It’s getting harder to ignore Pizzagate


This article was originally published on 4/12/2016.

Graphic content warning: This article contains disturbing information and subject matter.  Several of the links in particular contain material which readers are likely to find upsetting, and made the editor physically sick.  Please do not follow these links without taking this warning into account. The subject is serious enough, however, that it deserves investigation.

XYZ Editors.

For several months now, thousands of citizen journalists have been conducting an amateur online investigation into a very dark and disturbing topic. Beginning on the link-sharing site Reddit, thousands of volunteers have been investigating occult rituals and possible evidence of an organized pedophile ring at the highest levels of America’s political establishment.

The growing pile of circumstantial evidence being unearthed by these citizen journalists reveals disturbing patterns, morbid themes and revolting imagery which are yet to be explained by the high-level people involved.

John Podesta
John Podesta

What has come to be known as Pizzagate began with the public release of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails by WikiLeaks during the presidential campaign. Thousands of so-called ‘centipedes’ began self-organizing on Reddit to sift through and analyze the emails with the intention of finding useful information for the Trump campaign.

The focus of the amateur investigation shifted, however, when an email chain was discovered between John Podesta, his brother lobbyist Tony Podesta and controversial performance artist and celebrity insider Marina Abramovic. The emails made reference to an occult ritual known as ‘spirit cooking’.

Spirit cooking is a stomach-turning, cabalistic ritual which involves the use of body fluids, pentagrams, mock dismembered body parts and the cutting of skin by the practitioner. According to Abramovic, if such practices are done publicly then they are to be considered art. If done in private, they are rituals.

Of particular interest to the army of citizen investigators probing through the Podesta email leaks was the obvious familiarity which the Podesta brothers have with Abramovic and with spirit cooking. No explanation of the ritual was required.

Scrutiny of the leaked Podesta emails intensified dramatically though when a series of email exchanges was uncovered which did not make sense unless they were using a series of code words. These code words were focused around food terms, and included words such as ‘pizza’, ‘cheese’, ‘pasta’ and ‘(hot)dogs’.

What makes these code words potentially explosive, and perhaps the greatest scandal of the century if those investigating Pizzagate are correct, is the possibility that these are code words used by pedophiles on the dark web. Although widely believed, this explanation remains unsubstantiated. We do know, however, that these words are code for something.

Also disturbing was an email sent by Tamera Luzzatto to John Podesta and fifteen others inviting them to a pool party that she did not appear to be attending and at which her three daughters aged eleven, nine and seven would be the ‘entertainment’. She also assures her invitees that her daughters will be ‘in that pool for sure’.

Who invites sixteen adults to a pool party which they won’t be attending and provides their under-age daughters as entertainment in the pool? For any reasonable person, that’s a very odd message to send.

Curiosity grew even further upon the discovery of an interview by Politico with John Podesta from 2015 in which a painting depicting cannibalism can be seen hanging in his Brooklyn office.

This unusual choice for professional artwork extends to the private art collections of the Podesta brothers. Tony Podesta’s favourite piece at his home in Falls Church is his ‘Arch of Hysteria’; a large hanging replica which the Reddit investigators have pointed out bears a striking resemblance to one of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer’s decapitated victims.


In the Washington Life Magazine feature which Tony Podesta did in 2015, art by Biljana Djurdjevic can be seen on the walls. Djurdjevic’s work is known for including disturbing images of child torture.

Interest in degenerate art and occult rituals is not the key focus of the Pizzagate citizen investigation, however. Instead, what has made Pizzagate such a keen focus of interest for so many has been the unearthing of very disturbing references to children.

The Reddit investigators sifting through the Podesta email leaks noticed that the Washington Life interview which Tony Podesta did in 2015 mentions that Podesta regularly opens his house for pizza parties with his friend James Alefantis, owner of pizza restaurant Comet Ping Pong and fellow friend of many senior Democrat Party figures.

Comet Ping Pong and the businesses around it have since become the primary focus of the citizen investigation. Two doors down from Comet Ping Pong is Besta Pizza, which until very recently had a logo which was identical to a known pedophilia symbol included in a factsheet put out by the FBI in 2007. Across the road is Terasol bistro, whose website until recently also featured symbols eerily similar to known pedophilic symbols distributed to the public by the FBI. All of the businesses on the block are owned by people with connections to the uppermost echelons of the Democratic Party in Washington.

James Alefantis also posted a photo of Marina Abramovic on the Comet Ping Pong Instagram account. Reddit investigators identified several disturbing images from the restaurant’s account, including one of a small girl with her hands taped to a table and another with what appear to be children engaged in a bizarre dehumanization ritual. These are odd for a pizza restaurant which markets itself as family-friendly.

