Aussie Nationalists Make the News in Sydney


There is a new player in town on the Australian Alt Right, and they have hit the ground running, making the news in Sydney with some well designed flyers which triggered the usual suspects:

“RACIST posters calling for prominent Muslim Australians Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Waleed Aly to be deported are being displayed — and pulled down — around Sydney.

“The shocking signs, designed by a nationalist group encouraging followers to print and hang them in public places around the country, are made to resemble Pokemon cards and feature the catch phrase ‘gotta catch & deport them all’.

“Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is featured on one of the posters, with the modified tagline ‘gotta catch & hang ‘em all’. Others feature cartoon Apex gang members and a ‘passive yet cunning’ Asian man, given the name ‘Chinkamon’.

“The posters have shocked people for the racist slurs and insulting descriptions of the people and groups they feature.”

As XYZ readers are well aware, use of the word “racist” automatically loses the argument.

“The posters have been produced by a group calling itself Aussie Nationalists.

“On the group’s website it offers high resolution copies of the posters, encouraging followers to print them out and ‘spread the love in your area’.”

Here they are, people. Spread the love:


“One of the posters, featuring an image of Waleed Aly done up as “Waleedamon”, was spotted in Sydney’s inner west overnight and posted to Facebook.

“The poster was reportedly removed shortly after it was shared online.”

Of course it was.

“Members of the public are believed to have alerted police, who have told they are investigating.

“Police at Marrickville Local Area Command are now aware of the posters and we are seeking information from the public about who made and distributed them.”

Don’t let anybody tell you we live in a free country.

You can view the Aussie Nationalists’ website here. They appear to have only just started up in July, and I am not sure if they even have a Facebook page yet. A post explaining what their page is about reads as follows:

“We have received a lot of emails from people feeling alone with their views or not knowing how to support the growing movement, this blogs intention is to advertise events, grassroot nationalism, groups that are promoting our cause.

“Attending them will support the growing movement, allow you to meet like minded people and get a better understanding of what is happening to this once beautiful nation of ours.

“Groups and parties with a good message will be promoted and supported here, bookmark this blog for regular updates and informative content.

“For if we work together we can secure a better tomorrow like our Anzacs did for us.
Feel free to contact us any time if there is something you want help promoting or have a question.”

They have also shared this excellent video produced by Red Ice TV:

Welcome to the ring, gents.

  • That poster of Waleed is spooky. Those red eyes of his follow you around the room.
    Thankfully, Yassmin has fled to Englandistan, where hopefully she will remain, earbashing the Poms……
    Can we encourage wally to return to Egypt, I wonder ?

    Anyway, the posters succinctly state some widely held beliefs amongst the community and it is gratifying to know that the Lefty SJW crowd will be bigly triggered with frothy mouthed outrage.

  • Deplorable Steve

    Ha ha they are funny.

    Wait, no, I mean truly Waleephobic.



  • Ralphy

    I heard of this I think, (likely Melbourne) a couple of nights back from the Boltster on 2GB radio?

    For me personally some of it is over the top ( as intended no doubt) but I must agree Yasmin’s headware is seriously fetching and oh so culturally appropriate.(Yeh free speech I hope)

    Sadly though today’s 2GB podcasts discuss a CATA (Consumers and Taxpayers Association) new protest movement called PAP (Power to the Australian People) being held in Belmore Park Sydney 18/8 I think??

    Similar demo mob cohort as Carbon Tax rallies but protesting power prices, RET, UN overlords, PC crap, deindustrialisation of our Nation etc. (Chris Smith Show 2GB/60 other stations today.)

    I am in no doubt that this very worthy new mob will now be blamed for the posters and Antifa and all the other masked nutjobs will be out in force in their best headkicking ensemble.

    I went to the Carbon Tax rallies and other than the occasional “stinkeye” they were peaceful. ???? Not so sure this new one? We may need Tones leading the charge after dusting off his old boxing blue!

    Great clip by the way!

  • Mattys Modern Life

    They are all funny, but the SHY “gotta hang em all” should be changed.

    No need to incite violence.

    • Sir Cumference

      I guess ” behead those that insult the senate” is off the cards then.

  • LadyMoonlight

    Fantastic video and thanks for the link, added it to favourites. One thing I really like about this site, and other conservative sites, is the links provided that lead me to great sites to read and keep. So, thank you.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    “Police at Marrickville Local Area Command are now aware of the
    posters and we are seeking information from the public about who made
    and distributed them.”

    I,m wondering if they want supplies to keep in every squad car?

    Would be good to see them as Patriots and not just Political mercenaries.

    • Cops are pretty based, given the horrible shit they see every day.
      I am sure they couldn’t care less about the posters, but they have to play the PC game to keep the outraged SJW’s appeased.

  • Warty2

    Whether or not one agrees with the substance or the intent of the posters, is beside the point: what it far more relevant is the fact that most people in 2017 are terrified of being labeled, particularly if it is something called ‘far right’ or ‘alt right’, as it seems to conjure up impressions of inherently violent, unquestionably low-IQ people that tend to congregate in cabals, plotting the resurrection of Hitler, no less.
    I was more than a little irritated by Paul Murray, on Sky (the night before last) when merely flashed images of the posters, albeit too short a time for us to read what they were saying, and then shake his head, muttering confected disappointments that anyone could even conceive of putting up such poster. I mean honestly . . . and people like him advocate free speech? The pervasive of ‘thought control’ has got to be seen to be believed, but it is a sad sad fact. Andrew Bolt has a penchant for taking the moral high ground too, which is equally irritating.
    The irony is that most conservatives have been saying and thinking far worse about drop kicks like Yasmin and Waleed. Quite frankly I think they ought to be exported to Mogadishu, if only to find out what a wonderful country this really is; and if there are those who disagree with me, then so be it: I won’t lose any sleep over it. But confected, hypercritical ‘tut tutting’ I cannot abide. And tearing down posters, and launching hue and cries in order to track down those who put up such posters, simply seems Stalinist to me. No other way of describing it.

  • She’s gorgeous.