Melbourne Jewish Forum featuring One Nation senators cancelled due to security fears

Far-left protestors, Melbourne, 2015.
Far-left protesters, Melbourne, 2015.

An event intended to feature One Nation Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts, and to be attended by 200 members of the Jewish community, has been cancelled in Melbourne due to security fears. The cause of these security fears was that far-left activists with violent tendencies had planned a massive protest outside, and possibly inside, the intended venue in Caulfield, Melbourne. Their numbers were so great that the police were presented with so many unknowns that they could not guarantee the safety of the speakers or the attendees.

You can read a statement by Avi Yemini, the organiser of the event and head of IDF Training, here. You can listen to a podcast of Yemini’s interview with Andrew Bolt for the Bolt Report here.

The XYZ contacted Mr. Yemini, who had intended to hold the event as a “public forum” featuring a number of speakers, followed by a Q&A where members of the public could ask questions and offer counter-perspectives, as long as this was done in a “respectful manner.”  The forum, planned for a couple of months, had been intended to cover the following topics:

  • The success of Post-WW2 Jewish immigration to Australia, and its comparison with the current problematic Islamic immigration to Australia
  • The issue of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act
  • One Nation’s policies toward Islam
  • One Nation’s relationship with the Jewish community in Australia

When asked why he thought these topics are important to discuss, Yemini stated that it is important to discuss the “important topics of today,” to discuss the “hard truths.” He said that the “established leadership of the Australian Jewish community” tends to be very politically correct and doesn’t want to confront these issues, but there is a “silent” part of the Jewish community who do want to discuss them.

Critiquing the far-left protesters’ characterisation as anti-racists, Yemini has made it clear both online and to The XYZ that the far-left are some of the “biggest anti-Jewish / anti Israel” activists going around. Regardless, he believes the protesters wanted to shut down the event, not because it was a Jewish event, but because it presented a view which disagrees with their own.

Regarding the provision of security, it appears that there may have been some politics involved. The police had advised the organisers that they would need to hire additional private security specifically for themselves and the speakers. But when giving a reason for pulling out of the event, the private security company claimed that there was already sufficient security provided for the event by police..

Yemini still hopes to hold the event in the future, although unfortunately, not in the heart of the Jewish community in Caulfield.

  • Deplorable Pepe

    Antifa, am I right ?

  • Karen Dwyer

    The private security company withdrew because sufficient security was already provided by police?

    Wow, that security company must be doing well at the moment if they can afford to opt out of jobs.

    Too risky for the police, not risky enough, apparently, for the security company.

    • Jack Tilley

      Certainly the cops can’t be relied upon – the police leadership is very much of the leftist establishment. Their advice to Yemini was more political than operational, I wouldn’t mind betting.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Please read my reply to Trog, above.

        I agree with you. re political manouvering. To continue with the book’s back cover quote: “…It is a bizarre, tawdry, unbelievable tale …”

        It suggests that Melbourne’s anti-terrorist capacity is underwhelming, doesn’t it?

        • Addelad

          It would have to be bloody underwhelming to outdo Scipione and Crew during the Lindt Café fiasco. “Best police force in the world” huh?

          • Karen Dwyer

            I’ve known some fantastic police officers (NSW & ACT & local community).

            But the force as a whole seems hamstrung. Following in the footsteps of UK where the fear of accusations of racism etc cause paralysis (mental and physical). Possibly also downward spiral of thankless work (like nursing and teaching).

          • Addelad

            Ditto, especially Comrie and crew in when I worked in Melbourne before the Nixon disaster. The pc bs imposed on ordinary officers (can we use that word anymore?) is sapping morale as you say.

  • Jack Tilley

    Avi Yemini and half a dozen IDF Training guys look capable of providing enough security to handle a hundred spitty leftists.

    Sounded like a fascinating program, too.

    Whichever way you cut it, the cancellation is a victory for the Left. Over at New Matilda, they’re boasting of how their peaceful display of community goodness shamed the fascist conspirators into skulking away. We should get a bit better organised and ensure such events are not shut down. Letting bullies win only emboldens them.

    • Karen Dwyer

      It’s quite a clever ploy really (& one frequently used in Muslim countries to close down churches) – public order concerns.

      Already been used against Cory Bernardi, David van Gend (author of ‘Stealing from the child – the injustice of.marriage equality’) and others.

      • Trog

        Pinpoint Karen.

      • Addelad

        Is this so different from the brown shirts in Munich circa 1923?

        • Karen Dwyer

          “Snap!”, I’d say.

  • Trog

    The Police Minister in Victoria is Lisa Neville. Interestingly, she is also the Minister for Water.

    Couldn’t see the connectivity at first but then, light bulb moment, ….Police as in “going to water”. It fits!

    This has got Daniel Andrews’ fingerprints all over it. The boys had left their masks at their building sites and fire stations and more time was required to drag them out of the pub to collect them.

    • Karen Dwyer

      I’ve just finished “Once upon a time in Melbourne” by Liam Houlihan.

