Bill Leak – Talking Picture


Editor’s note: Liberator Zen has produced a wonderful video on the life and work of the late Bill Leak. It covers his early years, his strong reputation for challenging the fascism of political correctness, and the witch hunt over his cartoon highlighting family disfunction in Aboriginal communities, which consumed the last years of his life.

It is worth watching several times.

  • Karen Dwyer

    To call it a “Video” is an understatement. It’s funny, and witty, and funny, and poignant, and funny, and incisive, and funny, and affectionate, and… I’ll leave you all to find your own superlatives for this gem of a film.

    Additionally, I enjoyed the voices: Bill’s and Liberator’s (with the latter’s calm accents the perfect foil for… Well, I’m not going to spoil it for you….)

    Lastly, “Liberator Zen” must surely be a “Blake’s 7” devotee? Whoever he is, he’s done Bill Leak proud.