ASIO boss Duncan Lewis is a #collaborator

#collaborator to the left.

In Senate estimates this week, Senator Pauline Hanson asked the head of ASIO, Duncan Lewis, if the terrorist threat to Australia was being “brought in” via the refugee intake. His response to the question was as follows:

“I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there’s a connection between refugees and terrorism’’. He added there was ‘’no evidence’’ to suggest that children of refugees were more likely to become adherents of radical Islam.

Unfortunately Senator Hanson did not follow up her question with numerous examples that would have contradicted Lewis’s response. I have no idea what Hanson’s advisers are doing with their time but they certainly aren’t providing much guidance. Andrew Bolt has published a comprehensive list of possible examples that Hanson could have used. Bolt finishes with this statement:

“So what on earth is Duncan Lewis saying – and why?

“Did he mislead Hanson and a Senate committee?

“Or is our ASIO boss blind to the facts – and to a clear and present danger?

“Please explain.”

Bolt’s extensive list of examples is excellent work, but his conclusion is simply old tactics. It’s not enough to ask why Duncan Lewis is misleading the Senate committee. We need to go further than that and work it out for ourselves. Only when we do this and individuals such as the head of ASIO are confronted by our elected politicians with these extremely uncomfortable questions will we begin to see any progress towards undoing the damage that is being done to this country.

Duncan Lewis as head of Australia’s secret service department is tasked with protecting Australia from foreign and internal terrorism. When we define Australia in this context then we mean Australian interests, borders, assets, and lives.

The reason that Lewis responded in the way he did to the Senate estimates is because his top priority is his career. His personal fortune is more important than the fortunes of Australia and of Australians, even though he is tasked with such a sensitive and vital responsibility as being the head of ASIO.

For those wondering why Lewis is able to so confidently make the claim that there is no correlation between the refugee intake and terrorism, it is because ASIO, the federal police, and police services in general around the country have the latitude to define what is or is not terrorism. The attacks and outrages that Australia has been subjected to are defined as ‘lone wolf extremists’ or other such nonsense. Our police forces have gone from upholding the letter of the law to defining the letter of the law, and even in some circumstances to advocating for new laws to be passed that they may then enforce.

Duncan Lewis is not just a disgrace to his position. He is an active #collaborator with the forces that seek to undermine this great country. If there was any justice in this land then he would be treated as such.

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  • Ralphy

    Hear hear! Absolutely sick of this obfuscation and outright deceit for the bleedingly obvious. It amounts to a complete and utter contempt for the public. If only we had a national broadcaster that would call this crap out. I have long been an admirer of the American system in which many of their public and judicial officials are elected. Pub test with real legs.

  • Addelad

    This is the gist of my letter to ASIO HQ in CBR

    I refer to alleged statements by Mr Duncan Lewis reported in the press May 27th 2017. I refer also to your stated corporate mission:
    “To identify and investigate threats to security and provide advice to protect Australia, its people and its interest”
    I am a tax-payer and citizen of this country. I expect ASIO, along with the rest of our security agencies, to live in the world of evidence and objective reality, not that of political correctness. I demand a response with respect to Mr Lewis’ comments to the effect that there is no link between terrorism and refugees.
    This is demonstrably wrong and indicates a worrying predilection for virtue-signalling, not hard-headed leadership of ASIO. How will you “identify and investigate threats” when you are led by somebody who is, so it would appear, blind to those threats?
    If ASIO is to suggest that its leader does not necessarily speak on behalf of the official agency line, then that would indicate that he is out of touch with his statutory responsibilities. Either way, clarification on this stunningly incorrect and dangerous public statement is sought.

  • James

    Has there ever been a bureaucracy in the entire history of bureaucracy that’s claimed it’s existence isn’t essential?

    • Addelad

      Happens every day – a junior advisory committee will always recommend to its steering committee that it becomes a senior advisory committee with greater resources and responsibility. The junior advisory committee is abolished.

      • James

        Yeah there’s that.

      • Justin Beaver

        Yes Minister…….in real life.

  • Warty2

    I think Adam needs to expand on what he means by ‘he is an active collaborator with the forces that seek to undermine this great country’, meaning Duncan Lewis of course. Because collaboration touches on the undermining of all our major institutions, indeed our major corporations that support climate change ideology, gender diversity and Aboriginal constitutional recognition and all the other lefty designer label bullshit we have come to expect as standard fare.
    In order to come to grips with a Duncan Lewis, one has to understand how he came to be like that and the influences brought to bear in order to enable him to rise to the top of ASIO.
    An article in Quadrant, yesterday, ‘Coming to dinner, comrade’, demonstrates just how far back one needs to go in order to show how influence (in this case a future government) can be brought to bear on those institutions supposedly employed to protect our way of life, allowing organisations like ASIO to be compromised and important information to be ‘tidied away’ for all time.
    Clearly Lewis ought to stand above partisan politics, but to listen to him speak on the ‘nothing to see here’ view he has on terrorism is almost to hear Turnbull in ‘replay’. He is a clone of the establishment in England, in Europe, in the US and here, simply not paying attention to what is happening under their nossies. This ‘nothing to see here’ outrage on our collective intelligence, is precisely the sort of government agency ‘looking the other way’ bit that allowed the Manchester bombing to occur in the first place.
    Islam may be an enemy within, alongside rogue flying refrigerators, but our radical left is Islam’s first line of defence.

    • Justin Beaver

      ASIO is no doubt as incompetent as the NSW police.
      I present the Lindt Cafe terrorist incident as proof.
      NSW cops are hopeless at solving crimes, let alone preventing them.
      Australian police in general / ASIO are just a bunch of inept stooges & bunglers.
      I wouldn’t entrust them to rescue my cat from a lofty tree branch.

      • Ian L Gregory

        Of course they can’t solve crimes , they are too busy catching motorists and raising revenue from minor infringements than to be bothered chasing real criminals .That might involve a degree of real police work .

  • Karen Dwyer

    Adam, I don’t want to take the deserved focus off Mr Lewis.

    However, I will insert a tangent on collaborators. They are “of a feather”. And deadly.

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘He is an active #collaborator with the forces that seek to undermine this great country’

  • Justin Beaver

    Lewis is ex Army…Duntroon no less.
    After the Army he went straight into Government roles.
    He has never held a real civvy job.

    To me, that says it all.
    Army/ex Army types are very, very strange people.
    I have worked with several and had 2 ex Army types as a boss.
    There is something about them that is just not right, their personality is……. dubious at best.

    He probably fits in well at ASIO.

    • Salome

      It’s the training. They have their capacity for independent thought shouted and push-upped out of them during training and in many cases they never really regain it. The great ones are those with the strength of character to keep their capacity for independent thought while convincing everyone else that they’ve lost it.

    • James

      Took me a good twenty years to get it out of the system completely. At the time I’d have said ex service personnel and police are good in senior positions and making laws. Today I shudder at the thought.
      Famously (infamously) the German people made the error of believing a strong sounding ex army nco was the answer to their problems.
      The regimental mind means well but it tends to see liberty as chaotic and somehow dangerous.

  • Salome

    Are there people in power who know something that they don’t want the rest of us to know, but that causes them to continue denying the elephant, sorry, the camel in the room?

  • Karen Dwyer
  • No Shame

    The progeny of virtue-signalling is the death of principles, and common sense.