The Fainting Damsels of Political Correctness Will Kill us All


It has become clearly apparent to sane men and women over the past year that the left in the West have lost all connection with reality. The so-called ‘liberal’ media in America has even acknowledged that they now live in a ‘post-fact’ world. They lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and don’t even care that we all can prove they’re lying.

We know, though, that something really has snapped in the minds of leftists when thousands of snowflake SJW’s and ANTIFA cowards attack a venue in which a gay Jew who has a black boyfriend is giving a speech about free speech. Not content with just shutting down the talk, the black-masked thugs then riot, pepper-spraying women, starting fires, smashing shops and causing the speaker to be evacuated. Milo responded afterward in typical Milo fashion by posing on Instagram with a machine gun.

It is now clear that Trump has so triggered Western Marxists that they have become murderously unstable. They have collectively gone bat-s— insane. The only consolation for us men of the right is that, by the looks of their spaghetti arms, they don’t even lift.

Across the board, the leftist establishment are shutting down voices which challenge their ideological hegemony. Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis was kicked off Facebook for 24 hours for using the word ‘fag’ in a post eight years ago. Gavin McInnes was pepper-sprayed at NYU. Mike Cernovich was assaulted and Richard Spencer was sucker-punched on the street during the inauguration protests. Lauren Southern has had urine poured on her in the street. Many leaders of the emerging real right have experienced personal violence from anonymous, leftist cry-babies.

The neo-fascist ANTIFA cowards hiding behind their masks and taking pay checks from George Soros have made it clear: They want a war with the right. They should be careful. We do lift.

Like all totalitarian ideologies, including Islam, Western Marxism is comprised of a ‘moderate’ majority who provide intellectual and moral cover for a minority of vicious thugs who function as the attack dogs of the movement. The terrorists cow the society into accepting the demands of the so-called moderates. Not all Nazis were SA brownshirts, not all Muslims are jihadis and not all Western Marxists are ANTIFA. They pull in the same direction, though, and the ends they seek are the same. Only their methods differ.

The Bible tells us that a tree is known by its fruit: a good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. This is a good yardstick for evaluating a belief system. All forms of Islam and Marxism yield the same result: They bear bad fruit.

Media apologists for the ANTIFA thugs have used the argument that this type of leftist violence is new and represents a break with the peace-and-love free speech of the New Left campus movements of the late ’60s. Bulls—. In the late ’60s and throughout the ’70s and ’80s, campuses and schools across the West were held hostage by mass violence and intimidation by totalitarian control freaks bringing in their noxious mix of albophobia (hatred of whites), misandry (hatred of men), Christophobia and homosexual propaganda. Those thugs and their protégés have controlled higher education for 50 years; the rabid violence we are now witnessing against anyone on the right since Trump became President is part of a long tradition of violent suppression by the New Left Western Marxists. They have become so bold today because they have been getting away with it for over a half a century, and for the last eight have been shielded by their Community Organiser-In-Chief.

Make no mistake, white men of the West. Western Marxists want you gone. The more you stand up to misandry, white demographic displacement and leftist moral hypocrisy, the more ANTIFA will punch you in the face. They want you dead.

The so-called moderate left have the same aim; they are just less intellectually honest and usually not so hot-headed. You are a religious heretic to them, and are preventing the spontaneous emergence of the utopia of universal tolerance. Eradicating you is morally justified to them as it will help to bring forth the shining millennium of globalist diversity, peace and enlightenment. Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do; nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too…

This is what ANTIFA are punching people in the face for. They are jihadis for social justice, and I suspect we have only just begun to see how violent Western Marxists will become when a formerly silent majority of right-thinking men and women say, ‘Enough!’

The real right are not fascists or National Socialists. As I have argued before, those are movements of the left, not the right. The real right are those who have not been infected with millennialist delusions of an earthly utopia if only we re-engineer society to create a New Man. In the thoroughly Marxist West we live in today, we are the ones who want our kids to grow up straight, who think Australia should remain predominantly white, who want to make sovereign decisions about what we do with our own lives and who just want the government control freaks to bugger off and leave us alone. Is that really too much to ask?

The real right has been on the retreat since at least the French Revolution. Reactionaries were never able to win over the lower orders of society, as they were too much associated with an aristocratic class that had lost moral legitimacy in the eyes of the people. The approach of conservatism also failed completely to arrest the steady forward march of the Marxists through the institutions and halls of power. Conservatism was never a movement; it was merely the consolidation of earlier leftist gains, a momentary pause in the inexorable progressivist momentum to re-engineer society.

