Food for thought – Repulsive reds in need of red-pilling

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

As a bizarre bunch of beta-bitch bolshies perform a Pavlovian response to the pretentious penthouse dwelling pop icons calling for a “month of resistance”, the silent majority anxiously awaits God-Emperor Trump’s inauguration.

With reports indicating that Obama has illegally seized control of the American Electoral System in order to overturn the Trump presidency, one is left to conclude that lethal vigilance must be observed in the days ahead.

Naturally, these meth-muddled Marxists who idolise the jihadists out to destroy the West couldn’t be happier with the Communist Kenyan’s (Obama’s) strategy. With their precious presstitutes in the globalist fake news media seeking to add fuel to the fire, their goal is to instigate bloody race war.

However, the painful truth of reality is that in a hot-war scenario, weird low-testosterone green-haired freaks raging about “Dump Trump” are going to last about as long as a snowflake in a Southwestern summer.

Food for thought.


  • Gregoryno6

    This is one time to be grateful that that side is so hand-off when it comes to firearms.

  • Doglicka

    As a bizarre bunch of beta-bitch bolshies perform a Pavlovian response to the pretentious penthouse dwelling pop icons calling for a “month of resistance”, the silent majority anxiously awaits God Emperor Trump’s inauguration.’

    A better sentence today you will not read.

  • Deplorable Steve B

    O mighty Frog who can transform at will, grant that the hair on top of that SJW’s head will look ridiculous for all eternity.

    Done you say?

    You are mighty indeed.

    Now punish that naughty Trog, because I am a bit longer than I used to be, and smite him with an SJW hairstyle that causes Mrs Trog to laugh at him…


    • Trog

      Mrs Trog here. As you can see from Troggies avatar he is a magnificent hunk with a visage and hair to die for. Being a humble man, modesty forbids him from commenting personally, but it’s all I can do Steven to keep the ladies away from him. It’s a 24/7 job! Turn my back for a second and some young strumpet is eyeing him off!! I’m a lucky, lucky girl!

  • Trog

    Sad to say Ryan but even my fave PBS news hour has succumbed. No longer balanced I listened yesterday and over the whole hour largely taken up with Trump comment, not a single good thing to say! I’ve been around a while now and this phenomena is new. Sickeningly, disgustingly, venomously, anarchically, undemocraticly new! It’s always been biased but never so blatantly, completely one sided.

    It really is the battle of the media, and thank God we have the Right news contesting the battle. David and Goliath repeated – but we know how that went last time and here’s hoping again.

    • Ryan Fletcher

      Hear, hear Trog! Time to cast the stone and remove goliaths head.

    • Bucky Turgidson

      The Fairfax (Fewfacts) press in Australia is stepping up their attacks on Trump again, after a brief Christmas lull.
      I hope XYZ and other new media get more traction,to counter the dreadful Leftist rags.
      Ryan, a very good comment about the beta Manginas in a hot war….they would last five minutes in any conflict and would probably run off to a safe space,hugging their therapy cuddle puppies !
      Obama has little time left,but he is going flat out trying to sabotage as much as he can.
      I don’t understand why Americans are so patient, he should be tried for treason.

      • Trog

        There are some older heads on this site like me and I’m serious when saying I’ve never seen the like before. It’s very very scary. So far it’s been a 50 year battle, lost by us in Universities, Schools, public policy makers, environmentalist/AGW movements, MSM and the gender lobby to name only a few. We cant cop this anymore! America is a powder keg at the moment needing only a spark.

        • Bucky Turgidson

          I’m with you on that Trog.
          Leftism has infested all facets of our Society.
          Have been following many bubbling with discontent US forums over the last 2 years and there is a lot of very very angry Conservatives in America, absolutely armed to the teeth, prepped and literally ready for the next Civil War.
          One of the reasons the Democrats and anti gun lobby in the US have been determined to limit gun ownership.
          The Left wants total control.

          The US founding fathers have some wortyh observations about an armed citizenry:

  • I just don’t know what’s gonna happen with these poor little poppets. They really need to accept that they lost — and bigly! — so they can start figuring out some new ways to approach things.

    But almost none have done this. They’re just going further and further into denial!

    Won’t be surprised if the demand for anti-depressants and similar medications goes up steeply in the next coupla years …

    • Wide Awake

      Haven’t you noticed he steady looking crease in the use of anti depressants as the hold of the left grows. Causation or correlation?