All the Indicators are Pointing to Women being an Unmitigated Disaster in the Workplace


An unintentionally hilarious article in The Australian today: All the indicators are pointing to a dearth of women in economics.

“I wholeheartedly agree that the lack of women in senior roles in business and economic policymaking is bad for our economy and that we are ‘missing out on the potential contribution (women) have to make as our most senior economic policymakers’.”

No reason or evidence is provided as to exactly why the lack of women in these senior roles is bad for the economy. As with everything else to do with feminist ideology, it is simply made up on the spot. If the female writer of this drivel is desperate to cast around for a reason as to why there’s no chicks up there in the stratosphere, this example of a distinct lack of empirical evidence to support her wobbly premise is all that she needs to know.

The funniest line in the whole piece comes immediately after:

“A lack of senior female figures across the sciences is well known, but there is equally a problem in the social sciences. A US study of female academics in social sciences found women with children were less likely to be in professorial roles.”

Not only did they need to do a study to tell them the bleeding obvious, they still can’t see the bleeding obvious when it’s directly in front of their faces. You want to know why you’re not getting the pointy roles in the big end of town? This is the reason you’re not getting those positions, you stupid, rent-seeking, useless harridan. Not because you have kids, but because you wouldn’t be able to recognise reality or a logical fact if it slapped you over the head with a rolling pin.

But I digress. What is heartwarming about this article is the fifty-odd comments that follow it. Not one, and I repeat, not one is in support of this obvious nonsense. The most telling comment came from someone called Melissa:

“The comments to this piece are extraordinary – not one seems to be in support of the author’s position, yet a year ago the choir would have been echoing the call to diversity, trying hard to be the loudest voice signalling their virtue.

“Has there been some turning point in people’s views? Or have people (men, it seems) looked around and decided they don’t care if they’re politically correct, and that they’re going to say what they think anyway? Perhaps the tide is turning on political correctness and the appeal to victimhood.”

The Fonz has jumped the feminist shark, baby.

Here’s the really rewarding aspect of all this: women were told that they could selfishly have it all; the stupid dunces believed the pretty lies; they went out of their way to dedicate their most productive and fertile years to believing the bullshit; and yet not only has it come about that they can’t have it all, but they can’t even be successful in the professional side of what they were promised.

Don’t believe me? Well, how do you explain the fact that if the sexes are hidden then men are far more likely to get hired than women?

“Researchers assumed that removing gender identifiers from an application would make it easier for women to obtain employment in senior positions that have traditionally been dominated by men.

“’We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist,’ said Professor Michael Hiscox, a Harvard academic. ‘We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.’”

There you go, girls – it’s all been for nothing.

Why this is a surprise is beyond me. Men don’t go and forge a professional career because their greatest wish is to toil in the office for eighty hours a week as they slowly grind their way up the professional totem pole.

They do it to get laid. Men will do anything to get laid. The greatest achievements known to man, the biggest bridges, the tallest skyscrapers, the most successful companies, the greatest inventions, all of it was driven by a desire to get the girl. That’s biology. A few million years of natural selection going: hey, the guy who kills the most woolly mammoths gets the hawt chick.

That’s why we do it, ladies. That’s why we go to work. That is what drives us. But you don’t have that drive. It’s not in your biology. It’s not in your DNA. You think turning up to work is all that’s required. Well, it is if you want to punch a clock. But if you’re driven to mate with the hottest chick you can find, then you’ll go way beyond what’s expected of you in a professional sense to achieve that.

Ladies, you’re competing with guys who are driven by testosterone. Good luck with that. In a generalised sense, you’re never going to make it. These guys are always going to work harder than you, they’re always going to perform better than you, and they’re always going to put in every ounce of effort needed to beat you to that next position because their future progeny depends upon it.

Your entitlements are meaningless in the face of this biological reality. You were always doomed to fail by your very natures. Oh, sure, a few of you got there, but those outliers always existed even before the feminist movement jacked itself into this make-believe world of women being able to have it all.

And to top it all off, to put the final cherry on the cake if you will, even if you do make it all the way to the top, so what? Us men, we don’t care. We’re not attracted to power or success. You’re attracted to power and success. Do you see how badly misled you have been? We’re attracted to tits and ass.

