Bill Leak’s Death and Leftist Hate


As all good readers of XYZ will know, the courageous dissident cartoonist Bill Leak recently passed away from a heart attack.

Bill came to prominence by fighting the censorious establishment his entire life. His career was littered with a trail of offended busybodies, an iconoclastic path of hilarious destruction filled with squawks of indignation from outraged elites.

He was a Charlie Hebdo for Australia, poking holes in the absurdities of our modern cultural norms, from Aboriginality to Islamophilia to Safe Schools.

There was no sacred cow not worth barbecuing, no untouchable irrationality safe from ridicule, no silly contemporary concept sacrosanct from puncturing by his razor-sharp pencil.

Bill fought his final battle against the current-year commissars of the HRC and 18C, the modern day shackles on the freedom to speak truth to power. This made him a hero to many who had never seen his cartoons before, and predictably made him a reviled figure amongst the hate-filled haters of hatred.

Unsurprisingly, when Bill did pass away, the outpouring of grief from patriots was matched and even exceeded by the noisy and rancorous hatred of the left.

For this article I was going to collect quotes from the leftists in the comment sections of Fairfax, The Guardian, SBS and the ABC to show the glee at the death of another human being. But I think anyone reading this already knows what they said.

We saw it after Thatcher died with leftists popping champagne in the streets, we saw it after the death of Reagan and we saw it last week when thugs from the CFMEU chased a seventy-seven-year-old John Howard down the street screaming threats of violence.

We see it in the feverish eyes and spittle-flecked mouths of “anti-racism” protesters, those children of privilege fighting to intimidate or blockade others into silence. We see it when black-clad thugs screaming profanities kick Trump supporters into unconsciousness in the U.S. for daring to show support for a democratically elected President.

We see, as Tim Blair points out in the case of the creator of First Dog on the Moon, that the left will devour any of their own that dares not show enough passion for the two minutes of hate.

The comments at the ABC Facebook page were particularly vile. Apparently it is not enough to disagree with a man in life; you must joke about spitting, pissing and defecating on his grave in death as well.

I looked at the profiles of the people leaving these comments; the majority were not blocked or particularly private in any way. They didn’t fear judgement, loss of a job or any other consequence for such abhorrent behaviour. The most common features among them were a combination of self-adoring selfies, middle-aged spread and government employment.

What compels these otherwise normal people into such a blind hatred of someone they’ve never met, have no quarrel with and who isn’t even breathing? What makes them type such obscenities with the same hands that they hug their children?

It’s a peek into the cosmology of the left. They belong to a class of people in our society who have abandoned Christianity and replaced it with a religion of their own, a faith whose catechism states that virtue is never internal, but only external.

In this religion of leftism there is no place for heresy, and the easiest way to prove your piety is to exclaim your hatred for the unbeliever with as much bile as possible. In fact, not showing sufficient hatred is immediately seen by the more zealous as suspicious evidence of possible theological deviancy.

It is time people on the right woke up to just how much the average leftist loathes you. If you disagree with them they will cheer as you lose your job, as your family’s income is destroyed, as your life is upturned and your friends pressured to abandon you. If a leftist at your work suspects you of wrong-think they won’t think twice before denying you a promotion or putting your name first in line for redundancy.

They will cheer as your life crumbles, as government agencies put you on trial for drawing pictures, or as they watch video of black-clad thugs beating you in the street. As Bill Leak and so many other examples show, they will even cheer as you die.

Far too often, people on the right treat politics as some type of game, perhaps a way to meet people, or a diversion to think about every few years. The left thinks differently.

They want you and everyone who thinks like you to die out. They want to live in a world where people like you don’t exist and that is a world they aim to create. If they can’t brainwash your children into clones of themselves, then they will swamp you with client groups imported from the four corners of the globe to make your opinion unimportant and their ideology triumphant.

The right needs to look into the eyes of these people see the hate there for what it is, and use it to build a hate of our own.

Or else we’ll lose, just as the conservatives have for as long as anyone living can remember, and hopefully our enemies will only laugh over our graves.

