Australians: you have been told a “Flannery”


tim_flanneryDown in sunny Melbourne, over the last few weeks we had:

  1. Rain.
  2. More rain.
  3. And just for a change,
    even more rain.

Hey Flannery, whatever happened to:

“It’s never going to rain again!” ??


  • Kevin

    If you’re not at least a little bit skeptical of climate by now you’re a total moron. Every prediction that’s ever been made by alarmists has flopped.

    • Danny

      If you stopped listening to alarmists and started listening to actual scientists and used a bit of common sense, you would know that we are effecting the climate, by how much or how little is up for debate, but to say we are not contributing and cannot make a difference is ignorance.

      • Kevin

        Even the mainstream scientists are fishy to me. There’s so much government money flowing into environmental research and their solutions for global warming are always, we need more funding, more regulation, more government control, we need more public resources. Plus every time a scientist dares to say perhaps the warming isn’t as bad as we thought, the entire scientific community dismisses their legitimate research as propaganda for big oil companies. Very unscientific.
        Watch Ted Cruz question the President of the Sierra Club, a leading environmental organisation. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

        • Komrade Kuma

          The real problem is the media expectations placed upon academics these days. In science they are actually teaching and promoting ‘science communication’ which sounds sensible and friendly even. But then it gets into the hands of the likes of the nutjobs from La Trobe who got hold of the safe schools program and turned it into little better than LGBTI porn that would get you 25 years behind bars if you were an old, ‘white’ male. That is the real problem, the utter addiction to ‘gotcha’ science communications.

      • Which scientists are you referring to Danny… them all & who they are affiliated with, who funds them & what lobby groups sponsors their lies…….put your money where mouth is…….& stop regurgitating Leftard ABC bullshit son.

        • Doglicka

          Ha! Well said sir.

      • k1w1

        Unfortunately, many scientists are working from models that are nowhere near comprehensive enough and may never be appropriate for long term predictions. This acts like a type of scientific “Chinese whispers” where subsequent research and models done are based on the initial incorrect modelling.

        Just look at the constant downgrading of predictions of IPCC climate models over the years.

        How do you model a non-linear chaotic system such as the earths climate and then extrapolate that forward 100 years?

        Skeptics aren’t “deniers” they are realists.

        • JOHN GRAYSON

          I agree…..Skeptics are REALISTS.

  • Robyn

    I am 69 years old,ive see every climate that could walk or talk,the climate had been changing for zillions of years and years,flannery needs jailing along with all the other sooth sayers, that are making money out of fresh air.

  • JohnM

    One nation’s climate policy has the right idea – hold people like Flannery to account, demand that any claims show supporting evidence and maybe even run a Royal Commission to sort the flim-flam from the eidence-based.

    • Old Codger

      No good doing that, the Commissioner would be a ALP appointment!

      …as would all the ‘investigators”


  • Bogene

    The new expression should be to tell Australians (after the great big MEDISCARE campaign):-
    To tell a SHORTEN ie To tell a lie knowing it to be so.

    • Peter

      telling a “shorten”. I like it.

  • Ron Cook

    If I was Tim Flannery, I would humbly return my Australian of the Year award. But then again, I have principles.

    For now, I can’t see a path for One Nation’s RC to get up. It would need another block of independent senators to dig their heels in on this issue and trade it for some important bills that Turnbull can’t get passed in the Senate. If a RC did get up, in the terms of reference, I would like to see an audit of the BOM’s temperature adjustment algorithms, and recognition of the pre-1910 temperature record.

    And for Danny @11:11pm:
    I suggest you memorise the following equation, and use it regularly –

    Science + Politics = Politics

  • Margaret Fraser

    It’s always been about the money. An overpaid paleontologist is suddenly an expert on climate? A multi millionaire preaches about climate change and uses more greenhouse gasses than some countries. Scientists can’t replicate and prove their theories on the change in climate but they need more and more money to keep trying to get the answer they want. And if they can’t they just change the evidence. Very scientific.

    The the UN buys in and demands billions from western countries. When the UN gets involved you know it is a scam.

  • During the Carboniferous Period some 350 million years ago the Global Average Temperature was double what it is today and the Carbon Dioxide content in the atmosphere was more than double of what we have today and this was a time when this planet teemed with life and was covered in lush green life everywhere. Why don’t the so-called ever seeking bigger and bigger grants acknowledge that warming and carbon is good for us all and reducing both will just bring on the Ice Age that much faster – perhaps even another Snowball Earth when everything died.

    • Ken

      Yep all that carbon that is now coal, oil and gas came from that atmosphere way back then, when the planet was thriving.

  • Kev

    The difference between Flannery and the “end is nigh” soothsayers of times past is simply the internet. We no longer have to take someone else’s word for it. We can actually find out for ourselves, and anyone who cares to look, to research and to question finds out that the emperor has no cloths. Global warming is an enormous Ponzi scheme and always about “show me the money”.

  • mhaze

    I’m not sure Flannery actually said “It’s never going to rain again!”.

    Paraphrasing what he did say is fine. Putting it in quotes… not so much.

    Besides, what he said (ie “even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems”) was stupid enough and can be easily shown to be utter flim-flam. So no need to make stuff up. That just muddies the waters, which, of course, aren’t there. 🙂

  • Gary Symons

    Flannery should be tied into a tinny on Warragamba dam and run a competition on what date and time he goes over the spillway.

  • eccyhimosis

    I remember one of my dear old dads sayings many years before the advent of the warmist’s “prophet”, (don’t give me that old flannel) when he thought we were telling porkies, seems pretty apt these says.

  • Peter

    The great climate hoax has a tragic, human face. In 2016, electricity disconnections in South Australia are occurring at an alarming rate, more than at any time in the state’s history – on a daily basis. What was once regarded as a basic human right and necessity is now out of reach of many low paid, and some more affluent, Australians; forgoing food, petrol and quality of life merely to pay for their electricity! The cool, youthful, trendy and really socially responsible Greens promised us nirvana and utopia. Now the ordinary person pays for their lunatic dreams with inefficient, garish wind-farms and palm-greasing on a grand scale. And they have the temerity to point the finger at oil companies! “Shut down the nasty, smelly Port Pirie Power Station!” the Greens all cried. Well, it did shut down, and due to South Australia’s recent severe winter (lots and lots of rain!) storms there was not enough electricity to go around over the past week. Business and industry have to pay more just to keep their doors open! Climate change? Let’s call it what it truly is. Tyranny! How’s life going in your beach-side mansion, Tim? Oh, by the way, the dams are full, champ! Get a real job.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Flannery might have been testing out his Taqiyya skills on a gullable nation!

  • roly

    I believe that the Earth’s axis is changing, that is why some places are getting warmer while others are getting colder.

  • Sheeple

    Climate change is crucially important to Australia. When our media tire of discussing the size of Kim Kardashians derreire or what sex Caitlyn Jenner is this week they always have climate chance as a fallback. It’s a nice safe argument that doesn’t offend anybody too badly and if you are challenged you just look at them thoughtfully and say, “so you don’t accept the science then?” Oh………… and it saves us from talking about the real issues in this country, you know, the ones that are simply too controversial to discuss.