal, Mr Shorten!!

    P.s. nice to hear from you, as always 🙂

    • Ralphy

      Onya Karen. Lovely chatting.☺

  • sadsak

    Considering that it postulated that the entire aboriginal population of Australia at first settlement was below four hundred thousand, then they have not done that badly . If one consideres the reluctance by many of the group to join the invaders. Those who did succomb to moderninity have done very well for themselves. Thankfully they realized that change was inevitable.