Coalition push to give Australians a say on same-sex marriage


In a shocking outburst of democracy in Canberra, the ruling Liberal/National coalition will attempt to push through legislation to hold a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Failing that, they will push for a non-compulsory postal vote. From

“AUSTRALIANS will get a chance to have their say on whether to make gay marriage legal before the end of the year.

“And it’s set to cost taxpayers $122 million.”

Compared to the annual bill for social services in this country, this one-off cost to consult the people of Australia regarding a decision which will fundamentally alter the nature of society seems cheap.

“Coalition MPs have decided a postal vote on marriage equality will be held before November, if they are unable to secure support for a traditional plebiscite in Parliament this week.

“Under the plan, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be able to conduct the postal vote with assistance from Australian Electoral Commission officers.

“Ballot papers would begin arriving in letter boxes in for every Australian on the electoral role by September 12.”

Not stuffing around with a website for this one..

“The question will be whether Australians believe the Marriage Act should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry.”

Of course, the left have already sorted out their game-plan in case it turns out that yet again, the opinions of the political, academic and media elites in a Western country differ radically to the view of the majority of its people:

“Labor and marriage equality groups are questioning whether a postal vote would be legal, if the government does not gain authorisation to spend Commonwealth funds for one.

“The Commonwealth can’t spend money without legislation in the Parliament authorising the expenditure of that money, unless it’s part of the ordinary activities of a department,” Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus told Sky News today.

“On no view could the conduct of a national voluntary postal vote be seen as part of the ordinary activities of any of the commonwealth departments.”

So, XYZ viewers, what do you think? Should the law be changed to allow people to marry those of the same sex? Will the plebiscite ever happen? Is a postal vote a reasonable/feasible option? Whatever happened to destroying marriage because it is an outdated symbol of the oppressive patriarchy?

Let us know in the comments.

It’s your XYZ.

  • OneFatOzGuy

    Short plan of the Left: Destroy everything. What you can’t destroy, devalue (divorce). What you can’t devalue, debase.
    My money is on the Left stealing postal votes from people’s letter boxes and mailing them in to ensure that they get the responses they want.
    The media won’t report it, but it’ll appear as a footnote about people in certain areas not receiving their ballot papers.
    It’s identity theft at a democratic level and should mean we should lock out letter boxes for the time we think we’ll get the ballot paper.

    • Dom Inic

      Labor voters always vote more than once, so why would this be any different? The non compulsory nature of the vote is going to hurt their voter base. I think those want to preserve traditional marriage will shit it in personally.

      • The Homosexuals will lose, that’s why they are screaming like spoilt children,especially that Labor cow,Penny Muffdiver Wong.

  • Rod W of Oz

    Changing the Marriage Act is one thing. What about the side issues – will they be defined? Such as: Will religious organisations be compelled to officiate for “gay marriages’? Will other organisations also be compelled to participate against their will, e.g. bakeries, caterers etc?

  • Deplorable Steve

    No legitmisation of homo/pedo perversions ever.

  • Queer Labor will do their best to sabotage any postal vote.
    Labor heavyweights love homosexuality, they are groupies of the pederast cabal, anal prolapsed Sodomites.
    The vile, snuffling turncoat anti democracy termites within the Coalition are beavering away with other secret plans of plebiscite sabotage as well.

    Judgement day is coming.
    I know that Almighty God will vent his righteous fury and fearless vengeance upon these Homosexual, sinning wastrels and their Godless supporters.
    Revelation 19:11-16

    Praise Jesus. Amen.

    • Dom Inic

      Love the picture, whammo splat! I think that was the ABC building under there somewhere!

  • Karen Dwyer

    The most widespread use of SSM legislation overseas has not even been to pursue people through the courts and remove their livelihood from them.

    It has been to prevent people from home schooling their children; enforcing “pro-homosexual” indoctrination in schools; closing schools that refuse to promote homosexuality and pornography; removing children from their families; removing people from employment; demands that reproductive technology be provided (at taxpayer expense); demands for access to employment, education, and housing in institutions whose ethos and values are denigrated by the applicants; and then further demands for transgender issues follow swiftly thereafter.

    There is no “live and let live” under SSM legislation. It is absolutely and only a means to penalise, oppose, and eradicate the lifestyles of non-Marxists. It isn’t only marriage that is re-defined. Quite literally, “democracy” and “[national] values” are redefined, and any other documents or legislation which refer to democracy or [national] values are then used to eradicate the beliefs, rights, and lifestyles of non-Marxists.

    We are in the fortunate position of seeing exactly where this deceptive strategy leads.

    And we must not heed to the defeatist “it’s inevitable” propaganda that will ensue. Still less the “but it’s love” or “you can’t legislate morals” BS.

    Our lives will be a living hell if we act as if such a gigantic lie is the truth.

    • a very longggggg lecture…..zzzzzzzz

      • Wealth for toil

        Do you have a counter-argument or anything else to contribute to the discussion?

    • Dom Inic

      Living hell, just like Canada and venezuala

  • Karen Dwyer

    A “must read” is Bill’s article on this topic, which features an ad from KLM (What IS the deal with airlines and SSM??)

    I’m not able to upload the KLM image supporting SSM, but their f it’s any indication of their understanding about flight safety, they and their passengers are in trouble….

    • Sir Cumference

      Whoda thought being gay would be so dangerous.

    • I’m getting lots of wonderful site introductions on XYZ, including from your good self, Mrs Dwyer, but that one I’ll give a pass. There’s poison under the sugar.

  • Brian L

    Sick to death of having this bleating at me on the idiot box. radio and newspapers – so ignore them as much as possible and turn to the internet for a bit of peace and quiet. I will vote against the pillow biters and their mates – because of the above. “Off” buttons are nearly worn out!
    I’m sorry for my acquaintances who are of such persuasion – it isn’t personally against them but rather the overall harm that will befall the country – and especially the children.
    What they choose to do in the privacy of their own home, as consenting adults, is of no concern to me. What I am expected to condone, as it appears to me, is not what I can agree should be imposed on the silent majority of this country.
    The old saying “Don’t try to jam your beliefs down my throat”.

  • Dom Inic

    Nothing makes me angrier than the way these deceptive politicians have demanded gay marrige. The fact is that presently homosexuals are grossly over represented in parliament thanks to the decency of the other 99% of people of Australia who have given them the benefit of the doubt trusting that the interests of all Australians will be represented in parliament not just gay aussies. But no, instead of representing us they only want to push through their never ending list of reforms in their rainbow agenda. The rights of children to grow up knowing their mum and dad are very low on the list of priorities in canberra. $122 million is about one thousandth of the cost to run the ABC. $122m well spent because it will give the ordinary aussie a chance to tell these democrati
    ally retarded political nuisances where they can stick their gay agenda.

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  • Damien Smith