      From the blurb on the back cover: “…It is the story of a police force politicised to the point of paralysis …”

      • Trog

        It is swings and roundabouts politically but from personal experience Victoria has always been out there. Christine Nixon was caught out blatantly lying over crime stats re refugees when it suited and the command of the Police is far closer to their masters there than anywhere I know. The tragedy is that the troops would be itching to get involved but shackled by a politically subservient command. Proof positive if anyone needed any is that firefighters are reverred everywhere, except Victoria, where they are largely despised for their labor union thuggery. My guess it will take years to recover civil society in Victoria well into the forseeable. One things for sure, this would be unimaginable under Jeff Kennett.

      • Jack Tilley

        I think I passed over this book once, deciding it would mainly be a Chopper-like exploitation of lurid criminal doings. But does it also expose the leftist politics under Christine Nixon’s command? If so, the kindle version would become irresistible.

        • Karen Dwyer

          The cover is lurid – red splodge indicating blood, “vampire gigolo”, etc. I presume that’s the publisher’s choice. (Kindle won’t show that?) Some flowery lurid paragraphs and descriptions of Melbourne which I sometimes skipped.

          It was in a stack at op shop so only spine showing & the title interested me. The reference to police/politics also interested me.

          Not my usual read, but probably not enough gore for people who like that sort of thing.

          Interesting to me was the interplay between various characters (their personalities and their roles). Police commissioners, police ministers, police union leaders, low level criminals, career criminals, and informants are all part of the mix. The first sentence of the book is gorey; it is used as a device to link subsequent events and characters.

          Various reviews on “goodreads”, including one by “Karen” but it’s not by me.

          This is the only book about crime & corruption in Victoria that I’ve read. The characters reasonably 3-D, and politicking exposed but don’t know whether to the depth you’d appreciate. If you do read it, let me know what you think.

          • Jack Tilley

            Thanks, Karen – it certainly sounds worth a look – if only I hadn’t just embarked upon David Horowitz’s 9-volume “The Black Book of the American Left”! Given the amount of time I get to read, I should be almost finished as Donald Trump winds up his second term.

          • Karen Dwyer

            Name dropper! :-)))))))

            Seems worth the effort of hanging in there, if reviews are anything to go by.

  • Trog

    Don’t mean to hog but this is apposite.

    Years back I literally fell of my lounge cheering whilst watching a televised demonstration.

    It was the Anti/Apartheid/Springboks demos of the 70’s. Particularly nasty with faeces being thrown and nailed balls chucked to cripple horses.

    Picture protesters 20 abreast, banners unfurled, marching in their hundreds/thousands and completely blocking the roadway from others to use. It was Qld with old Joh in charge and it was illegal.

    Lone Inspector steps out from the thin blue line to face the marching hordes and holds his hand up towards the rabble in the universal “stop” position. Copy book traffic control.

    Drums still bang, tambourines still rattle, chanting still continues as the marchers insolently ignore his “lawful direction”.
    Inspector drops his hand, seizes his baton, walks up to the centre lead protestor, grabs him by the throat and poleaxes the young citizen with a mighty blow. All done most efficiently and effectively.

    Harsh some might say, but that particular fellow played no further part in the ensuing melee.

    Aaarrrrrhhhhhhh the good old days. Believe me fellow conservatives….there was a time.

    • Jack Tilley

      I still remember the scenes of police dealing with protesters at some school closure protest (Richmond, I think.) The police, under Kennett, used their batons in a methodical, professional way — enabling protesters heaps of time to move without getting hit — and cleared the rabble. Well, weeks of media hysteria followed, the worst state violence ever blah blah, and the police hierarchy buckled and have been leftist toadies ever since.

      I worked in a servo once and witnessed first-hand the police force’s refusal to do ANYTHING about the local criminal harassment carried on by a group of Somali youths. The police crime stat sheets remained clean while the law-abiding citizenry got by as best they could.

      Ever since the 60’s, conservatives have been unable to hold the line anywhere. Which is of course what makes the rise of The Donald so inspiring.

      • Trog

        Too true Jack. I’ve got a true Spartan 300 mentality (not ability) I suppose but the chances of this sort of fight back mentality occurring is as rare nowadays as finding an ice cube on the sun. In today’s world Police using any sort of force are at risk of being charged and convicted by activist judges. So they sit idle.
        The spit chairs in NT are just an absolutely necessary (no brainer) safety device and witness the total leftist MSM outrage causing old Canvasback to again drop his bundle and capitulate after seeking advice from Gillian for crissakes.
        The Trumpster is the Rockstar poster boy for reclaiming much valued old ground that we have foolishly undervalued and discarded with every new BS thought bubble.
        I fervently hope he stays the course.

        • Jack Tilley

          Amen to all that. And you know, I think Trump is looking good – getting some good people on board. From the moment he picked Mike Pence for VP, I felt confident he knew what he was doing.

          When the American economy comes to life via the tax-cut program he’s about to unleash, it’ll be fascinating to see how it affects the political narrative over here.

          • Addelad

            I want Bolton for SoS – you will recall his calling out of the stooges, time servers and crooks at the UN.