Handsome Her Repeats Gender Pay Gap Big Lie


A Brunswick cafe called Handsome Her has caused a stir in Australian media in recent days, with the following photo uploaded to social media:

From Twitter.

Lefties from all over Melbourne have flocked to support the cafe, which has been packed since. Naturally, there have even been plenty of beta male orbiters prepared to bulk up the numbers and reinforce the narrative that males prefer their chains.

The issues raised have already been thoroughly debated in social media, so we only need to concern ourselves with one; the gender pay-gap myth. The myth was so easily dismissed in The XYZ courtesy of Bob Page’s It’s not a gender ‘pay gap’, it’s an earnings difference – and it’s not an issue that we have barely mentioned it since. The following is a cut & paste of the most important points:

“The average Australian man earns $1602.80 a week, while the average Australian woman earns $1325.10. This 17.3% difference in earnings (not pay) is mostly because of the different fields in which men and women work.

“For example, men are more likely to do dangerous jobs (95% of all workplace fatalities are men), and as a consequence, are paid more than people with safer jobs. Women predominantly occupy lower-paying fields like healthcare and office administration. These fields are not low paid because women occupy them, but because the supply of workers for them is relatively high due to the few barriers to entry.”

“Apart from the choices women make, there are further explanations for the gender earnings difference. Research organisation Glassdoor concedes that much of the 17.3% difference poses no problem and brings the figure down to 3.9%. Even though this number measures men and women with the same job title, much of it can be attributed to the different amount of hours men and women work per week. As far back as the statistics go, men have worked a greater average number of hours per week than women. More hours mean more pay, at least for jobs paid by the hour.”

Adjusted again for resolved cases of discrimination, the difference is so small that it could easily be attributed to statistical error. Using different studies could produce figures showing men earning a percentage point less than women.

The bigger the lie, the more often it is repeated…you know the rest.  In short, men work more dangerous and stressful jobs, and work longer hours. If we really lived in a patriarchy, this earnings difference would be celebrated.

  • Robbie V Meme

    Errrr because biology.

    A man and a woman start their career at a law firm at the same time.

    The man will stay back and do longer hours and work harder than a woman who knows that she’s planning on having children a few years or whatever time frame. For the woman there’s point in working hard trying to make partner if she’s going to take 1 to 10 years off work to have and raise children.

    This is why men climb the corporate ladder faster and higher than women.

    Nothing to do with sexism everything to do with biology and the choice a woman makes to have children.

    • Biology works in many ways. Pretty young Senior Associates who aren’t interested in breeding or will delay doing so until a partner ditches Wife No.1 and proposes go down very well with corporate clients.

    • Females are bone lazy by nature…..even when they have babies they farm them out to child care.

  • Ralphy

    This myth should have been debated and put to bed years back……if we had an impartial national broadcaster.

    Bit like waiting for a “positive” story about the Trumpster…..just ain’t gunna happen.

  • Wide Awake

    The women at my workplace simply don’t want to achieve the same levels as men. They get to a certain level and just stay put with no ambition to move further up. The amusing thing is the company actively discrimates against men who are wanting to climbs the ladder because they don’t have enough to female managers. The result is that when they try and employ people for high level positions they can’t find anyone, none of the women want to step up and the men are not wanted.

  • It’s things like this that reveal how very wrong universal suffrage is.

  • Malcolm Smith

    The elephant in the room nobody notices: where do these people get the idea that man and women live separate lives? In fact, they tend to live together and share income. The “pay gap” thus represents the way in which couples choose to divide up their roles. As a general rule, the better a man is as a provider, the less likely his wife is to work full time, or at all. Indeed, it starts before he even gets the girl, because only as a last resort will a woman date, let alone marry, a man who ranks below her, either socially or financially.
    The “pay gap” exists because women keep doing womanly things – not only having babies and taking care of them, but also choosing men who can support them.

    • entropy

      The “pay gap” thus represents the way in which couples choose to divide up their roles.

      Bingo. Now rationalise with respect to feminist signalling about labour distribution in relationships between ‘equal’ adults:

      Women do more housework – they’re victims.

      Women do less paid professional work – they’re victims.

  • This cafe should be John Wicked.