How saggy are those boobs of yours? Oh look, there’s a hawt young chick of the week standing over there.

You’re invisible to us and your careers are literally meaningless. And now society is beginning to realise that you bring nothing to the party.

What a beautiful time to be alive.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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Adam Piggott writes about all things red pill and nationalist right. He examines what it means to be a man in the modern world and gives men advice beyond the typical 'how to pull chicks', (although he does that too.) He plays the guitar, smokes cigars, drinks wine and rum, rides motorbikes, is bad at cricket, and distrusts any man who has no redeeming petty vices. He lives with his wife in Melbourne where he does his best to be a reality check to any Millennials or progressives so unfortunate as to cross his path.
  • Michael Moylan

    Not a one would last 2 minutes in my workplace. Loud, dirty, fumes, danger, extreme temperatures, just a start. There’s money to be made. They wouldn’t touch it, and yet have been more than happy to take the results. Come and punch this glass ceiling ladies.

  • Jaime Osbourn

    Great article Adam.

  • Resonant Frequency

    Interesting how people want to reduce the entire human experience down to genetic reproduction. All they are are clawing scratching narsisistic monkeys flinging their poop at each other, trying to undermine their fellow monkey’s and take their “stuff” and reduce women to the commodity barefoot and pregnant.
    What most of you Neanderthals just don’t get due to the life time of oligarchy indoctrinating is that making you be in constant contest is by design of man not nature. Nature has also co-operation examples and studies show women can actually be more efficient then men when they cooperate.. Infighting makes chaos.
    Men win by bludgining things till they get their way and destroy more then they build..
    Humans want to dominate and destroy all life to prove themselves powerful while saying it’s nature and survival of the fittest they love and emulate…
    There is another organism that followed that mindset, it’s called a disease, or a cancer that it’s lust supersedes the hosts health and any other consideration of life.

    • entropy

      A feminist diatribe full of confused, chauvinist ideology that doesn’t actually address any of the issues raised in the article?

      Say it ain’t so.

    • Resounding Fuckery, in reply to your Year 4 Primary School essay, I award you 4/10.
      Bad spelling, plagiarism from the Feminazi Handbook and poor sentence construction, amongst many other mistakes. Tsk. Tsk.
      *I have attached a home video of your knuckle dragging (caged) relatives, for your instruction & amusement.

      • Resonant Frequency

        Oh your just mad cause it struck the appropriate nerve. Sore knuckles?

    • Sir Cumference
    • PaulMurrayCbr

      > Men win by bludgining things till they get their way and destroy more then they build..

      Stop. Look around. Locate any object in your field of vision that isn’t a person, an animal, a pant, or the sky. They odds are close to 100% that a man, or men, made it.

      • Resonant Frequency

        Yeah and all the weapons of war that will cause the extinction event looming on the horizon…

    • Deplorable Steve
      • Resonant Frequency

        typical of the mindless drones to never see how they are engineered to be mindless drones…

    • Skeptic

      I just ticked another item off my bucket list – read the writings of a person with a single digit IQ

      • Resonant Frequency

        I have another one for you to tick off…stop being an intellectual coward.

        • Skeptic

          please don’t give me items from your bucket list – i have my own – i don’t need yours

    • Resonant Frequency

      im still spot on..

      • entropy

        You forgot to upvote yourself.

        In all honesty, I’m warming to you. It’s just… this is kind of embarrassing, but you sound hot. You’re super-hot, aren’t you. I mean, vegan hot, maybe, but still.

        We should hang out more. Don’t listen to the haters. It’s not so bad here. I’d really love to have a chat sometime when you’re not so drunk.

  • Olaf Koenders

    ..Oh look, there’s a hawt young chick of the week standing over there.

    I hope you’re not pointing at anyone involved in politics.. 😉

    The vast majority of businesses, even if they’re owned by women (every one of them is usually an assistant director), know very well that hiring a young woman will in all likelihood allow herself to fall victim to her biological urges and get pregnant, becoming a burden for quite some time.

    Men have similar problems, except it’s more along the lines of separation or divorce, which doesn’t stop them working or make them unreliable unless suicide is the end result.

    For example, every time we had a Basic Fitness Test in the army, there were a select group of women that would be taking up bed spaces at the hospital citing “women’s problems”, which didn’t afflict them at any other time of year.