Comet Ping Pong has also hosted performances by a band known as Heavy Breathing, whose lyrics and artwork contain pedophilic references. The posters advertising these events, designed by Sasha Lord, feature extremely graphic images and references to trauma-based dissociation, yet read ‘all ages’. One of Lord’s posters for a concert by Prince Rama and Heavy Breathing at Comet Ping Pong advertised an ‘interactive exorcism’ and ‘pizza exorcism’, again for all ages.

The constant unveiling of new connections and lines of inquiry by the Reddit amateur journalists has led to such intense attention that the New York Times published a piece on November 21 dismissing Pizzagate and its investigators as ‘fake news’. The Times article did not engage directly with any of the evidence put forward by the Pizzagate investigators.

The next day, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman closed down the Pizzagate subreddit, citing concerns that the community had become a ‘witch hunt’. This is an interesting choice of words given the references to bizarre occult rituals in Podesta’s emails. The investigation has since moved to other sites.

There is much more to the Pizzagate investigation than has been included here, however due to the revolting and circumstantial nature of the material it has been left out for the moment. Every day more material and more connections are being uncovered by the Pizzagate researchers. If you wish to assist with the investigation yourself or keep up to date with the latest revelations, you can do so at the VOAT website.

At this stage, law enforcement is not stating publicly whether they are investigating the evidence uncovered by this citizen investigation, although the NYPD is in possession of Anthony Weiner’s laptop in relation to an underage sex investigation. This laptop is known to contain emails sent from Hillary Clinton’s private email server which she previously withheld from a Congressional investigation.

The Pizzagate investigators are not the first to raise these questions. Andrew Breitbart made similar allegations against John Podesta shortly before his death in 2012.

Pedophile rings and elite pedophilia exist. In Canada in 2013 a pedophile ring involving nearly 400 children and 348 adults was revealed to the public by the Toronto police. In Norway recently a child abuse ring was discovered which involved 51 suspects and the abuse of infants.

Although Pizzagate is focused on possible crimes committed in the United States and possible child trafficking in Haiti, there may be cause for concern here in Australia. The person whose email started the interest in Pizzagate, Marina Abramovic, did a two-week residency in Sydney in 2015.

The implications of all this fragmentary evidence put together by volunteers are very difficult for most of us to accept. This is not the first time, however, that abuse of children in elite circles around the world has been alleged. If there is any validity to the growing evidence base of Pizzagate, we owe it to the weakest and most vulnerable among us to face whatever truths it may reveal stoically and fearlessly.

Photo by Center for American Progress

  • Deplorable Pepe

    Yes, it is disturbing,very disturbing, but not really surprising when you think about it. Look at how deep the pedo stuff goes in England, all the way to Parliament. High profile pedos like Saville and Rolf Harris etc.
    Prince Andrew took a trip to Pedo island.
    Comet Pizza has opened in Australia, I believe.
    CP….pretty blatant in your face isn’t it ?
    I haven’t seen anything about pizzagate in the MSM.
    I wonder why????????
    Protecting the pedo satanists probably, or are implicated.
    This is bad bad stuff, I really hope it IS false news.

    • You’re right, they’re set to open a branch in Perth at Northbridge. Check out the reference to cannibalism in the art beside the entrance. If the police are serious about finding pedophiles, they should start by investigating everyone connected with that business.

      • Karen Dwyer

        I looked at only three links, Moses A., the pizza store logo and the FBI factsheet, and “taped”.

        Just the Podesta brothers’ taste in art is sufficient: cannibalism painting (John P) and decapitated corpse sculpture (Tony P).

        Coincidentally, a friend was relating a visit to MONA (Tasmania). Not attractive, even if it weren’t a “Temple to Atheism”.

        Similar mentality that “shocking” is clever-clever and advanced. Actually, it’s incredibly revealing of character. Too many suffering from “Emperor’s New Clothes” Syndrome to point out the self-evident bestial, pathological darkness of spirit.

        The Northbridge artwork (your link) incredibly off-putting. Stench!

        • It’s hideous to contemplate Karen, but if only a fraction is true then it must be investigated. There’s more coming out every day.

    • sisterlauren

      The British royals go to Canada in order to hunt the Native children there like a big game sport. How sick is that?

      • Bruce William

        Can you link me to some evidence? That’s quite the claim and as a Brit I’m particularly intrigued.

      • Craig

        Oh yes, and the duchess finds the redhead toddlers to be particularly crunchy and delicious! She likes hers with hot sauce and horseradish! Mmmmm!

