Brendan Schaub on Sydney: It’s like they won the war


It has long been said in Australia that if we had lost World War Two, we would all be speaking Japanese now. With so much diverse vibrancy entering the West these days, this old saw has become somewhat of a sick joke. One might even suggest that if we had lost World War Two, at least the Europeans of the future would still speak a European language…

Even for frog-in-a-boiling-pot locals of Australia’s big cities, it is very difficult not to notice the changes, but for visitors expecting to see Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin, discovering just how open and tolerant our nation has become can be a little shocking.

American Brendan Schaub is a former professional footballer and MMA fighter, and he visited Australia recently on tour as a comedian. His appraisal of where we are headed is frank.

It’s your XYZ.

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  • Addelad

    WWI and WWII were effectively the same war. The Japanese war was a separate exercise and of less historical importance. There were no direct winners of WWI/II only direct losers (the participants – even the US in the long run) and indirect winners (the Chinese, India, Islam) who have enjoyed a relative boost in global status as Europe and its various children bled themselves white of both actual and human capital.

    The upshot of WWI/II has been the rise of the Left, self-loathing of Caucasians and our eventual eclipse. The only solace I get is like that of the person who jumps into a big vat of shit and laughs that some got splattered onto you. When we go down, so does the whole rotten house of cards. Right now they’re talking of an Africa with perhaps 4bn people in it – ha! After we are gone, try 200m, tops. Living as they did before the scourge of colonialism – short, brutal and meaningless lives.

  • Sydney is a unabridged shithole, full of Chinese, Koreans and Indians and Muslims from various Middle Eastern goat farms.

    I lived in Sydney during the early 90’s, when it was tolerable.
    Now, the place has been bought up, lock stock and barrel by cashed up Chinese and Indians laundering their dirty stolen money, mostly via real estate.
    The Chicom government actually has their own police agents in Australia on the sly, chasing these corrupt Chinese to recoup the stolen funds. Good luck with that.

    Zillions of articles on Chinese money laundering in Australia, drugs, real estate, you name it….tip of the iceberg.
    Canada: same. NZ: same. US: same. etc etc etc

    Anyway, Schaub should have visited rural Australia, to meet authentic white aussies, not the vile urine smelling faux metropolis of Sydney.
    Melbourne is the same, Brisbane increasingly so.

    Maybe Australia would have been better off if Tojo & Hans had won WW 2. Perhaps we fought on the wrong side.

    Multi Culturalism has destroyed Australia.
    Australia, the real Australia, died some decades ago. RIP.
    My Australian forebears are revolving at high speed in their tombs………

  • Sadsak

    Is there any wonder that (they) have won? Where is our culture? Look at theirs,Buddist,Diaoist,Confutionist,Shinto,Muslim, are the strong foundations of their persona. We are too buisy engaging our thoughts , on how much drugs this or that A.F.L. player was caught with, or who this cricketers wife is bonking. No thought about the meaning or direction of life.
    Hard to say, but we deserve the position we are in.

    • clive

      Hang on a minute.We the People aren’t responsible for this mess.Our”Do Nothing,Lying,Career Politicians”Have got us into this mess.Multi culti?Shove where the sun don’t shine.

      • Sadsak

        I vote also for these despicable people, but I put more thought into who I cast into the murk of parliament than most others . and that is the point I am trying to make.
        Be thoughtful, provoke others to be thoughtful, as I have done to you Judging from your response. So I sing to the choir once in awhile , but most often I get a result that matters, and that is what we all should be doing.

  • Addelad