Can we fix welfare?


Editor’s note: MattysModernLife explains Milton Friedman’s concept of a negative income tax. It provides a minimal safety net, while avoiding some of the disincentives associated with giving people free money. While not perfect, it may be a better solution to the current system.

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  • We are all born into a tax slave system.
    Tax serfdom was imposed on us without our consent.
    Taxation is extortion, a problem compounded by big Government which gets increasingly bigger, year by year.

    Look at the ATO, Centrelink…linked with the AFP now, sending out debt collectors to the vulnerable. Clawing back every cent, now that the revenue from mining has dried up.

    The institution of a universal basic income will be implemented only because the plebs will eventually rise up in revolution once the rich/poor divide becomes large enough.
    Madame Guillotine will be dusted off and erected in your local Town square.