FAQ Episode 6: Are White Nationalists the SJW’s of the Right?


In the sixth instalment of Frequently Asked Questions (XYZ Radio) Connor Murphy, Moses Apostaticus and David Hiscox analyse what distinguishes identity politics on the right (white men embracing their identity) from identity politics on the left (self-proclaimed minorities weaponising white male guilt).

  • AlbieMangles

    Interesting discussion guys. As a self-identified libertarian (cards on the table) I’m only just getting acquainted with this terrain. How much of this is reactionary? I mean if we could turn the clock back to before the cultural Marxist, multicultural ideology rot set in I wouldn’t think there would be a need for an alt right movement at all. Also, isn’t a certain amount of pluralism part of white culture anyway? For example, the Indian who was born in Australia, speaks with an aussie accent, went to school here and holds down a job with an aussie company, and does a certain amount of socializing with the locals; most of us are happy to call him an aussie. Deep down I think what we mean is something like an honoury aussie or an Indian aussie. Now this does not
    happen in reverse – you can never be an honoury Indian or Japanese so I wonder if this is willingness to integrate other people is actually an aspect (albeit fairly recent) of white culture? I’m quite comfortable with this if there is an emphasis on assimilation, immigration is selective and the numbers are kept in check . Of course right now not only are these things not happening but the emphasis is on precisely the opposite hence I understand the need for a rearguard action to bring the pendulum back.

    • David Hiscox

      Hi Albie,

      Thank you for listening, thank you for asking questions which get to the heart of the matter, and most importantly, awesome Disqus name.

      “As a self-identified libertarian..”

      Atlas Shrugged was one of the key motivations for my being involved in starting this site. Personally, I am pro free market, and believe that a degree of libertarianism can work in a society consisting of a mostly homogenous ethnic population, high IQ, and a system of morality which helps the population self-regulate their own behaviour, such as Christianity or Confucianism.

      “How much of this is reactionary? I mean if we could turn the clock back to before the cultural Marxist, multicultural ideology rot set in I wouldn’t think there would be a need for an alt right movement at all.”

      Actually, “reactionary” is indeed the word. The key argument of neo-reactionary or dark enlightenment thought is that there is an inherent bug in the system of liberalism which leads to the point where we are now, that once we accept the idea of equality and universality, the train has been set in motion that makes going from freeing the slaves, to people being jailed for not using someone’s correct gender pronoun, inevitable. A very long, dense essay on this topic, which I am still working through, is by Nick Land: http://www.thedarkenlightenment.com/the-dark-enlightenment-by-nick-land/

      For the rest of your comment:

      You have articulated the dilemma between civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism. The key is your caveat “albeit fairly recently”. Until recently, the only kind of nationalism, generally, was ethnic nationalism. As you say, it doen not exist in foreign cultures. It was the cultural marxists who forced the changes in immigration policies in Australia, North America and Europe. The creation of civic nationalism is typical of the way conservatives have compromised their beliefs, and consistently lost every cultural battle in the last 50 years. The civic nationalists of today’s right are on the same ground that today’s open borders left were in the 1970’s.

      I say this as a former conservative/classic liberal.

      The problem with civic nationalism is that if demographic and immigration trends continue, (which you acknowledge as too high) there will be none but “honourary Aussies” left in Australia. John Howard stopped the boats, and rightly so, but he raised legal immigration levels to unprecedented levels. Abbott did the same, but immigration is still unsustainably high. Cory Bernardi talks of reducing immigration from 200,000 a year to 100,000. That is still unsustainably high, and even if it is removed to 0, the demographic trend is that real Aussies are being out-populated.

      The problem in all of this, is that there is that civic nationalism does not have a compelling enough argument to stop any of this. If we see civic nationalism in the neorationary sense, it is part of the problem – it will just lead to white genocide a little slower than open borders.

      As for the pendulum, I think it will shift us back to a system where civic nationalism is considered a cultural marxist creation. Assimilation will be a thing of the past. Foreigners will live in Australia, but whether they are here for work or something else, they will merely be considered as guests.

      This is a question I have spent about 18 months agonising over. I am interested in your response.

      • Strewth David you bloody nailed it.

      • Awesome, David.
        I wish you were our PM.

      • AlbieMangles

        Yes it is a question that I’m agonising over too, really you would think all thinking people should be wrestling with this issue in the current era but there seems to be plenty with their heads in the sand or in denial.

        “there is an inherent bug in the system of liberalism which leads to the point where we are now”

        You don’t think it’s more the case that liberalism was hijacked by the left? I don’t see that there’s anything inherent in liberalism ie a system of personal and economic freedom that inevitably leads us to the current madness in the west. I think somewhere along the way the right coasted and the left (as you say they are highly motivated) took control of the agenda.

        Re civic nationalism, there’s a difference between saying we need to roll back the numbers we take in and be more selective than saying we need no immigrants. And what is white? Is it Angolo/Celtic in Australia’s case? What about Scandinavians, Germans, Slavs, Italiams Jews…any of them get a look in? It’s not like we have a pure genetic line like the Koreans. To be honest it’s not clear why I should prefer a anti west,anti capitalist Green voter from my own ethnic line over a self reliant Asian family man.

        While I definitely get what you’re saying about civic nationalism I’m not sure that getting rid of it all together is a good idea either. I can see how a small amount would be beneficial. For a starters what about Aussies who marry foreigners? Anyway in an ideal world there would be no welfare state, or a very small one, so there would be a lot less to gain from becoming an Australian citizen. In fact there wouldn’t be much point becoming a citizen when you could get the same thing with a residency permit. Get the state out of the business of deciding who is, and who is not, an aussie and just have them stamping selectively screened residency quotas?

        Do you ever worry that this movement has the potential to drift toward heavy statism?

        Anyway still working my way through all this and am just thinking out loud. Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Karen Dwyer

    A transcript, a transcript, my kingdom for a transcript…