Jim Jefferies and Other Hysterical Hitler-Truthers Ridiculed by the Godfather of Trash


Much has been made of the recent stoush between Jim Jefferies (whom nobody had ever heard of or cared about until he filled the Aussie flavour-of-the-month quota overseas, in much the same fashion as people who have trouble getting laid in their home country seek easier, less peer-competitive pastures abroad) and Piers Morgan on Bill Maher’s Real Time.

Those on the left who value emotion and feelings over cold, hard facts thought Jefferies won the debate. These people probably believe the U.C. Berkeley rioters are peaceful protesters as well. The rest of us thought Piers kind of had an indisputable point (that only a ‘f— off’ could shut down) with his ‘hate facts’ like bringing up the fact that the ban didn’t apply to 85% of Muslims on the planet, and the fact that it’s a little hard to swallow that Trump is literally Hitler when every celebrity on every stage is allowed to completely slander the President with roughly zero repercussions.

But it wasn’t Morgan who really made Jefferies and those of his ilk look rather silly and exposed their propensity for not getting ironic humour. It was the very quick-witted Godfather of Trash (director of Pink Flamingos) John Waters who put Jefferies, and the predominantly left panel and audience, in their place. Waters isn’t a Trump supporter by any stretch, but has always been fiercely counterculture. And it doesn’t get any more counterculture than calling out virtue signallers in 2017.

Waters begins what seems to be virtue signalling of his own by posing the question of ‘what might be the worst thing’ about a Trump Presidency. He then goes on to say that the most horrible thing imaginable would be if this group of old white men, and Ben Carson (who Waters cheekily claims is even worse than the old white men) actually made things better. Instead of going for low-hanging fruit like the least talented member of the panel (who came across as smug and irrational and will probably be resigned to the same redundant purgatory as other hysterical preachy comics like Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman), Waters instead chooses to lampoon those who seem to actually be praying and hoping for Armageddon, and the despair they’ll feel if Trump leaves office at the end of his tenure with any measure of success and without a nuclear winter or a second holocaust on his resume.

Waters was in my cool book before this. I saw his one-man show a few years back, and would highly recommend it to anyone. I respect him even more knowing that while he’ll probably offer criticism where criticism is due in regard to a Trump presidency and will hardly be a sycophant, he hasn’t fallen for what is very much textbook hysteria, and isn’t afraid to poke a little fun at those who have.

The joke was completely missed by Maher, Jefferies, and 99% of the studio (his humour is wasted on those incapable of critical thinking), but it’s the funniest and most accurate observation I’ve heard in regard to the current political climate in some time. Well worth a watch.

It’s your XYZ.

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  • Ryan Fletcher

    Jim Jefferies you’re a bloody poz riddled reject!

  • It was a very telling video. Thank you.
    It demonstrated once again that those on the Left will resort to hysterical screaming vitriolic attacks on anyone voicing a differing view. They are seriously disconnected from reality.

    As for scumbag Jim Jefferies, never heard of him before this.
    But what a crude and vulgar loudmouth stereotypical “Ugly Australian” he is.
    Shameful and disgraceful. Revoke his citizenship.

  • KD

    While Jim Jefferies is the funniest standup comedian on the planet he didn’t perform at his best on the bill Maher show, however he was 100% right telling Piers Morgan to fuck off for claiming it’s not a Muslim ban. Newsflash morons, the Whitehouse, including Trump, has repeatedly said it was in fact a Muslim ban. Now you want to rip on Jefferies for calling out blatant bullshit? Get real.

    • KD…. I think you should return to “Adams on Contract Drafting.”
      KD… how tiresome….you are just another rude opinionated abusive lefty Troll.

      • KD

        Apparently I’m a lefty because I’m stating a fact?

        • Bruce Mc

          ok lets look at the facts, Giuliani did admit that Trump wanted a Muslim ban. That is how this started. Next fact this is not a Muslim ban, they looked at what was legal picked the 7 countries that already had restrictions due to danger from Islamic terrorists and increased those restrictions. Another fact: these 7 countries were picked by the previous administration. If it was a full Muslim ban then alot more countries (The other 85% of Muslims that Piers was refering to) would be included not just the 7 that have a history in extremist Islamic terrorism that the Obama administration picked. Jefferies behaved like a petulant child.

