Feminism = Mental Illness

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

With feminism haemorrhaging appeal globally (apart from cringe-worthy cadres like these), it’s important to remind folk why this ideology is so carcinogenic.

Exhibit A…


  • Addelad

    I make no apologies for this k-class pampered idiot, but this is 40 seconds of what is presumably a longer rant. I only say this because again presumably, there is some context to this drivel. Even the deranged usually possess some sense of simple mechanical reality (the dick-swingers would win any “let’s kill the other” campaign) so I wonder how – or if – Ms Dipstick describes the successful tactics to be adopted by the Femo Army?

  • Deplorable Steve B

    O mighty Frog, Though makest mine opticals to burn and my sound holes (no, not that one, the ones either side of my head) to shrivel in discontent when though posteth such evil. My brain cells hurteth much and causeth my frontal lobotomy to sweat. Though maketh me to lie in waters deep and forget to resurface, and yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of feminism, I shall fear no evil for though art green and Frogtacular. O mighty Frog, smite that naughty Trog if thou wilt for he is apparently too hansdome and Mrs Trog has her hands full. Grant me o Frog, next Saturday night’s winning lotto numbers and I won’t tell French lovers of fine cuisine where thou art. All this I pray in the name of Pepe, Kermit and all the little tadpoles.

    Ps. Don’t forget to smite Trog…

  • BJ

    ‘ … the only way to keep the human race going is with just women.’

    These people are unhinged.

  • What a certified nut case that video showcases.
    She is advocating infanticide,patricide,homicide.
    Her statements can be clearly classified as Hate Crime, going by FBI definitions.
    Why are loonies like this not in mental institutions ?
    Feminism is now fully neo Nazi. Extraordinary.

    • Deplorable Steve B

      Imagine doing a similar rant to kill all women. Only a lunatic would try such a thing. This thing is therefore a lunatic and a by proxy murderer if some feeble nutjob carries out her death wish…

      • Yes, feminists have 2 sets of rules.
        This one is trying to radicalise fellow females to commit heinous murders based purely on gender. Deranged !

  • Deplorable Steve B

    Thou art mighty o Frog! Look at Trog’s hideous gorilla like visage…

    • Trog

      And to think that’s after three hours with the make-up people and a stylist! They’ve worked wonders really, god bless-em!

  • entropy

    There is obviously an audience for these sentiments, and that audience is clearly not male.

    The demographic that was emancipated by men, based on the axiom of gender equality and the rejection of sexism, now leverages its political empowerment to victimise its liberators with flagrant gynocentric bigotry and discrimination.

    But not all! comes the objection – the attempt to minimise this phenomenon of gendered bigotry. Not all Muslims are terrorists, yet we rightfully criticise the Islamic community for failing to adequately condemn (if not tacitly supporting) these acts. And still no attempt is made to hold women accountable for their silence on (and active excusing of) matters of discrimination where they perceive themselves to benefit.

    Perhaps it’s time we started to investigate the obvious question raised by third-wave feminism: why are women so sexist?

  • Shoshanna Silcove

    If they killed all men I would kill myself. Who would want to live in that world? Not I!