Food for Thought – Beware the Marxist Mecca of Melbourne

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Melbourne is notoriously known as the Greens stronghold of Australia (as its Federal member is the infamous idiot Adam Bandt). To those of us living beyond the borders of this Autonomous Socialist Republic of regressive rejects, Melbourne is the heartland of:

Apex Gang crime;

Islamist nut-jobs running over babies;

Agitating against Jewish right to free assembly;

Leftist junkies using children as human shields;

The “most oppressed man in Australia” Waleed Aly (aka “Micro Penis”);

The oldest Trades Union hall in the world;

Masked flag-burning filth;

Castrative PC cuckold censorship;

Degenerate Dan’s stomping ground;

and the place where thousands of people block traffic, while comparing Australia Day to “celebrating September 11”

To quote Queensland’s longest-serving and longest-lived Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen:

“Beware the Southern Homosexuals”

Food for thought.

  • Addelad

    Bjelke-Jo had Darlinghurst in mind as well, one suspects. While there is no disputing the hard left element amongst Melbourne’s 4.5m residents, there are a hell of a lot of ordinary folk there too, obviously. To those of us looking on from outside the two big cities, each has its challenges that we have in far smaller proportions – thankfully. In other words, poking a stick at Melbourne from a vantage point in Sydney leaves you open to comparable commentary as I see it.

    • Ryan Fletcher

      Don’t get me started on the Homebase of Mardi-Gras! That’s why I love living rurally, my township would have probably less than 100 people in it. Absolutely beaut up here!

      • Ryan, we might re settle some (6000) Syrian reffos and/or Muslims in your place, if you have room ? Make your Town more “diverse”.

        • Deplorable Steve

          Devilishly clever Bucky…

      • Addelad

        OK, fair comment; I foolishly assumed you were in our Global City. You are right too about Melbourne v the rest of Victoria. The Goulburn Valley towns have been desecrated by massive Muslim immigration and the locals are beyond unhappy.

  • Deplorable Steve


    There were only 2 homosexuals in Queensland when Joh ruled. And both were visiting from NSW!!!

    • Wally Cox

      Did you check the wardrobe?

  • Ryan, that is a comprehensive list of valid reasons to steer clear of Victoria in its entirety.
    I would add that it is Hipster Ned Kelly Beard Fedora Hat Central.

    I lived in Qld during the Joh era. Every day was exciting, not knowing what mad thing Joh was going to do next. I remember attending a rally at Parliament House in Brisbane to pillory corrupt fat bastard, Russ Hinze, Minister for Everything.

    He appeared briefly on a balcony and I remember the crowd chanting: ” Jump! Jump! Jump!”
    However, it was not to be and he retired inside to the Parliamentary Bar.

    As Joh said, and I agree:

    On press criticisms: “The greatest thing that could happen to the state and nation is when we get rid of all the media … then we could live in peace and tranquillity and no one would know anything.”

    Hear ! Hear ! RIP Joh, with your Pumpkin scones. (delish btw)

  • Michael Moylan

    I left the rats nest about 10 years ago for the country life. I wouldn’t live there again if someone offered me 2 million dollars (Ok, short term and back out, I would). Ha

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Ryan, you forgot to mention that Victoria is the only State or Territory in Australia to have blasphamy laws!

    • Wide Awake

      Didn’t they recently introduce domestic violence laws which consider giving a partner the silent treatment as abuse?

      • Bikinis not Burkas

        Quran (4:34)
        – “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to
        excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are
        therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those
        on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the
        sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way
        against them; surely Allah is High, Great.”

    • BnB…are the blasphemy laws to protect Mo Ham Head ?
      No dissing the Muslim Pedo in Chief?

      • Bikinis not Burkas

        No they encompass every religion even though Islam is a ideology.

  • entropy

    Surely AFL belongs on the list?


    • Olaf Koenders


      Not that I could give a crap about ball sports, but we could also say the localised VFL virus spread and evolved into AFL.

      I only wish there was a cure.

      • I wish there was a cure for Tennis and Golf as well.

