The Face of Gay Militancy


Let’s make one thing clear of what I think of gay rights activist Michael Barnett. He is a bullying, totalitarian little thug on a power trip, and those are his positive qualities. Fresh from his victory over making Coopers brewery grovel in public before the altar of gay militancy, he is now going after Christian charities via their public board members. Did I say public? Silly me. Christians need to cower behind closed doors these days from those poor put-upon homosexuals. You know, the ones who just wanted to be free to love each other and have the equalities?

“The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission yesterday agreed to keep the boards of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute and the Australian Christian Lobby off the public record ­because publication ‘could ­endanger public safety’.”

It might be a little too late, seeing as Mr Barnett has posted the board members’ names on his website. One would then presume that Mr Barnett intends to endanger public safety, or at least the public safety of conservative Christians. Incidentally, that car bombing of the Australian Christian Lobby’s Canberra office last December and the death threats against the staff members sure has dropped off the media radar, hasn’t it. I wonder why that is?

Today we are finally seeing some push-back from Australian Church leaders on this matter. But is it too late for them to discover a spine?

“The nation’s most senior Christian leaders have described as ‘appalling’ and ‘unAustralian’ attacks from gay activists that have driven two Christian charities to request board secrecy.

“And the Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies has slammed the multinational corporates who surrender to those ­attacks as ‘weak-kneed’.”

That’s nice and all, but this is from the same Anglican church that hides its Melbourne cathedral behind an enormous banner declaring their support for refugees. The fact is that denominations everywhere have been pushing lefty causes for years. This was partly due to the little spot of bother they found themselves in when they tried to cover up the sexual molestation of children by some of their priests. Michael Barnett has something to say about that:

It’s curious, but as far as I am aware, these monstrous acts were perpetrated by homosexuals. The Church didn’t rape children. Homosexuals raped children on the Church’s watch. In fact, the Church never wanted homosexuals in their ranks in the first place, but bowed to public pressure and were forced to admit them back in the 1960s. That turned out well, didn’t it? I’m sure that the Boy Scouts are not going to regret bowing to similar public pressure which has resulted in them admitting homosexuals into their ranks as scout troop leaders. What could possibly happen when the boys go away for a camping weekend together? I mean, is there a precedent we could examine?

What better way to destroy an organization but to demand that you admit people like yourself to its ranks where there is a very high chance that they will perpetrate despicable acts, and then prosecute the organization after the fact, and led by the very same sorts of people who are prone to these acts in the first place. I mean, it’s pure evil genius.

I suppose the next step would be to legalize gay marriage and let the gays adopt little boys into their household. What could possibly happen? But I’m sure people like Michael Barnett are just really nice and loving. They don’t wish to push their private sexual preferences on anyone else, surely.

So let me get this straight, Michael. Are you threatening to gang-rape Andrew Bolt for criticizing your militant agenda? If not, what exactly do you mean by this tweet?

Michael Barnett is a bully and prone to harassment, but he is able to do this because the powers at be have rolled over once too often. If churches want to get people back into their congregations, then they need to drop the lefty preaching quick-smart. The only way to combat these cultural Marxist ideologues is to fight back twice as hard. You don’t get anywhere by attempting to appease them. Appeasement only encourages them to even greater heights of bullying. And activists like Michael Barnett have no end game. Their existence depends on their advocacy.

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  • Deplorable Steve

    Pogrom on homo activists now. How the hell did these perverts get let out of the closet??? Who let them out??? Where did they get the audacity to push their homo/pedo perversions onto society.??? Why are these deviants not rounded up???

    They are a danger to every civilisation that has ever been, responsible for helping to bring about its demise by weakening moral values and social mores.

    The world is mad with legitimising perversion and tearing down that which builds society.

    You may win a battle here and there you perverted homo fucks but you are going to lose the war when society suffers because of you. And I will dance on your fuckin’ graves …

    • Karen Dwyer

      And you are so irritated by it all, you’ll be getting all your adjectives out of the Funk’n’Wagnalls! :-))))

      • Deplorable Steve

        Mrs Dwyer, I cringe when I know upright people such as yourself are going to read my profanity laden posts, but this is now how I feel I must express my revulsion for the Marxist causes.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Oh, I’m not complaining. You gave me the opportunity to use a pretty lame joke that otherwise would just be bouncing about in my brain, taking up much-needed space.

    • sadsak

      If your words are the way you clothe your thoughts, Why do you dress in the gutter.

  • Homosexuals entered into the Priesthood in many instances deliberately to give them access to and prey on, young defenceless children.

