Asking all the right questions


Today’s cartoon is about the issues with our current citizenship test, raised by Peter Dutton, and seconded by Pauline Hanson and David Leyonhjelm.

The test currently just asks pointless trivia about cliche Australiana, whereas the above are proposing it focus more on Australian values such as free speech, equality of opportunity, religious tolerance, etc.

It’s your XYZ.

  • Bucky Turgidson

    Great cartoon.
    Newly arrived immigrants need to be vetted more rigourously.

    The embedded link (citizenship test) leads to Ruperts Great Australian Paywall.
    I refuse to give that stupid (but rich) old goat any shekels. He has enough already.

    • Karen Dwyer

      That paywall is like the Berlin Wall: goes up so quickly. I think they have a cunning policy of allowing access and then shooting up that paywall when they get sufficient interest.

      • Bucky Turgidson

        Tricky little Rupert !
        A way around the dead link sometimes, is to cut n paste a bit if the article,insert it in your post and then people in the forum can cut n paste web search the text and usually the article will pop up,circumventing Ruperts walled garden.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Ah, very handy hint, Bucky, thanks!

          Not sure that even the most dedicated Mills & Boone reader would want Rupert as a protagonist :-))))))

  • Karen Dwyer

    Intriguing. To be Australian or unAustralian quite subjective. But the big four: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and that other one …

    (Like the four tenors…)