    • Michael Kosak

      I have always thought the Penn State thing with Joe Paterno’s coaches seemed like it had some organization behind it

  • Duhitar

    What really makes me think is the undeniable resemblance between the identikit photo released by the Uk police in 2007 depicting the Madeleine McCann suspects, and John and Tony Podesta. It’s been reported John Podesta was in Portugal the very day Maddy disappeared. I don’t know how that can be explained away.

  • Hyper Future Vision

    This is going viral like wildfire on the net and yet the MSM is completely ignoring it. There have been a few MSM articles but they are essentially doing their bit to write this off as a conspiracy theory or “fake news”.

    What concerns me is that the MSM will quickly move to silence talk about pedophiles if that talk begins to put the spotlight on the liberal elites (their BFF’s). I remember when Trump was accused it was spread far and wide even though it looked suspect from the start. Some SJW’s are a still bringing this up when they start losing debates.

    I seriously HATE pedophiles. If it were up to me there would be chinese style execution vans awaiting these creatures after being found guilty in court. Although the Chinese do this in order to efficiently harvest organs for transplant and I don’t know if anyone would even want the organs of lowlife scum within them.

    I know for a fact that many, many people share my views on pedophiles and the second they realise the media has been suppressing accusations against these vermin there is going to be hell to pay.

    Just remember Jeffrey Epstein, his Lolita Express and Orgy Island were once considered too extreme to believe… Bill Clinton is known to have made at least 26 flights aboard Lolita with this convicted pedophile, Podesta was Bill’s chief of staff when he started visiting Orgy Island. It’s a small world isn’t it? What’s the bet Podesta’s name is on the Lolita Express’s flight logs with Clinton?

    • caesar


    • caesar


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  • Larry Larkin

    With a bit of luck they’ll get them.

    There was a very high level pedo ring in NSW a few decades back that included senior members of the legal fraternity (judges, QCs, etc) and politicians, rumoured to have included one former PM and AG.
    It was linked to a similar circle in SA at the same time, also with politicos and legal beagles, as well as senior State public servants.

    They were very thoroughly covered up and a lot of them took early retirements or moved overseas on the quiet.

    Come 1 Jan 2017 at least some of the documents that could shed light on them will reach the 30 years mark and be released. I know of several journalists who are sweating on those documents.

  • I voted for Kodos

    The mainstream media doesn’t have the guts to cover real news. It is up to citizen journalists to break real stories these days, while being labeled as ‘fake news’ by the cowering MSM.

  • marialinger

    In case anyone is wondering , Pizza Gate has been moved from reddit to ; search for pizzagate.

  • DarthDisney

    It really isnt. What you’re falling for is a tactic run by most authoterians to tear apart their enemies. Scientology does it, Putin did it, Erdogan did it, I could go on. All of them used poorly sourced, mob mentality founded fake shit like this to remove their enemies from power. You are all being played with information of which 9/10 is wrong, and yet you believe the 1/10 that seems to work.

    You are literally harassing and destroying people over bad evidence.

    • Karen Dwyer

      I agree that slurs can be made on anybody, with thin evidence. The Podesta brothers may be nothing more than individuals with a taste in the macabre, in death, and in cannibalism.

      Not indictable to have dark and unhealthy interests, but is revealing of character.

    • Zane Morgan

      If you can sit there and write that you are either MSM, still in a deep sleep or you are part of the problem. How can you look at all the facts then say this? A tactic from who? These people are all linked behind the curtains and this is their link, and it hurts to say, sickening satanic pedophilia on a GLOBAL scale. If you can sit there and say what you have said you obviously have zero care for the children. Does JimmyCommets pictures of kids look normal? AND HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE ANY

    • Deplorable Pepe

      James Alefantis…..check it out…interesting anagram.

      D Disney….you need to wake up.

    • Hyper Future Vision

      These same people would happily destroy conservatives in exactly the same way if given the chance.

      This needs to be seriously investigated. The degenerate behaviour of many in the Democratic party needs to be brought under the spotlight.

      I am almost certain from the constant attacks on traditional values and behaviour I have seen from the Australian greens over the years that they could also be hiding something similar. I hope not, but it is definitely looking as though modern pedophilia seems to be originating from within particular factions of western society.

      It could very well explain the lefts seemingly irrational love of islam.

      • Hyper Future Vision

        Something that came to mind just after I posted my comment is that there have been efforts by the left recently to normalize and empathize with pedophiles.

        I have seen debates sparked by this article whereby SJW’s simply stand by their belief in human rights defend these animals even if it means a childs life could possibly be destroyed.

