Food for thought – Will there ever be a rainbow?

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For those twits characterising 2016 as “the worst year ever”, perhaps ask yourselves the question:

“How is raging against a cartoon frog like a Jihadist triggered by a cartoon of Muhammad going to enrich my year on earth?”

With grotesque green-haired pansexual Islamophile trendies rabbling around the streets like escaped mental patients, one has to wonder how they could have interpreted their asinine antics as PR-savvy strategies to winning.

Even as most of us ask ourselves the question, “Were they trying to lose?”, it appears these precious little snowflakes (who want white genocide and legalised paedophilia) are doubling down on their violence.

For instance, last month’s attempt by Australian-based trendies to emulate the Weather Underground here in Canberra was enough to boost their opponent’s voter base even further through the roof.

Let’s face it, these Marxist mutants who have done more to flatten the Hitler button than the LaRouche Movement, have caused most folk to embrace the adage of Godwin’s law in order to be, “Everyone they (SJWs) don’t like”.

Hence why God-Emperor Trump (aka “Literally Hitler” to precious little snowflakes) has triumphed over the concerted smear campaign by their precious PC presstitutes in the fake news media. Blaming every man and his dog for their failure, few (if any) of them criticise the idiocy they have been inculcated with by the likes of MTV.

However, as their beloved communist Kenyan continues to launch a scorched earth policy in the dying days of his POS administration, America awaits the rainbow that will end the global flood of identity politics.

Food for thought.

  • Ryan Fletcher

    Too right Trog! Make mine a double rainbow hehe….

    • Bucky Turgidson

      The happy camper must have snorted too much cocaine/mescaline for his campfire breakfast. What a fucking moron….whoooeeeee wow!
      Two rainbows !
      Stupid Yanks.
      Hope he trips off a cliff, breaks both legs and gets eaten alive by grizzly bears or coyotes.
      Why are there so many idiots in this World, does anyone have an answer ?

      • Trog

        It’s all to do with cousins apparently?

  • How Not To Play The Game

    ……every now and then one reads an article that could have come from their own mind.

  • Deplorable Steve B

    It will be great to have a fag free rainbow again…

    • Trog

      Seriously? Mrs Trog said they were butt plugs?

      • Bucky Turgidson

        ahem….perhaps divulging too much information……..

    • Bucky Turgidson

      well spotted !

  • Gregoryno6

    It’s one thing to make a mistake, but to repeat the mistake again and again, every time louder and angrier than before…
    The left are painting themselves into a corner and they have no idea they’re doing it!The older leftwits have been comfortable in their positions too long, and the younger ones have never been acquainted with the principles of compromise and negotiation. ‘I get what I want or ELSE!’ has been indulged by adoring parents, but the real world will not be so accommodating.
    Gives Paul Joseph Watson plenty of material, though, so it’s not a total loss.

    • Gregoryno6
      • Karen Dwyer

        The funniest thing is the subtitles! Never sure if it’s the frailty of voice recognition software, or just deliberate hilarity.

        Personally, I don’t suffer from depression. I really enjoy my life, and so much in life is funny. At either end of the spectrum (choleric argumentative fault finders to morose, pessimism-is-reality grudge pedlars) there is a common characteristic:
        Almost unbelievably lacking in sense of humour!

        (Another is muddled thinking masquerading as “critical thinking”: straw men arguments; deliberate misquotes; accusations cloaked as questions;answering own questions; and the like

    • Bucky Turgidson

      Yes, the Lying Lefty Libtards are a glorious gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Santa !
      Praise Jesus, they keep on digging their own graves, deeper and deeper.
      The Leftwits are the new SS.
      Snivelling Snowflakes.

  • Bucky Turgidson

    Trog….”bare arses, leather”…. stop giving me ideas.

  • Bucky Turgidson
  • Craig

    LGBTQ should really be LGBTP… Guess what the P stands for?

    Why be soft, feminine, passive aggressive, when you can be hard, masculine and funny.

    Tolerance is the last refuge of the coward. That attack on the Christian lobby was an obvious hate crime, totally disgusted with the authorities.

    Trump train, literally did this to our enemies.

    • Deplorable Steve B

      What does the P stand for Craig? Don’t keep me in suspense…