    They were debased pedophile homosexual rapists before they ever became conveniently cloaked in the frocks of the Clergy.
    Plenty of disgusting pederasts in the media too, Saville, Rolf Harris etc.

    Michael Barnett is another vile Medusa like abomination spawned by the deviant Marxists.
    Homosexuality is the problem, not the Church.

  • Ray Johnston
  • Karen Dwyer

    “The fact is that denominations everywhere have been pushing lefty causes for years.”

    And for the same length of time, those opposed to this “liberal/social gospel” have been grieving over it and pushing against it.

    It’s a difficult one: pulling in different directions leads to splits (not doing the splits, you comedians!) and people don’t want to have yet more disunity within the Church.

    Possibly also one part of the church seeks unity (NOT “inclusiveness”) which can only be achieved through Christ, and another part wants power/control. Witness the bizarre words and actions of the current Pope.

    Witness those parts of the church that are “interfaith” (pro-Islam). They are vociferous about any and every Green Party agenda item. But utterly silent on the consistent and expanding persecution of their Christian brothers and sisters worldwide. Silent until it is brought to their attention. THEN they become, if not quite as vicious as ANTIFA, certainly as determined to stop any further talk. And they have wormed their way into key positions in various denominations.

    I’m still trying to get my head around how socialism has infected some churches: it is the antithesis of the gospel of Jesus; and the socialist church members are DETERMINED in their efforts to spread their practices and eliminate opposition.

    The Reformation period was bloody and didn’t model the “light of the world”. Yet people finally had access to God’s word. People still point to the horrors of that time as sufficient proof that Christianity is a crock.

    Excellent article, And without intending a backhanded compliment, further illustrates the perilous state of the Church that an atheist can recognise the issues that some church attendees are wilfully blind to.

    • Addelad

      Great article and equally enlightening response from KD. I cannot add much to the quality of what has been said, but re socialism and the church, I had always assumed that the logic (such as it is) of the “liberation theologians” in S America – of which our horrible current Pope is a member – are the basis; as I understand it and put simplistically, that Jesus was allegedly a form of Marxist because he believed in the fundamental equality of Humanity.

      • Deplorable Steve

        I have never understood the argument that Jesus was a communist. Could a more learned person than I, enlighten me on his point?

      • Karen Dwyer

        Oh that’s an interesting take by the Marxists.

        Of course the most glaring disparity is that Jesus obeyed God and was the fulfilment of prophecy regarding God’s promise to David (the king, not Hiscox) that one of his descendants would always be on the throne (no, not the loo). His love for each person is equal: worth attaining by His own death.
        Keywords: abundant life.

        Meanwhile the Marxists obey nothing but their own whims and lust for control of disposable “equals”. They fulfil not so much prophecy (except possibly lawless & lovers of themselves) as predictability: where they go, misery and famine and mass deaths follow. Orwell described it so well: “some more equal than others”. Keywords: totalitarian, utopia.

        Great summary from you – I hadn’t made the link before.

  • Starr Renee Gotzen

    Great article!

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘It’s curious, but as far as I am aware, these monstrous acts were perpetrated by homosexuals. The Church didn’t rape children. Homosexuals raped children on the Church’s watch. In fact, the Church never wanted homosexuals in their ranks in the first place but bowed to public pressure and were forced to admit them back in the 1960s. That turned out well, didn’t it?’
    Wow, ok, so it’s the Gays fault that all those kids got molested, not the Church.

    • entropy


      You live by identity politics, you die by identity politics.

      • Dan Flynn

        Well bravo E, you’ve managed to boil down decades of systematic abuse, cover ups, victim blaming and cowardice into two words.

        • entropy

          Not at all. You, however, are trying to deflect the significant over-representation of gays in sex crimes against children by blaming the Church.

          It’s exactly that sort of politically correct bullshit that puts children in danger in the first place.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘significant over-representation of gays in sex crimes against children’

            Would you mind troubling me with a bit of evidence on that?

            ‘It’s exactly that sort of politically correct bullshit that puts children in danger in the first place’
            If I said something like that to you, you would berate the !@#$ out of me for making such a meaningless and ridiculous comment with no basis in anything.

          • entropy

            I’m trying to remember the last time you provided a citation of any kind. How about you tell me how and where you looked for, and failed to find, such evidence before I do your homework for you again.

            Your second paragraph was a meaningless and ridiculous comment with no basis in anything. It’s patently obvious that misattributing blame for ideological reasons is counter productive and only harms the victims.

          • Dan Flynn

            This was an interesting read:


            To summarize:

            ‘The empirical research does not show that gay or bisexual men are any more likely than heterosexual men to molest children’.