  • Zane Morgan

    I’m guessing Google is trying to silence this as well now? Only things you can really get from a search is older articles and the fucking BBC “fake news” story that keeps making the top of the list. Why cover it up if it’s “fake news”? Why is the BBC worried about a poxy pizza shop in DC? Don’t stop people we have them shaking in their boots!

    • Deplorable Pepe

      Google used to have the motto: “Do No Evil”…it seems to have changed now to : “Cover Up All Evil”

      Try using alternate search engines like Duck Duck Go or Startpage, Ixquick, Blekko, Gigablast…heaps of them out there……

  • jpk

    What a masterful article! The journalist presenting this information has done a thorough review of what citizen journalists have uncovered. What is presenented here I believe is just the tip of the iceberg. People around the world who care for the welfare of children should take heed to the alarming information which has been uncovered. There is certainly more to this than meets the eye.

  • Cherrie Getison

    It’s great that you are writing about it. But the way it is written it sounds like only Trump supporters were looking into it, and only to help Trump’s 2016 campaign, which buys into the bogus “vast right-wing conspiracy” narrative card that the Clintons have been able to pull out for decades for their crimes (more recently, “It was the Russians!”). Plenty of Bernie et al supporters were also looking into Wikileaks, for the pure sake of bringing such a disturbing topic to potential justice.

    • Actually that’s true, Cherrie. You’re right. There were Bernie people and people who didn’t support Trump involved. Thanks for the correction.

  • Michael Sarro

    I was in a discussion with the editor of a major newspaper.
    Our emails ended when I asked him why there was no report on Pizzagate.
    The left shies away from this one more than Obama’s birthplace.
    Lock them up.

    • Deplorable Pepe

      name and shame !!!!!! which newspaper ?

    • Jessica Smith

      It’s possible that high-level members of the media are involved as well.

      • PattyStar

        True..didnt think about that but def a possibility

  • Jo Mama

    Pizzagate is now on

  • Cynthia Campbell

    Scotland Yard has reopened the Madeleine McCann kidnapping case. Seems John Podesta was in Portugal when it happened.

  • The_Donald_2016
  • GetABrainMorans

    No evidence of anything. It’s hard to ignore because it’s a sensationalist false story, but the media isn’t reporting on it because it’s garbage.

    • Lionel Chan

      Sargon of Akkad released a really good video today, that I think is a very strong foundation from which to take this stuff forwards:

      The basics:
      1) ALL of the “overwhelming evidence” for Pizzagate so claimed is circumstantial. It cannot be the basis of any certainty in any legally enforceable sense, in the Western understanding of justice.
      2) Paedaphilia rings, that are enacted by and covered up by the powerful are undeniably real and are fucking horrible. The MSM attitude of ignoring the circumstantial evidence and leaping to the conclusion “there’s nothing to see here” is at best unintentionally enabling, and at worse much more sinister.

      The circumstantial evidence is enough to say a thorough investigation is called for. A thorough investigation (or at least questioning of their ability to be impartial) of those that deny this is also called for.

  • Jessica Smith

    Another disturbing fact unearthed by citizen journalists is that Virginia, which is adjacent to Washington D.C., has more reported cases of missing children than any state other than California.

  • Malhar

    After this #Pizzagate scandal has started I seriously don’t feel like eating Pizza.

  • Craig

    More Trumpy nutcases!

  • Bill Kelly

    The Drum has also dismissed it as fake news and conspiracy theory and as far as the e-mails are concerned nothing to see here folks move on, now. I have yet to hear any mention of the Clinton Foundation funding green and other groups here in Aus with money donated by the Aus Gov in any ABC show. If it does not involve catholic priests they do not want to hear about pedophilia. If they want to go back in time to investigate such things here, I suggest the Countdown years but they will keep that rock firmly in place.

  • NiggerGoy

    You shabbos goys just need to understand that you are livestock, always have been, always will be, and you will continue to be treated as such, which means if we want to milk you, we can, if we want to fuck you, we can, and last but not least, if we want to eat you, we can and we will! hehehe *wrings hands*

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  • Alt-Right Records

    Yes, pizza gate is real, but please correct the section on the spirit cooking madness. It is not “cabalistic” (usually spelled “kabbalistic”).
    Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish mysticism study which is focused on getting closer to G-d, and does not involve sick rituals like this crap. Kabbalah involves mostly reading & translating ancient studies of the Hebrew Bible. It’s forbidden for Jews to consume blood of any kind, but especially human blood is a grave sin in Judaism. Kabbalah , and NOT the phoney cult Madonna joined, is studied by serious religious Jews who would NEVER be involved in anything where a woman is nude in front of a crowd. Spirit cooking is syncretic Occultism done by perverts.

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  • themindbox


    Pizzagate is the tip of the iceberg.