          • KD

            I agree Jefferies did behave poorly, but he was still right to call Piers out. I actually couldn’t care if it’s a Muslim ban or not, but clearly that was the intention from Trump all along. And just because he can’t for practical reasons ban immigration from all Muslim countries, doesn’t mean that this isn’t a Muslim ban. If this was just about terrorists, it’s curious that Saudi Arabia – probably the worst source country for terrorists – was left off the list.

          • Bruce Mc

            Ummmm No, Piers stated a fact and was told to F… Off. Childish behavior… Gee and I don’t really like Piers that much and here I am defending him (I think it’s because he’s a Pom and a cricket fanatic, so during the Ash’s I hate him! haha). Piers rightly pointed out that so much of the behavior of the left was hysterical and Jefferies just gave him a perfect example of it and showed everyone that he was correct.

          • Unfortunately, KD does not have the intellectual capacity to understand this.

    • entropy

      If Trump had said it was a unicorn ban, would it be a unicorn ban?

      Another simpleton who relies on semantics and old statements from those he’d otherwise call liars to substantiate his confirmation bias.

      The ‘fact’ is that it’s demonstrably not a Muslim ban. You calling your easily disprovable lies ‘facts’ doesn’t make them so.

      • KD

        Lol. You’re the one playing with semantics. The substantive purpose of the ban was, as stated by many including the President, to keep Muslims out of the country due to the security risk they pose. It is demonstrably a Muslim ban short of naming the executive order exactly that.

        • entropy

          Now you’re just lying outright. Provide a citation for Trump declaring the purpose of the executive order to be a ‘Muslim ban’ or retract your statement.

          It doesn’t ban the vast majority of Muslims and it does ban non-Muslims from the affected countries. Demonstrably not a Muslim ban. Unless you’re prepared to concede that, because it bans unicorns from terror-prone countries, it’s actually a unicorn ban.

        • Möwe

          I see no problem with a ban on Islam or Muslims. Germany has a ban on Scientology, or used to when I was there a dozen years ago. It’s a pragmatic ban, based on Germany’s history with dodgy cult-type movements. Meanwhile, the USA had a long standing ban on former members of the 3rd Reich. I remember being asked that on my entry card in 1996 and even still in 2010. Also a pragmatic ban based on past experience. The majority of Scientologists are normal people making their way through life, and the majority of 3rd Reich people were probably ‘admin assistants’ or something, rather than death camp supervisors. But they still get banned.

          Islam is inferior and should be banned, or at least constrained. (It’s a mother lode of bad ideas, to quote our Bill Maher.) For example, build no new mosques, no more niqabs in public, and stop giving out Commonwealth money and a percentage of Woolies dockets to Islam. Why not? Surely if Allah is the true creator of everything, Islam will be able to withstand such trifles.

          But the Left can never curtail Islam, no matter how bad it gets. This is due to a flaw in secular-Left subjective morality, which itself is flawed. The Left thinks all (non-Christian) religions are equal, in that they are all equally untrue fairy tales. But if all religions are equal, it’s then impossible to say one religion is worse than another. However Islam is demonstrably worse than other religions. Look at its core texts, and look at the fruits of modern-day Islam, not to mention historical Islam. Compare them with others religions. Remember Andrew Bolt’s words on Q&A — How come we never have any problems with Buddhists? Easy, Andrew. That’s a no-brainer. Buddhism is better than Islam.

          This obvious inferiority of Islam is one reason why I’d like to see our Waleed try a little proselytizing for his faith, rather than the usual ‘stop being mean to us!’ baloney. Let him do one of those little lectures on The Project, and tell us all why Islam is The Truth. Why not, Wal? Go for it, bro. But of course if he did, it wouldn’t matter how smooth a talker he is (and our Waleed is a very smooth talker) Islam’s inadequacies would soon be obvious. Our Waleed may know that. Remember when he got that two-word serve from Chrstopher Hitchens on Q&A?

          Manichaeism didn’t survive. No less a thinker than Augustine of Hippo was a Manichaean. It’s founder also claimed to be the Paraclete. But barely anyone even knows what it was anymore. Just a few historians and gnostic fringe-dwellers. No reason why Islam shouldn’t go the same way.

  • Möwe

    Our Jim did a great job looking like a scared dog barking getting aggressive. I saw two people in that exchange. One was a man and the other was a boy.