    But there was nothing anyone could do about it because sexist.

  • entropy

    Gotta love it when objective reality puts feminist entitlement to the sword.

    Women are equal human beings who apparently don’t realise that being perpetual victims and welfare babies contradicts their own claims of equality.

    After half a century of affirmative action, we can safely say that the question of gender equality has been answered. Much like State of Origin.

  • Fantaman

    Great article. The “successful” women keep being deceived by idiot slogans like “40 is the new 20” or “Sex in the city”. A 40 year old woman isn’t attractive to a successful man, he’ll always be free to choose a much younger -fertile- woman. A dried up vagina and chip on the shoulder is as attractive as a pile of cowpie.

  • Wide Awake

    At my workplace we have a lot of clowns that think they want to climb the ladder. They get halfway and stop because it’s too hard or they are too tired, the problem is that no one can climb the ladder while they are stopped half way up. It seems to have become a major HR problem yet they still don’t acknowledge it.

  • Ashley Summers Flynn

    Must be nice to have the only incentive for work be sex. Wouldn’t it suck to have to work just to survive?

    • piccolit

      women don’t have to work to survive because men provide them the comfort of a safe life. but women in developing countries as you pointed out will walk 6 km a day for getting water to survive while men do the heavy work of finding food. you lack a brain that’s the problem

      • Ashley Summers Flynn

        That’s what’s cute about y’all. If I were a kept woman, you would call me a dumb, gold-digging slut. But because I work my ass off to pay for my own shit, I’m dumb for not manipulating some dude into paying for my stuff. No matter what we do, we’re doing something awful.

        • Deplorable Steve

          Not at all. Women should not have to work, in my opinion, especially when they have children. I am in the process of de-programming my grown up daughters from the Marxist lie that they must be economically accountable to their boyfriends/future husbands and the message is sinking in. My own good wife does not work and does not want to work. We both enjoy all the benefits of a traditional home life. Life is good!

        • piccolit

          actually it’s hardly possible that you work that hard, with all the support, help and affirmative action, pussy passes and more, your hard working is equivalent to a fraction of what a man has to go through. not only that, whenever you feel like you have the privilege to stop it all and demand that a someone or the collective pays for your wishes. Additionally, I am sure you still demand that he pays for your dates, for your entertainment, or for your romance – i am sure men must be “gentlemen” in your mind, etc. Only women have such privileges so in a way or another reality is you are all gold digging sluts exploiting men. Some have the courage to admit it, check criaglist or any dating sites, others, hide behind a facade and demand a marriage contract, that’s all. Women that honestly face life on equal terms as men are an infinitesimal small number, exceptions to the norm. in reality, whatever happens you all like to start with miles long head start. Your equality equates to: give me the advantage by default, by statute, by force, that’s all

        • entropy

          It’s cute that you’re a victim of having a choice that men don’t have. No matter what concessions we make for y’all, we’re still the bad guys.

          Gender privilege seems to weigh heavily upon you.

        • Wide Awake

          I highly doubt you know what hard work is. I would happily take a considerable pay cut to work the same amount as my female co workers. Problem then is I would get paid a lot less than them and would have to start bitching about it.

          • piccolit

            she is a retail worker/admissions adviser by day, ftw is that? is that someone selling tickets at a cinema “advising” you on what show to watch??

            people need advice on any @#$% nowadays

      • kayumochi

        Mmm … American women have gone from being able to participate in the workplace to having to work to survive – one salary doesn’t cut it these days.

    • Skeptic

      you’re obviously retarded – so kudos for still being able to use the internet

  • Ashley Summers Flynn

    “On average, women in developing countries walk 6 kilometers a day to collect water.” Must be an excess of testosterone. Why else would they work that hard?

    • piccolit

      survival that’s why they do it

    • Sir Cumference

      On average, women in Australia walk 6 paces per day to get a latte.

  • Skeptic

    you forgot to add *MIC DROP* at the end

  • kayumochi

    For several years I worked in a company that was feminized in the way education is feminized and the CEO was a gay man (but not effeminate or flamboyant – just a solid guy). They were good at what they did and it was a pleasant place to work – I have no complaints at all. My job was to help build a sales team but in the end we failed because that same feminization was not conducive to the testosterone needed for growth.