By the time of Obama, the real right had almost disappeared entirely. Utopian delusion and decadent illusion are now everywhere. Plain speech has been criminalised, while the most degenerate of perversions are not only legalised, but mandated by the power of the State. In European galleries which once housed Rembrandt, we now have perverts who get government grants to mix body fluids and smear them on the wall. In houses of parliament which once echoed with great oratory, we now have duplicitous, scheming puppets who mouth platitudes to elicit shallow emotions in their hollow audiences. Meaning, purpose and grandeur are gone. It seemed the left had won history, and Marx cackled over the corpse of the Christian civilisation he and his fellow conspirators despised so much.

None of this degeneracy, this decay, was inevitable. It has been the result of bad ideas, bad beliefs and bad men. It can be changed, and the emerging right are united in their determination to fix what they see as the causes of this Western degeneracy.

As always, the real right which is now emerging has developed in response to the excesses of leftism. Such is the pendulum of history. It is premised upon a brutal realism: if the races are not equal and human biological diversity exists, then human biological diversity exists; if the genders are not equal and are biologically suited to different roles, then the genders are biological suited to different roles; if some men and some women are superior to other men and other women, they should rule them; if some religions are death cults, they should not be tolerated; if equality is a lie which has destroyed the foundations of civilisation, then we will say so and do what we can to destroy its tyrannical cult. If that hurts ANTIFA’s feelings, so be it. We have tolerated you for far too long, and it’s about time we put you down to ensure that this genocidal madness of modernity is ended once and for all and we can find a basis again for stability, human flourishing and all that enables the good fruits of civilisation. If we do not win then the narcissistic control freaks, in their self-loathing and lunacy, are going to get us all killed.

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  • Ryan Fletcher

    A truly sobering and brilliant assessment as to where Western civilisation finds itself! Thank-you Moses!

    • Shabbos Shekels

      Minus the cucky virtue signalling “Democrats are the real racists!” type bullshit!

  • Scott Ivens

    [Current Year #3] is shaping up to be a great current year!

  • Scott Ivens

    My blog from today you goyim might want to read!

  • Scott Ivens

    BTW, you’re a fucking retard if you think that NatSocs and Fascism isn’t right, I am one, I know, read my blog and get a fucking education!

  • Shabbos Shekels

    He has no idea WTF he is talking about when it comes to NatSoc/Fasci, none whatsoever, we all know by now Civic Nationalism is poz.

    “I want a huWyte ethnostate free of dindu and poz, but I still want to virtue signal and cuck to the Left and the normies and say I’m not a Fascist and then try and gaslight them by saying “Democrats are the real racists!” – (((Moses Apostaticus??)))

    Outstanding fucking logic there, with logic like that it’s no wonder they’ve been fucking us for over 100yrs!

    It sounds to me like you need to unpoz your neghole (((Moses))) or maybe your name is an indicator of why you’re spreading half-truths and outright falsehoods and it’s in your nature, or maybe you just need to read my blog on Minds @ShabbosShekels and learn the truth.

    • Deplorable Steve

      In English please…

    • Craig

      Dude this is a pro Zionist, conservative site, trying to realign those of us they see as lost on the alt-right, in other words it’s alt-lite pretending to be alt-right… Come on man Andrew Bolt promoted this site a year ago, so the political/feds plan fix has been in for awhile.

      Hence Corey Bernardi defecting from the Liberals to form a new “Conservative” party, it’s a ploy by the Liberals and Fed bureaucracy to sucker in all the One Nation supporters back to the colour blind conservative fold of cuckservatives. Liberals don’t want to rule Australia or it’s states in a coalition of Libs And One Nation. The establishment prefer the Libs and defanged Nationals.

      So instead the cuckservatives would rather split the patriotic vote, and give power to Labor and the Greens. I doubt very much the New conservative party, lol should just call it the dog whistling neocon party, 🙂 would win enough votes.

      Thing is the new conservative party will be a disappointment to the colour blind conservatives, as it’s a matter of too little too late. Pauline with the help of Bannon and Trump will overcome them, plus the troll army.

      We just gotta troll the cuckservatives in Aus for the win.

      • Shabbos Shekels

        I noticed fam, Ryan Fletcher is solid, the rest I’m not so sure!

    • NatSoc is Marxism. It’s based on the same collectivist dialectic that the oligarchy have used to divide and rule nations for centuries. You’re a leftist.