Photo by jason ilagan

  • Deplorable Steve

    I hate what these vile pigs have done to society over the last 20-25 years in particular and I am ready to cast my lot with any group who not only hates these fucktards as much as I do, but can also project a formidable and credible front…

    • Tamaveirene

      About the only group I can see right now is the Australian Conservatives headed by Cory Bernardi! It would be great if he and Pauline amalgamated parties. Some also say that the Nationals should join too. I can’t see it, though. Barnaby Joyce is far too comfortable playing second fiddle to Malcolm who, single handedly, has destroyed the Liberal Party.

      • Deplorable Steve

        AC is probably at the top of my list right now but I need to see some action from them to gauge their direction and intent.

    • I’m with you on this, DS. Lots of Aussies are just itching to have a new,strong leader step up, to take on the vile Left. Take no prisoners.
      Completely smash this current political swamp we are stuck in.

  • Gregoryno6

    What sort of a world would it be if the lefties got their wish? The vision Orwell outlined in 1984 might have been too kind.

    • entropy

      Probably a world as outlined by Yuri Bezmenov, where the ‘useful idiots’ on the left are the first to face the firing squad of the new communist regime.

      • Gregoryno6

        If the useful idiots were first, being second would have the benefit of being able to die laughing.

  • Lorraine

    The left knows they are inadequate ,they are jealous of the educated family with a strong religious link to being a good Christian. That is why they Hate ,they hate because they are inferior , in Australia with the Labor and Green support the haters are still less than the good guys. They are INFERIOR

    • Lefties have severe self esteem, mental issues.
      They hate everyone and everything, but hate themselves most of all.

  • Dan Flynn

    It’s tempting to make up your mind about ‘Leftists’ from the comments section of ABC news. However they are just being trolls, not unlike the hateful right-wingers who populate many other comments sections (they can be just as bad!). People express things via the internet that they would never in real life. It’s a strange human condition and I’m not condoning it or saying it’s OK, just that the internet fuels our rage against each other and I think this is dangerous.
    Humans are not email addresses and real life is not the ‘comments section’.
    I didn’t always agree with Bill leak but I respected him.

    • entropy

      There seems to be a fundamental disagreement here. You’re claiming equivalence on this point, yet this entire article is about difference. A number of commentators here have pointed out the disparity in response to these type of events and you appear to be dismissing that offhand.

      Having seen, in real time, the hilarity of leftist hysteria to things like Trump and Brexit, and the nasty, personal nature of their political tactics, I’d argue that you have some evidentiary burden to discharge.

      • Addelad

        Am I missing something? Surely the “equivalence” is being pushed by Mr Rosas – to respond to vile leftist tactics with equally vile tactics against them.

        • entropy

          Lucas does suggest that at the end of the article. But Dan appears to claim that equivalence already exists – that there is no disparity because the right is ‘just as bad’ as the left.

          • Addelad

            OK. Of course each “left” and “right” camp is a series of bell-shaped curves of personalities, perspectives and many other characteristics. Despite that obvious fact, I think it’s fair to say that right now in the West, the left has a mortgage on brown-shirt tactics; they’d have pleased Adolf in Munich circa 1923.

      • Dan Flynn

        ‘A number of commentators here have pointed out the disparity in response to these type of events and you appear to be dismissing that offhand’

        All I’m saying is that people can be assholes, Left or Right, and the internet has provided ample opportunities for them to be heard.

        The author of this article is justifiably disgusted with comments that he read about Bill Leak’s death on the ABC forum. However he appears to assert that the Right must up their levels of hatred towards the Left in order to win some imaginary war. I don’t see this happening.

        • entropy

          The fact that all people are inherently flawed doesn’t mean that all identity groups are equally guilty or innocent of arbitrary behaviours.

          You’re taking the article’s call to action literally, which I think is oversimplification. Most of its content deals with leftist tactics in the culture war that you say is imaginary (perhaps to head off the inevitable counter-attack?).