        • Scott Ivens

          Tennis is a great game when you can play it, and golf is good for gambling and making business deals, AFL needs to be gassed!

  • TFX

    May I indulge in a little bit of schadenfreude on the residents of Victoria over there latest criminal problems especially amongst their youths.

    When the ABC Four Corners program was aired about the problems with the youth justice system in the Northern Territory, the comments on the stories published in The Age were nearly unanimous on how primitive and brutal the people of the Northern Territory were to their young delinquent criminals. The comments on ABC Darwin and NT News Facebook page stories were actually much more nuanced and realistic on the problems being faced and the policy issues, difficulties and even progress being made by the NT Government.

    I would like to give some statistics adjusted for the different populations of the two jurisdictions. What if 100 female ambulance paramedics were assaulted in one 48-hour period in the middle of the week and the next weekend 50 police officers were assaulted? What if there were 375 corrections officers on workers compensation leave of which 325 had been permanently incapacitated to some degree (not necessarily totally)? These numbers provide a fair reflection on the level of crime in the Northern Territory.

    Maybe Victorians would be more sympathetic to the people of the Northern Territory facing such a crime wave.

    The Royal Commission will provide no answers as one of the commissioners declared before he was appointed that the NT Government was guilty of whatever they were going to find on the policies and treatment of young criminal delinquents. As an extension of their enquiry they have given themselves a holiday exploring issues in the New Zealand juvenile justice system. If they were serious about looking at other jurisdictions facing similar problems, they should look at North America, both Canada and the US. I am not saying they should go there but a few phone calls wouldn’t hurt.

    The delights of schadenfreude on these superior, no nothing Southerners.

    This is not to downplay the damage and criminal actions done to citizens just going about their normal lives.

  • Deplorable Steve

    The look on cartoon Ryan’s face at the impending implosion of Melbourne’s ‘Greenery’ is priceless…

    • 42 degrees south

      Its quite Pepe-esque.

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘The oldest Trades Union hall in the world’

    Part of it is now converted into a music venue, I’ve played there a few times myself. Wonderful venue. I’m not sure it’s quite in the ballpark of ‘Leftist junkies using children as human shields’

    Anyhow if anyone is ever in Melbourne feel free to contact me as I’d love to sit down with you and discuss our differing views with honestly and respect. There’s only so much I can communicate via a keyboard.
    Oh and the coffee is the best.

  • Gregoryno6

    John Cain II became Premier just about the time I became politically aware. I remember the Workers Compensation scheme being replaced by Workcover, and typically when a lefty government gets hold of a problem, its cure was worse than the disease.
    Cain yielded his position to Dan Andrews Snr aka Joan Kirner and a bad situation got worse. By then I had moved west, and my first trip back was in 1992 and Melbourne had the air of a tired old dog that was waiting for a decent human to come over with a rifle.
    Kennett was a lot like Trump. Didn’t always think before he spoke, but he got things moving again.
    Bracks and Baillieu are almost identical in my memory, rather like Shorten and Turnbull. The real standout figure of that period is Christine ‘My tummy’s growling’ Nixon.
    What’s the current state of the Liberal party there? Are they Cory or Malcolm?

  • Gravedigger

    I have watched Melbourne go steadily downhill for many many years. I have little faith that the decline will be arrested anytime soon, the liberal party is fucking useless, the police are fucking pansies,crime is out of control, the current government are godam Marxist pricks, our public schools are indoctrination centres for propaganda, and many have lost hope. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

    When my kids get a little older I will probably move north if I can as the damage here will not be fixed in my lifetime. The saddest thing is the blindness, ignorance and outright evil of those who lead us down a path that requires a Trump to reverse the decline. I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Cuba Pete

    As a recent migrant myself I’ve lived in Melbs for 8 years now. I need to get out of this dump.

  • Dom Inic

    Yes, and now Captain Equal from Uranus is coming
    The tolerant Equaliphant is on his way down under

    Watch the preview now

    The full short film will be up on Youtube at 8.30 pm Eastern Daylight Saving time Today Friday 17 February.

    • Dom Inic

      Dear Melbourne, Nanny State

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