            I searched ‘significant over-representation of gays in sex crimes against children’ and found absolutely nothing that confirms this other than some religious websites who have merely printed those words without citation.

            What I find amazing is that you are honestly willing to go along with the idea that institutional child sex abuse (church or whatever) is a homosexuality problem.
            Do you really think that being homosexual makes you more likely to be a child rapist? That somehow being gay means that your moral compass is not the same as any other person with regard to harming children?

          • entropy

            Shitty summary.

            Your own link:

            “Using the fixated-regressed distinction, Groth and Birnbaum (1978) studied 175 adult males who were convicted in Massachusetts of sexual assault against a child. None of the men had an exclusively homosexual adult sexual orientation. 83 (47%) were classified as “fixated;” 70 others (40%) were classified as regressed adult heterosexuals; the remaining 22 (13%) were classified as regressed adult bisexuals.”

            40% heterosexual offenders. Even after you load definitions to minimize gay criminality, which your citation desperately tries to achieve.

            Nice confirmation bias.

          • Dan Flynn

            That summary was lifted from the actual article.
            So where’s your evidence then?

          • entropy

            Your own citation.

          • Karen Dwyer

            Talented in prose AND poetry :-

          • Deplorable Steve

            Being gay means that your moral compass is out of whack to start with. One does not need to go any further than that of public displays of homosexual behaviour, values and vitriolic attacks on those who disagree with them. Imagine the filthy depravity that is not seen but seeks legitimacy via issues such as marriage perversion.
            As far as abuse by the clergy, I think the Church could have taken stronger steps to get rid of pedo priests but ultimately, it is homosexual pedophilia that sought to target the vulnerable children. It was not the Church. The MSM is tripping over itself to divorce Islamic terrorism from Islam , even though it is clearly stated on the Koran to kill and maim, yet pedo priests are associated with the Christian Church despite their being no scriptural link, because it is not PC to mention homosexuality and pedophilia in the same breath…

          • Me Too

            The author is Gregory M. Herek, a renown homosexualist academic whose work has been refuted quite thoroughly.

          • Wide Awake

            The gay rainbow subtly placed along the top of the page gave your supposed evidence zero credibility before I even started reading it. Maybe you should try to find something that is peer reviewed to support your stance.

          • Dan Flynn

            And this:
            ‘Overall, what little evidence there is, although flawed, appears to indicate that sexual orientation does not play a part in child sexual assault typologies, and that the assumption that paedophiles who engage in same-sex sexual abuse are homosexuals is more a societal myth than a reality.’


          • entropy

            Yep, 4 of 5 victims of church sexual abuse being boys is evidence of nothing.

          • Dan Flynn

            Finally something I agree with.
            Have a nice weekend E 🙂

          • Me Too

            An outdated article which relies on work produced by adherents of the sexology school of thought, including that of its founder, the pedophile Alfred Kinsey. I think you’ll find that after a couple of decades of putting up with such shoddy ‘evidence’, people from the broader community are catching on and having a good belly laugh at those who still rely on such stuff to make tired old points.

          • Earl Conner

            Wasn’t it the left’s own ‘father of sexology’ Alfred Kinsley who found that around 40% of convicted pedophiles self identified as being gay? That was probably the most credible thing he claimed, since he regularly over sampled criminals to make statements about healthy sexuality.

          • Interesting article here, regarding homosexual violence and murders committed by homosexuals.
            Homosexuality is a mental illness and perversion.



          • entropy

            Very interesting indeed, Bucky. Thanks for the links.

          • Karen Dwyer

            EXTREMELY interesting: particularly the first link.

            And quite pertinent in view of Mr Barnett’s tweet to Andrew Bolt. Ditto threats to David van Gend. Ditto harassment by Mr Barnett of Lyle Shelton and others.

            I look forward to a slew of “18c” cases.

          • Wide Awake

            And it used to be recorded as such in the DSM until the same group’s started trying to normalise it. Next you will see pedophilia removed as a mental illness, it’s the self serving attitudes of socialists which are damaging. In a theoretical idealistic socialist society there would be peace and happiness for all. The problem is that it is just a theory and can never be reality as it does not take into account human nature. Jesus quite possibly was a socialist as he believed in equality, modern socialists don’t believe in equality unless they benefit from it somehow.

  • aussiegooner

    Tactics like those described are why I would now vote against same sex marriage. I was happy to hear objective and well articulated competing narratives and make my mind up. It is no narrative to merely deny opposing opinions a voice, under threat of violence.

    So I’ll now be opposing same sex marriage, and ceasing to be a swinging voter on the issue.