          I’d prefer the left to see this as an opportunity to demonstrate some much needed introspection and personal responsibility, to reflect on its own juvenile tactics and identity politics, to admit wrongdoing where it exists, and to demonstrate that it wants to avoid the (imaginary) culture war by showing some solidarity rather than just throwing more wood on the fire.

          While I’m sure most leftists are good people much like yourself, you will be held accountable for the actions of the fringe, in no small part because you apply that very logic to the right.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘I’d prefer the left to see this as an opportunity to demonstrate some much needed introspection and personal responsibility’

            Since I’ve been on this forum I have learned that this is precisely what the Left needs to do. You are right and thanks for the lesson.
            You guys may not think it but I’ve been rooting for you among my fellow Leftists! Having said that I also think you guys need to understand some things but we’ll get to that…

          • entropy

            I hope that means you’re writing an article. Given XYZ’s manifesto about free speech, I’m sure they’ll publish it. You get to have your say, you’ll get some good feedback and, best of all, imagine the triggering of all those alt-right snowflakes! OMG, I’m a genius. Now I just have to badger you until you do it.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘alt-right snowflakes’

            I might just do it!

        • Deplorable Steve

          You are correct that ‘people can be assholes, Left or Right’, but it is not the right wanting to indoctrinate my children with all manner of perversions, or freely introduce the joys of Islam into our culture, or force me to subscribe to multiculturalism, or accept that there are 567 genders, or that marriage perversion or gender fluidity are valid concepts, or that all cultures are better than my own, or … I’m sure I could go on and triple the content of my list but hopefully I’ve made my point.

          • Dan Flynn

            I understand you perspective Steve, I don’t agree with some of your views but you already know that and it doesn’t stop me from respecting you. If only others from opposite sides of politics could get along like we do! I have some hope that they can.

    • suomy nona

      these are not limited to comments sections on facebook or newspapers or anywhere else. these people have taken to the streets en masse time and time again, they are growing steadily more violent and prominent public figures among them have begun calling for bloodshed.
      this is not trolling.
      learn from leonard cohen, there is a war

      • Dan Flynn

        Leonard is one of my favorites,
        “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

  • aussiegooner

    Whether we like it or not, we are going to end up having to fight the left on the streets. Not my choice. My choice is democratic debate and elections.

    But democracy and elections mean nothing to the feral left nowadays. So they will keep pushing the envelope of decency and, one day, when everyone else decides they’ve gone too far, we’ll fight them on the streets. And we’ll win.

    • Dan Flynn

      I hope I never have to take you on Aussiegooner, I’m a spaghetti-armed Leftist and would go down in one punch.

      • Deplorable Steve

        Dan I don’t think anyone on this forum has a problem with lefties who can reason when faced with a debate or different opinion and don’t want to harm us financially, physically or socially for that difference . And there are many that fall into that category. When we rage about lefties, it is actually the screeching, self entitled foul mouthed cultural Marxists who have called us names for so long and tried to damage us anyway they can, that has finally enraged most of us conservatives. I myself am a mild mannered family man but my anger grows daily in the face of constant cultural Marxist hypocrisies and denigrations and I have decided that I am going to counter them with the same foul mouthed contempt and rudeness afforded to me.

        When is your next CD available?

        • Dan Flynn

          I know the Leftists you despise Steve, I think some of them suck too. I generally don’t like aggressive, opinionated and unreasonable people period. I feel the need to post on this forum because I want to always highlight the fact that it’s the loud and screeching Leftists that get all the media attention and make it hard for the rest of us!

          I working on a new album as we speak, ready mid year probably 🙂

      • aussiegooner

        Dan, I’d be amazed if I could take anyone out with one punch!! You’re safe, have no fear!!!

  • Olaf Koenders

    What compels these otherwise normal people into such a blind hatred of someone they’ve never met, have no quarrel with and isn’t even breathing? What makes them type such obscenities with the same hands that they hug their children?

    Cowardice. Fear of their own kind and those on the Right more mentally stable. The interweb is much to blame, allowing all to jeer and poke obscenities incognito from the shadows.

    Finding a Leftard honest enough to admit they’re afraid their own grave will become a permanent public toilet is like picking up a turd by the clean end.