An apology to Adam Goodes


Yesterday, The XYZ published an article making reference to Adam Goodes which contained several factual errors. These factual errors, for which we are sorry, are as follows:

  • Aborigines were in fact allowed to vote in Don Bradman’s time
  • Aboriginals were not classified as fauna

Both of these were misconceptions at the time, and they have been compounded since, because of the way the 1967 referendum was framed to the Australian people. You can confirm the veracity of these facts at the bastion of Cultural Marxism, SBS.

  • There was no “stolen generation”, let alone a genocide. You can confirm the veracity of these facts by reading the work of Keith Windschuttle.
  • Everybody knows that it was the aborigines who killed off the megafauna tens of thousands of years ago

Finally, Adam Goodes did not call for the Don Bradman Stand at the Adelaide Oval to be renamed, nor did he say any of the things we said he said in the article. This joke was made for the purpose of satire. Except for the bit about “just remember whose land you’re on.” He really said that a few years ago.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by mikecogh

  • entropy

    Easy to confuse the achievements of our second-most forgettable Australian of the Year.

  • David Trembarth

    Let me know when he becomes well again please, he is looking a bit pale……..

  • Dear Adam Goodes,

    I am sorry you were born a complete fuckwit.

    • I don’t give a fig about celebrity niggers but if we’re throwing commiserations out there this week, I guess I’m sorry that Goodes is still a whiny brat at his age.

  • “remember whose land you’re on”

    The native title cases in the federal courts show that even aborigines can’t do this.

    Giant tax payer funded gibbme matches between competing clans. The spoils? The right to extort from anyone who wants to mine or develop the land. Rights even white fellahs don’t have.