  • entropy

    The gay entitlement lobby has become complacent and overconfident, and we’re finally starting to see it’s true colours.

    The current item in the agenda for the group that originally just wanted to be accepted for its difference is changing the meaning of words that explicitly don’t apply to them to pretend such differences don’t exist. They already have all the same legal rights via defacto relationships, but they want to enforce a change in language to make their couplings indistinguishable from heterosexuals. Legal equality was not enough, now they demand the pretence that their relationships provide equal utility to the human race and they will have hysterical tantrums and abuse anyone who doesn’t accede to this pantomime. And don’t expect any thanks if you do, they’ll just move on to their next demand.

    Give gay entitlement an inch and it’ll take a mile. Give mikeybear an inch and he’ll ask you if it’s in yet.

    • Ray Johnston

      Is mikeybear a match for the Women in Black?

      Muslim parents have threatened to gather signatures for a petition against a Berlin preschool, after discovering that one of its male teachers is gay. Many of the parents have removed their children from the nursery. The protest by parents at the kindergarten in the northern district of Reinickendorf was reported by German media earlier this week.“For some of them, a gay man is automatically a pedophile,” the teacher told the newspaper.

    • Deplorable Steve

      ‘The gay entitlement lobby…’ And herein lies the starkly different values of the Church and the gay lobby; the Church tries to live by the golden rule, Do onto others as you would have done to yourself. Hence the comforting spiritual guidance and charities that feed and clothe the bereft, provide shelter and a multitude of other services for the benefit of both the more or less well off.

      Compare this to the miserable self serving fag agenda which is solely about serving one’s own hedonistic lusts; to legitimise homosexual sex…

  • y. Iamu

    The gay frat are always finding new ways to push their agenda. They are one of the most active activist groups in Australia. As with other things they can never get enough. If you don’t agree with them they get bitchy and attack you behind your back. You only have to look at the safe schools program to see their agenda is being pushed into every sacred corner of our lives. This program hijacked the bullying program to indoctrinate our children.

  • Dom Inic

    I’ve been following XYZ for about a year. What I am seeing is that people are waking up to the threat of cultural Marxism and the pivotal role that gay marriage plays in that equation. I understand that many people may want to be “open minded” on the topic of gay marriage. It is easy to slip into believing their lie that any opposition to gay marriage is some unprovoked attack on some poor victims of homophobia. It is a lie. The threat of Marxism may not feel real and immediate because at school we were deliberately never taught about the bloody totalitarian murderous regimes like Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot. We are the frogs in the pot being boiled slowly. The rise of Cultural marxism has been a long march. The younger generation have been the helpless target of the propaganda. Take the “safe” schools program as an example. Children being brainwashed. The victims of gay marriage would be children too. Children who would never know what it is like to grow up having a mother and a father. Children who are brainwashed with “comprehensive sex education” before their minds have developed the ability to process this information. Children exposed to porn in classrooms under the pretense that porn is everywhere, so they need a teacher to guide them through it!. This is child abuse. There is dog s..t everywhere on the streets too but we don’t use this as a reason to hand it out to children to learn about.

    It may be true that adults wont get hurt by gay marriage (that is as long as they shut up and submit to the LGBT ideologies in full). Barnett said he didn’t want the principled board member to lose his job because he was Christian. He is probably sincere there, he just wants him to give in to the threats and intimidation. Cultural marxists are fairly careful not to tread on too many adult toes because they want adults to remain complacent about the threat while they take over the classrooms.

    In contrast it is clear to most people the threat of extreme Mohammadism is real . It is felt in the guts. It is real and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that Islam/Mohammadism is not “the religion of peace”. The silent majority of peace loving Muslims are irrelevant because they will not take a stand against the violent practitioners of Mohammadism.

    We need to be aware of the much more subtle dangers of cultural marxism.

    One year since “safe” schools was exposed. Where are they now? All we have had a shambolic independent review by another left leaning academic. His best advice was to keep the more controversial content away from schools where there may be children from “conservative” backgrounds. The snakes will happily lie in wait in the longer grass as each generation is a little more accepting than the last. Safe schools materials have been hidden away on an equally deceptively named “student well being and resilience website”. Besides that nothing has changed. The Aust govt sponsered website minus 18 (aimed at teens) is still the number one google hit for chest binding. Just yesterday ABC news was doing a story about “how bathroom anxiety feels” from the point of view of a so-called “trangender” person. And guess where that person works for – Minus 18.

    What will be the gay lobby’s next move in the shit show that is the stifling of the “marriage equality” debate?