A Morning of Beta Faggotry With ABC Kids


We in the new right movement talk a lot about cultural Marxism, with good reason. It’s the postmodern religion of the West; a civilisational suicide cult based on the deconstruction of our heritage, the erasure of our national identity and the physical destruction of our people. Given how many resources we devoted to fighting national socialism during the 1940’s, you’d think we could spare a tank or two to fighting this menace. We don’t though, because this is an internal struggle against traitors rather than an external one against imperial rivals. This is a culture war.

The left has been winning this culture war now for at least fifty years. My view is that they’ve done this mainly through their control of the education system. When you control education, you own the future. As I’ve written here before, who cares about elections when you control the classrooms? Let them fight over budgets and legislation. You have the ear of the children all to yourself, and one day they will rule and elections will be of no importance.

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Modified from Simon Yeo

That’s been the strategy of the left, and it’s worked. The indoctrination starts well before a child enters school though. In traditional religions, they usually wait until a child can read or at least talk before they start bringing them into the faith. Not so with postmodern leftism; today indoctrination starts in the crib.

We’ve had some rainy weather up in the part of Queensland where I live recently, and so the toddler and I spent a morning watching ABC Kids. If you think children’s TV is a safe space away from the cultural tumult and ideological struggle we see everywhere else today, think again. Kids’ TV these days is pozzed af.

One morning of viewing the ABC Kids channel will give you a thorough overview of the cult which has taken over Australian society. Innocent little children are endlessly bombarded with diversity, environmentalism, globalism, technocracy, group conformity, egalitarianism, homosexuality, gender dysphoria and the message that friends and work take priority over time with family. This propaganda is also peppered with girl-friendly messages about regulating emotions and managing disputes, but those are extras put there to please parents. The core messages of children’s TV in the current year may as well be written by Soros himself.

Our journey into neo-Marxist agitprop for toddlers began with Octonauts. The premise of this show is that a bunch of diverse species with no families who work all the time, travel around the world in a futuristic submarine saving various sea creatures. There are no nations in this future utopia of technological universal tolerance – just work. There is no HR department required on board this future submarine because all of the crew are so utterly conformed to globalist technocratic slavery that they high-five on command. Like all the characters in these shows, they never use money. They look like they’re all on antidepressants, and how any of them expect their species to survive when they all hang out with incompatible mates is beyond me. Shows us something about diversity, I guess, and what our kids can expect in the future.

Next up was Peppa Pig, a fat brat with a washed-up thot for a mother and a fat beta coward for a father. The gender-bending misandry of the show beggars belief. In this episode, the pigs wanted to visit the seaside in the middle of winter. I guess they do live in England, so fair enough. A dike rabbit drives a snowplough to the beach, where lippy Mrs Pig jumps in because grrrl power and Mr Pig the fat useless cuck declines. Both parents need their testosterone tested; him for too little and her for too much. The whole show is a declaration of war upon men, and the studio that produces it should be burned to the ground. Along with the books. Bring back book burning, I say. For the sake of the children.

A few shows later, we got to Dinosaur Train. It should be called White Genocide Train. The opening sequence has a nest of flying dinosaurs cracking out of their eggs, except the last one which is a different species of dinosaur. If the show was trying to be at all educational, the mother dinosaur would promptly eat it and the weakest of her young before the strongest fled to find a new life in the wonderfully abundant high-carbon atmosphere of the Cretaceous Period. Instead, the SJW dinomum carries off her miscegenated litter to board a train in which they have various adventures which highlight the wonders of diversity. She’s obviously neurotic, and to cope with the stress of having to virtue-signal while raising a substandard species she sings about how all dinosaurs look different anyway. Unfortunately for her, some dinosaur species also just have lower IQ’s and higher average crime rates. Others just spontaneously combust in public places. Sometimes reality just blows up in your face, crazy dinomum; like a meteor from the sky.

Next up was the ideological mother of all children’s TV harlots, Sesame Street. Created to improve literacy and numeracy among inner-city Africans and mestizos, instead Sesame Street taught a whole generation of white kids how to act black. Now we have sweet little blonde children twerking like jungle monkeys at school assembly. And the brown kids still can’t read.

The standard format for the show is to have various shades of mulattos speaking Spanish words in a cheerful way with a chubby, gay brotha who likes to hang out with obviously prepubescent puppets. What exactly is his relationship to these sock children?

A particularly pozzed sequence included a brown female ghetto sista puppet singing about how she’s going to become an astronaut, a judge or the President. If you spend your life making up dance sequences with your ghetto sistas rather than studying, Shaquoiya, you probably won’t be any of those. You might be a dancer for a while before you go on welfare and raise your eight little kangz on your own though. If you’re maternally inclined, you might make them watch Sesame Street so they can learn sump’in. Which they won’t.

I’ll leave Play School alone. Some of you might not be ready for that black pill.

Bananas in Pyjamas though is sheer brain AIDS. Here we have two grown men who live together, don’t work, have no family and parasite off those around them. They say they live in Cuddles Town, which must be a suburb of Melbourne. The only character in the show who does anything productive is Rat, whose character seems to be modeled on the Eternal Jew. He runs a shop, lusts after things constantly, cons those around him, has a dollar sign up on his shop wall and has a big nose and small eyes. It’s pretty anti-Semitic when you think about it, especially for the ABC.

The zealots who crafted the leftist strategy of taking over education decades ago knew that all you needed to do was repeat the lies of cultural Marxism endlessly to impressionable young kids and enough of them would build their identity around the ideology that they would form the vanguard of the revolution as it marched through the institutions. Now the Maoists of diversity have done their long march and their cultural victory is complete. They didn’t even need to put homo bombs in the water to turn the frogs gay.

