MP who Hates Democracy to Waste Millions in High Court Challenge to Gay Marriage Postal Vote

Andrew ‘I Hate Democracy’ Wilkie.

Federal MP Andrew Wilkie has today shown that opposition to a plebiscite or postal vote on same-sex marriage has nothing to do with saving $122 million, and everything to do with thwarting the establishment of a popular mandate on an issue which parliament has no popular mandate to decide:

From The Australian:

“The first High Court challenge to the postal vote on same-sex marriage has been launched in a bid to prevent ballot papers being mailed to Australians next month, arguing Malcolm Turnbull’s new plan breaches the constitution.

“Marriage equality advocate Rodney Croome said the challenge would be filed in the High Court as soon as Wednesday afternoon to have the postal vote rejected, in the hope of ensuring a conscience vote in parliament within weeks.

“The litigants are Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie, Shelley Argent of the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays and lesbian mother Felicity Marlowe, backed by lawyers from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

“Mr Croome said the advice from barrister Ron Merkel QC, who will argue the case in the High Court, was that the postal vote could breach the remit of the Australian Bureau of Statistics to gather facts and figures, while also being vulnerable to challenge because there is no clear authority for the $122 million spending on the ballot.”

Sources inform The XYZ that costs for the High Court challenge are expected to be ‘in the ballpark’ of $122 million.

When asked for comment, Mr Wilkie refused to say anything regarding his decision, but did mention off the record that he thought Chairman Mao did some very good things for China. Sarah Two-Dads for the Greens simply yelled ‘It’s the current year!” and hung up.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Christopher Neugebauer

  • Deplorable Steve

    Purveyors of filth. That’s all they are.

    • penny wong and the rest of the strap on dildo brigade

  • Karen Dwyer

    Truly, the headline says it all.

    • Ralphy

      What really off pisses me…. is the absolute contempt they pay to we the people. Our present system is broken, trashed by the likes of this gigantic hypocrite. I’m all for more plebiscites if they make these bastards more accountable. I’ve got some hope at least in a sneaking suspicion that our young people are getting heartily sick of these “thought” police too. Drain the Swamp.

      • Long time John.

        Your right Ralf,having a daughter that has just graduated in law ( and works for an extremely credible firm where we live) and the best part Ralf is NO UNIVERSITY,no socialist indoctrination,no P.C,the lady knows right from wrong and what good old common sense means,so mate i agree and i do have a lot of faith in our young. providing our education system is held in account.

  • Sir Cumference

    Nothing… and I mean nothing gets me more jacked up than 2 greek speedway riders sharing pics of their newly adopted baby daughter.
    HTF can they meet the needs of a young girl going through puberty.
    Society has lost the plot and is turning into a freek show.

    • entropy

      The question is not how they can meet the needs of a young girl going through puberty, it’s how the young girl going through puberty can meet their needs.

      • Sir Cumference

        The inner city trendy’s like nothing more than a new accessory.
        Poodles is handbags is so yesterday.

  • Long time John.

    Sure am Ralf,considering the first four year she also had to look after two little ones an the following two years it was looking after three little ones while her husband worked his backside off to get on top of monetary side of things,yeah mate i am as proud as punch.