Food for Thought – Dowling Does Degeneracy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Herald Sun presstitute James Dowling yesterday brought out a piece entitled, “Distrust of Islam at shock highs”, where he points to a survey that indicates only a mere 17% of Victorians trust Islam (well imagine my shock).

Rather than expanding on the legitimate concerns of 83% of Victorians who don’t trust Islam, Dowling descended into drivel about the “far-right” ad nauseam throughout the article.

According to the Dowling, folk like you and I are the reason the Andrews government had to spend $3.3 million on an “anti-racism campaign” this year with regard to Islam (remind us James, what race is Islam again?)

Dowling, who characterises the “far-right” as a bunch of bush-dwelling bumpkins working “low-paying jobs”, was the same presstitute that wrote an article last year entitled, “Right-wing extremist terror fears: Authorities concerned groups spurred by online propaganda”.

Considering there has been more concerted violence carried out over the last couple of years by left-wing and Islamic terrorist groups, one can’t help but scoff at Dowling’s egregiously false assertion as to who is the greater threat.

Food for thought.

  • Deplorable Steve

    O Frog who walks, maybe 17% constitutes a minority and therefore deserving of victim status??? Therefore it is essential that millions be spent to change the values of the majority.

    • Ryan Fletcher

      Anyone at this stage in the game who thinks Islam is a friend, is a friend of our enemy. May the 17% be held with utter contempt.

      • Deplorable Steve


  • Warty2

    I know they’re a weird mob, down there in Victoria (they elected an Andrews government didn’t they?) but it simply doesn’t compute that the 83% who are extreme right wingers could at the same time vote in a government that forces Safe Schools on its unwitting constituents. Those figures merely suggest that a few scurvy Greens secretly distrust Islam. Could it be that they do indeed realise they’ll be the first to face decapitation should Victoria adopt Sharia law?

  • Lorraine

    83% of Victorians are now so shamed at having voted in Dan Andrews the socialist CFMEU puppet, that any pole taken will reflet NOT Me,,,,,look over your shoulder it was them, not me

  • entropy

    Free clue for the statistically illiterate: 83% of a population isn’t the ‘right’, much less the ‘far-right’.

    Even if it was, 17% of people don’t get to dictate terms in a democracy, no matter how ideologically superior they consider themselves.