This is not some elaborate, centralized conspiracy. There are not hook-nosed executives sitting in 50th-floor offices micromanaging content creation. They don’t have to. The cultural Marxist capture of our education system has meant that the writers, producers and artists who create this estrogen-soaked propaganda are doing so on auto-pilot. They spent years being indoctrinated about the requirements of spreading diversity, tolerance, feminism, globalism and environmentalism, and they know their shows won’t get funding if they don’t put it front and centre.

The best we can hope for to rescue the children is that enough of them jump on /pol/ and Daily Stormer as they hit their teens and begin to wake up to the indoctrination that stole their manly courage and feminine virtue before they had the chance to consent to it. Waking up to that type of rape of the soul leads to righteous anger, and I believe we’re seeing the beginning of that among redpilled millennials now. They were born to reach the stars and instead they were made into self-hating faggots and harlots. Their vengeance is coming.

  • Larry Larkin

    The centralized part of it happened decades ago with the programs run by the Communist International. Gramsci’s long march through the institutions was laid out as a strategy at the Third Communist International in the immediate aftermath of the bolsheviks taking over Russia.

    Most of the younger generation of communists will deny with all honesty that they are not communists because they are so thoroughly indoctrinated but so badly educated that they have no idea that they are actually communists still doing the bidding of the Third International.

  • Moses, yes , it is an eye opening and eye watering experience to see what is being proffered to kids on the current year idiot box and in movies.

    ABC television is by far the worst. they have a Channel 23, which is like the Soros Channel.
    There are always touchy feely episodes presented on predominantly Marxist/Leftist bandwagon “issues”.
    Lots of lefty leaning stories and docos for kids on Refugees, Homosexuals, Muslims and Transgenderism’s and how person-kind is raping and trashing the environment by not recycling coke bottle tops. Lots of in your face rainbow graphics in many programs.
    Quite creepy, Our ABC.

    ABC 23 has one particular cartoon, forget its name, but the protagonists zooming about in do gooder submarines are ALL chocolate coloured characters with asiatic eyes. They are the “GOOD” people in the cartoon. The EVIL characters, bent on destruction, are always presented as White people/ races.
    So, the hidden message is: Brown Good. White Bad.

    There is also “Adventure Time” presented on a Nine Network Channel I think.
    Made by a company owned by Time Warner.
    Very very creepy freak show…….it should get an award for weirdness:


    Disney, don’t get me started on Disney ! 666 everywhere !
    Keep your kids well away from anything made by Disney or its subsidiaries.

    Heaps of subliminal sexual messages, in Disney movies and worse. Illuminati/Masonic etc……

    Then there is the “Pizza Planet” – “Comet Pizza” pedophilia representative car that appears in almost every Pixar (Disney) movie.
    Pizza Gate / Pizza Planet, which means Comet Pizza……all in plain sight.



  • JB

    I wonder then just how many kids watch TV instead of being outdoors playing. Then I remembered the constant fear mongering over strangers abducting kids and the catastrophic climate changes we are all not experiencing. All to keep kids indoors and glued to the idiot box. Kids are smart, they see through all this bullshit and will eventually treat the bullshitters accordingly.

  • Adam Piggott

    When I was a kid I watched The Goodies, Monkey Magic, and The Wombles. Since I turned out to be so awesome it would seem the perfect TV diet for any child. That and Dirty Harry.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Every day I would watch the same programs with the exception of the Wombles, maybe I’m a bit older.
      Every day as I turned on the telly I would say to it “Go ahead make my day”!

    • Dan Flynn

      ‘The Goodies, Monkey Magic, and The Wombles, Dirty Harry.’
      All my favorites as well Adam, goes to show children’s TV has little impact on how we turn out!

    • A deplorable NNYer

      look for old cartoon and politically incorrect childrens programming on youtube. Keep your kids away from ABC kids / nickelodion!

  • Ralphy

    I stopped watching in the eighties when they canned Noddy and Big-Ears taking their red and yellow car to Mr Golly’s garage for a tune-up.

    Mrs Ralphy says I still turned out mostly(emphasis),…..okay?


  • LadyMoonlight

    “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
    The above quote is undeniably true.

  • Phill S

    There is hope. I suffered similar indoctrination throughout my education. I remember my father saying to me “tell them what they want to hear but don’t ever believe it.” I did learn to read and write etc. at school, but it was my parents who taught me to think analytically. I believe with good parenting the rot can be arrested.

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  • LeftRightOut67

    The BIG upside is that kids seem to naturally go against the grain.
    THE MAN is now a non-binary female dyke communist with a beard, that lurves brown people and hates whitey.
    I probably won’t make it to Z generation takeover – hit the 5 0 this year – but I can anticipate the butt hurt & tantrums. The Donald was but a tasty entree for the total meltdown of milennials & their enablers that will come.

  • entropy

    We need a plant in the ABC. Some Project Veritas style investigative journalism to show the ABC’s welfare babies how it’s done.

    Leaks are all the rage at the moment, aren’t they? We just had a conservative leak from the Black Hand (apparently a reference to the manual sex preferences of its members), surely there’s one sane person at the ABC who can help XYZ divert some of its ill-gotten millions.

    • I think being an insane Marxist lefty is a pre requisite for working at Aunty ABC.
      Good idea, entropy…..maybe we can find a Mole.

  • Dan Flynn

    Moses, what about some alt-right, red-pilled children’s TV recommendations?

    • Hard to find Dan, those totalitarian leftist control freaks have censored so many. Anything from before the 60’s is a good start. There’s a Russian animation which the toddler enjoys called Masha and the Bear. I like the song she sings about the fatherland while holding a toy rifle sometimes, ‘Thunderclouds are up above our borders…’ Very based 😉

  • “I’ll leave Play School alone. Some of you might not be ready for that black pill.”

    You just gave me a stitch, goy.