Food for Thought – White Revolution is the Only Solution

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Since the late Arthur Calwell oversaw the sizable migration of a (((certain group of people))) into Australia during the dying days of World War II, the fate of White Australia has increasingly been nose-diving into the degenerate abyss:

Admittedly this has been occurring in every White majority nation around the world. Our dispossession and displacement by globalist Parliamentarians and their garbage spewing golems are routinely telling us that White countries “will never be White again”.

Frankly, I’m at the point where I openly support White people breeding like fundamentalist Mormons and training their children to become blood atonement commandos against those seeking White extinction.

Food for thought.

  • Deplorable Steve

    I would fight a war against those who seek to destroy us white people but it would not bother me what colour fought alongside me as long as they were culturally compatible. Having said that, I also have no problem with whites trying to keep their racial/cultural roots intact, same as any other group who does but raises no protest from the champions of diversity, equality and tolerance.

    • I will be with you in the first wave out of the trenches.

  • Ralphy

    Great clip Ryan, the opening house shot is my childhood including the FB/EK?? holden driving off. They had the best steering wheels ever!

    Yes I’d fight if they would have me? I just watched a doco on Boko Haram where a supporter and father surrendered his 13 year old daughter to the group so she could go straight to paradise as a suicide bomber. She survived fortunately whilst her brother was killed for disagreeing with his Dad over her would be fate.

    Also Professor Richard Downing as ABC chairman in the 70’s called for a better understanding of pederasty “as in general, men will tend to sleep with young boys.” Gerard Henderson fact file.

    If more diversity changes come to pass, how long before Sharia Law is recognised here, polygamy is legitimised as just another benefit of Multiculturalism, Christians are taken to court over their discriminatory “bias” as has already occurred, and pederasty is celebrated as the ABC tried to do 4 decades ago.

    Inch by inch we are losing our heritage/values and they are certainly worth fighting for.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      “I just watched a doco on Boko Haram where a supporter and father
      surrendered his 13 year old daughter to the group so she could go
      straight to paradise as a suicide bomber.”
      Another brainwashed illiterate fool, Muhammad said the majority of people in hell are women!

  • I am fully supportive of a White Only Ethno State being
    established, somewhere in the world.
    Israel was able to establish it’s Ethno State, so it is possible.

    Best hope stems from the inevitable Balkanisation of the US and the establishment of such an Ethno State somewhere on the North American continent. Armed to the teeth, no doubt, as it would be the only way to ensure survival, just as Israel has ensured its survival.
    Even when Trump fades into history, the Alt Right/White will still be present,most certainly stronger. Perhaps the establishment of a White State will be in Europe, not the US, who knows ?

    The insular, wealthy ruling Elites ( I use that term in the extreme perjorative ! ) in Australian politics seem intent on flooding Australia with migrants and lowbrow refugees incompatible with our Christian based beliefs and morals.
    For many decades, I have had a front row seat to the creeping,insidiously destructive effects of “Globalism” on Australia and the sight isn’t pretty.

    Multicultural/ism will be our downfall.
    Our society is being dismantled, piece by piece.

  • Sir Cumference
  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Fair suck of the sauce bottle old chap, Muhammad was white, would you what to destroy his legacy, I do.
    Muhammad was WHITE!
    Muhammad was a dwarf and fat!

    Everyone needs to watch this video to “Fully” understand the thinking of a Muslim after 1400 years of brainwashing, indoctrination and inbreeding.
    Read their texts in the video not just watch blindly.

  • Ryan, I misread part of the title of your article.
    I thought it read the “Final Solution is the only Solution.”
    I guess I am just projecting…oh well.

    • Ryan Fletcher