Concern that English Language Test could reduce annual migrant intake from 200,000 to 199,943 by 2027


A Senate committee has raised concern that proposed legislation requiring migrants applying for Australian citizenship to sit a university-level English Language Test, and giving the the Immigration Minister more power to revoke citizenship, could have an adverse impact on the intake of migrants, the majority of whom come from non-European regions, into Australia.

Their ABC has raised the very real concern that Australia’s annual immigration intake could be reduced into the 199,000’s, from approximately 200,000 to as few as 199,943, or according to some sources, 199,917, by 2027. According to the most dramatic estimates, dismissed by most experts as ‘uncredible’, the real figure could be as low as 199,886 by 2025.

Naturally, Australia’s political and economic elite are appalled, and are scrambling to pressure the federal government to reconsider its proposal. A spokesperson for the Australian Business Council has voiced concern that the sector will struggle to continue to exert downward pressure on wage growth if migration does not continue to rise exponentially. ¬†Building industry specialists warn that housing may actually become affordable again some time in the 2050’s.

A spokesperson for the welfare state has expressed pessimism regarding the sustainability of the system if the right-wing government succeeds in its plans:

‘Sure, it may take hundreds of thousands of dollars to fully integrate each migrant, but they repay us many times over because they are so good at starting businesses selling their unique way of wrapping bread or pastry around meat, and this in turn attracts more hipsters to the inner-city who can occupy all the old factories we forced to shut down because we taxed and regulated their former owners to pay for the welfare state. That’s why we need to keep bringing new migrants into this country in increasing numbers, to pay the taxes to sustain the welfare system which helps them integrate into this country when they first get here.’

A spokesperson for the Turnbull government has stated that these plans, which are unlikely to pass the Senate, demonstrate the party’s strong stance on border protection, and hope the virtue signalling to the right may help a few Liberal Party members stay in parliament one term longer so they can collect a pension.

A spokesperson for the Greens said they hate white people, and they will use the opportunity to denigrate the moderate Liberal regime as white supremacist neo-nazis, but ultimately they know the demographics are on their side to achieve full white genocide.

It’s your XYZ.

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  • OneFatOzGuy

    Also, the Greens wanted to sign over sovereignty of Australia to Stalin and the USSR, but retracted the motion upon learning of the death of the man and the collapse of Communism.

    Undeterred, they claimed that it only collapsed because of interference and that it wasn’t really a Communist organisation, so communism could still work here, if applied correctly.

    They also pretended not to know what or where a “Venezuela” was.

  • Australian Image Photography M

    ‘…university-level English Language Test…’

    In the 60s that would have been equivalent to Grade 2 or 3 primary school English.

  • Antifa-ggot

    Terrible news indeed. Someone needs to inform Tim Suckfromabumhole at once!

  • Plenty of “skilled” visa holders who can barely string a sentence together.

    And migration agents, for that matter.