Food for thought – China’s Meth War a strategic operation

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Editor’s note: Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this one.  The Chinese, after all, have a long civilisational memory:

Sources have suggested that more than half of Australia’s methamphetamine supply is being allegedly imported by Chinese multinational crime syndicates. These accounts tend to compliment reports that indicate China is fueling a drug war against the United States, which highlights:

“the Chinese regime has become the leading source of synthetic drugs and precursors for drugs like methamphetamine”

For a while now I’ve speculated this has been a strategic operation by the communist Chinese government, to deliberately destabilise Anglosphere nations in order to conquer them socially, economically and politically.

Considering the Chinese curriculum ardently schools its citizenry in the Opium Wars of the 1800s, it’s of little surprise that it’s waging a similar operation against the West now. With the methamphetamine trade destroying lives domestically, the profits are likely being funnelled back to the communist regime in order to buy up the land from underneath us.

This is one of the motivations contributing to Trump’s candidacy for the White House, as he has been strongly vocal of the narcoterrorist supply lines coming across the Mexico border (whose precursor material appears to be coming out of China).

Perhaps if we look to Trump’s Art of the Deal doctrine for guidance we won’t be so desperate to continue dealing in a way that enables the commies to get a whiff of our blood and go in for the kill?

Food for thought

  • thefinn

    Yep have heard similar themes regarding the silver trade.

    Back long long ago we basically (and by we I mean england) screwed the chinese over by cornering the market on silver and trading that to them for heaps. Anyhow, one thing led to another and we burned down several palaces in China.

    So even today, you can go to China and see the burned down palace that has STILL TO THIS DAY never been restored or removed. A true civilisational memory of the silver trade and how England (the west) screwed them.

    Fast forward to now. China this year released it’s yearly silver panda coin, only this time they have gone with a 30 gram coin instead of the traditional 31.1gram troy ounce and it has people speculating that perhaps they are going to screw the Comex market on silver as they have been buying tonnes of the stuff (along with gold).

  • Yuri.A

    The Chinese communist dictatorship play the long game.
    They can have a 10 year plan or a 100 year plan for that matter, and can carry it through without interruption from any sort of internal “democracy” hiccups from its citizens.
    Wouldn’t surprise me at all that they have a long/patient game against the West to destroy us from within, using drugs and any other methods available to them.
    Plus constant cyber espionage and all the “soft diplomacy” they are using with African and Pacific countries.
    The tentacles of the Chinese government are very long and very very busy.
    I don’t think many people realise how evil the Chinese communist party is.

    As well as buying vast amounts of gold they have been amassing huge amounts of precious metals and buying precious metal mines. These metals are vital to producing modern day electronic devices etc.
    Corner the market and starve the West.

    The way Australians are greedily selling out to the Chinese at every opportunity, we will be all answering to Beijing soon.
    Time to learn Mandarin methinks.
    Nǐ hǎo, wǒ shì běijīng de yīgè zhōngshí de gōngmín.

  • Beau

    The West is under attack for sure. It has been rotted from the inside by Socialism, and this, coupled to its economic implosion looks like the fall of Western Civilization.

  • Tim

    Legalise the drugs and knock the ground out from under the Chicoms…

  • Craig

    The Chinese are not know as the Jews of South East Asia for nothing, heh we have the genocide that occurred in Indonesia of the Chinese well within living memory.. The so called conspiracy of yellow peril wasn’t pulled out of thin air.

    So, I confirm on the local rural tourist visa worker level, the only bust of methamphetamine in my local town of 1800, surrounding villages of another 1200. Was Chinese nationals who were caught with a half ounce bag of Meth, that is a shit load, for my area. How’s this though every crime committed by an Aussie ))White((( is reported in the local rag… Not one mention of the only Meth bust of the year as it was a Chinese Visa picking citrus.

    So there you go.

    So much for all the Aussie part timers bring the drugs, that’s why the orchardists went onto the diversity multicultural visa workers.

  • Jeff

    I don’t think so, it’s boarder line tin foil hat Territory. The push to investing in Australia and its vast capital to do so comes from internal social and geopolitical pressures. Not from trying to gut a country with illicit drugs. Recreational drug use won’t break a country, an economy, a political structure or a society. If anything it will increase pressure and scrutiny of any and all traded goods with a country. Slowing down supply and increasing the cost, which is something the Chinese can illafford given its reliance on manufacturing output to its Western allies. The negative effects on its economy, business culture and international standing would far outweigh any possible benefit if any link in the supply line was discovered. In one sense it is correct, they do supply materials for it, these supplies are for legitimate uses. The make up of meth is basically cold and flu tablets mixed with a few cleaning chemicals. China produce them for legitimate purposes, i highly doubt that a nefarious scheme to plot the down fall of Australia.

  • Sissipus

    Whilst you have an index finger pointed at somebody else ,you have three other digits pointing back at yourself. Rather than accusing others of supply of the crap you would be better off resetting the moral compass of your own nation. Australians , and I love em. Is very adept at shitting on its own doorstep then blaming somebody else for the problem. Our young people lack dicipline, ethics, and self pride and pride in their nation ,and the sacrifices that young men made to drag this country from nowhere (Galopoli) Somme) ( long Tan) etc. The current lot are lost because they have not taken their thoughts away from the instant fix and examine the long term. If there is no demand the supply dries up.

  • It was Obamas manifesto to supply crack to every University in the Western World. Earlier on in the year a Saudi prince literally had his private plane packed with crystal meth and the 22 Kilos of the crazy blue pills meth based that ISIS is on.Middle Eastern Brothers for Life and the biker gangs supply the Icein this country.America is drowning in opiates ocycontin courtesy of the family that privately hold the only patent for it.we could have been the food bowl of Asia but Govt didn’t have vision or innovation beyond coal.America is totally pissed that countries would love to trade in a currency other then American dollars.China hasn’t posed a physical threat to anyone until Washington provoked them.Its America that poses the greatest threat to mankind.