      Whiny white victims like you have the same mentality as BLM. Instead of blaming whitey though, you blame (((DA JOOS))). Same loser victim mentality.

      • Craig

        (((DA JOOS)))

        “Professor Markus proudly observes that: “Jews were amongst the leading
        advocates of the enactment and extension of racial vilification and
        anti-discrimination legislation by the federal and state
        parliaments.”[iii] In truth, the achievement of the twin Jewish goals
        of ending of the White Australia policy and instituting state-sponsored
        multiculturalism were attained with the passing of the Racial
        Discrimination Act of 1975 which stated: “It is unlawful for a person to
        do any act involving a distinction, exclusion, restriction or
        preference based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin.” ”

        Balkanising the West with multiculturalism, mass immigration was not such a great idea for globalism or colour blind conservatism… and all the other libsh!tisms. Now we have to suffer what is baked into the cake… People will remember. Just like we’ll remember and condemn the traitor cucks.

      • Shabbos Shekels

        You’re an absolute fucking moron and likely a Jew, kill yourself Shlomo you kike shill cunt!

        • Yet more evidence that obsession with the JQ is low-IQ.

          • Shabbos Shekels

            No Moishe, the goyim know, and you know we know, we’re coming for you degenerates!

          • Shabbos Shekels

            THIS is why you echo Moishe (as if your ridiculous false equivalence with Commies wasn’t bad enough)!


          • Karen Dwyer

            Trying to upvote this comment, but it won’t let me.

    • Addelad

      There is plenty of room between the conservative views stated by MA and the beyond satirical romper-room vomit you provide. Most of us reading this blog would share beliefs somewhere near MA.

      • Shabbos Shekels

        Cool story, bro, needs more Dungeons & Dragons though!

  • Old Fart

    Agree 100%.

  • Ray Johnston

    Breitbart’s writer Lee Stranahan has done many articles recently (and videos) about these far leftist groups. Also one of their websites – – has front page article on their motives of the attack on Milo (and no doubt others to come on every conservative speaker).

  • Dan Flynn

    So it’s the muscled-up Real Rights verses the spaghetti-armed Leftists. No contest.

    • entropy

      Luckily, ‘spaghetti-armed’ John Lennon is here to set us straight.

      Sorry Dan, couldn’t resist!

      • Dan Flynn

        No worries mate, my arms are pretty puny!

        • Dan you really need to jump ship and at least become a centrist. You’re way too sane to stay over there.

          • Dan Flynn

            Ha, plenty of Reasonable Leftists where I come from Moses 🙂
            I disagree with anyone who is violent or prone to extremism, these people exist on both ends of the spectrum and make reasoned and peaceful discussion between the rest of us much harder.

    • entropy

      Incredible. Step 2, burn all history books, I presume.

      • Scary precedent in many ways.
        Google now decides what the definition of words are.

        Google has decided that only right wingers can be Fascists.
        Maybe Google will start to ban e books it considers Fascist Right Wing.
        Google is evil, not a force for good in any way, shape or form

        • entropy

          You had one job, Google.

          I won’t hold my breath for a new corporate motto, though. The left likes to think the evil it perpetrates is ‘for the greater good’.

    • Shabbos Shekels

      This is what a Fascist is, (((Shlomo Apostikikus-Goldmansteinberg))) is once again gaslighting the goyim.

      Typical tricks there Shlomo!

      • You goosestepping Hitler fetishists should read more widely. Less Kevin MacDonald, more Hans Hermann Hoppe. Rejecting NatSoc neo-Marxism does not equal denying the JQ. It just shows that someone is smart enough to not look for simplistic, reductive explanations for the destruction of Western civilisation. Things are complex goy, once you step outside the (((Marxist dialectic))) your brain is stuck in.

    • Karen Dwyer

      I’m not sure if I’ve said this before or not: don’t know how you find the time to find the links & graphics you do. I’m glad you take the time, though.

      • Thanks Karen …I just scoot through several news sources and forums and delve and dig. Fascinating treasure trove, the Internet. Lots of crazy rubbish strewn around to trip over, but lots of gems to discover as well.
        The occasional cave Troll to knock on the head,too !

  • Karen Dwyer

    Interesting. When I got to the end of your article, I thought “and don’t forget all the thugs who claim to be “the real right”: apparently we don’t hate people ENOUGH for their liking.

    Rather like the “Last Battle”: expect to get shot in the back by the “Black Dwarves”.

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