Politics of Crime: Is it ever OK to make light of a Black Criminal?


Peter Parker

Recently an Australian MSM publication reported on a sickening and disgraceful torture video. The video depicted a white male who apparently had special needs being abused and heckled by the torturers. While the full-length of the video was not available on the website, what can only be described as the most horrific aspect of the horror story was the fact that it was streamed using the Facebook ‘live’ feature. The part that goes somewhat unreported was the appearance of the alleged offenders.


The supposedly downtrodden, left behind, poor us, and every other sympathise-with-us adjectives you can think of. These people bound, gagged, abused, belittled and humiliated a white man with special needs. At no stage does the victim appear to fight back; all you can see is him cowering in fear, trapped in the corner of the room at the location he was taken.

One must ask the following questions: Where are the Black Lives Matter Activists, with their, “Black people are innocent creatures struck down by white men,” lines? Where are Obama supporters, and Obama’s “we’re all equal” spiels? Where are the SJWs and their White Patriarchy rhetoric?

At the end of the day, the only two alleged offenders we can see are a black female (whom one could only describe as drug- and alcohol-affected) who rambles on about getting more drugs and calling to her friends, and another male who also is black. His taunting and bullying of the victim (“Say f— Trump, say it”) and lifting him by the jumper while the victim whimpers, smacks of double standards.

You can only wonder aloud of the Leftist Media outcry if the roles were reversed. The suppression of the description of the alleged offenders only shows how far we have fallen in the ultra we-can’t-speak-the-truth-in-case-we-start-a-riot Politically Correct Censorship world. Their silence on this story is nothing short of disgraceful, so much so is the influence of the Left that we can’t even mention black offenders without the potential “racist” label being flung out.

If the offenders were white with a black victim, you could only imagine the riots and calamity in Chicago, a city with a high proportion of black people, and a hive for the Black Lives Matter Movement. There would have been a final televised message from soon-to-be-ex-President Obama. SJW’s and general white apologists would have shamed us all as indicative of the Patriarchy.

Yet a group of black people, both male and female, have forever changed an innocent special needs man’s life; I doubt he will ever leave the house alone again.

Thankfully, the police have taken these low-lives into custody for further questioning. Yet even then they would not release any details of these people. Smacks of “let’s not rock the boat”..

We must all be questioning why our values have fallen so far that this happened in a Western country such as America. Even worse, we must openly wonder whether it has become the norm to suppress alleged criminals’ descriptions when it doesn’t suit the political swing of the day. It obviously is not representative of black people, but censoring and half telling the truth only erodes the confidence of the people.

The people are getting fed up with it as well. It’s stories such as these that are the reason for the rise of Trump in America, Brexit in England, PVV in the Netherlands, and closer to home, the rise of Pauline Hanson and the incessant talk of Cory Bernadi splitting the Liberal Party. The left despise these movements; however, they only have themselves to blame.

  • Trog


    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video as your description was sufficiently graphic. The post above is the worst murder I’ve encountered and of course what’s not mentioned is the accused’s Aboriginality. Allegedly under 18 old at the time and “off his face”. He was accompanied to Court by large numbers of well wishers and family.

    Contrast this with the “spit hood” “restraint chair” barbarism that whitey and the system torture young blacks with and the immediate reaction of Turnbull.

  • Bucky Turgidson

    I believe the four offenders are in police custody……but they wont label it a Hate Crime, which clearly it is.
    The offenders also posted another video, with similiar content, of another attack on a Trump supporter.
    Day of the rope cannot come soon enough for these chimps.

  • Larry Larkin

    I’m waiting for the moral high grounders of the left to be up in outrage about this, but I’m not holding my breath over it.

    • Bucky Turgidson

      sound of crickets……..

  • Gregoryno6

    All the times that anti-Trumpers have claimed to have been assaulted in recent weeks – and to my knowledge all the claims have been shown up as fake. In this case the anti-Trumpers are the aggressors and even thought it was smart to record it.
    I expect the MSM will be talking non-stop about the cricket, the weather, or the colour of Melania Trump’s underwear, rather than this disgusting incident.

  • Gregoryno6

    The incident has made it to the front page of the Perth Now website.
    Funny, though, no mention of the ‘Fuck white people!’ shout…

    • Trog

      Surprising? NOOOOTTTT!!!!!

    • Bucky Turgidson

      Typical MSM….sanitising the news, just as bad as reporting or creating fake news.
      The Perthnow article gave the absolute minimum of detail, funny about that.

  • entropy

    Chicago police have confirmed they are being charged with hate crimes.

    Still waiting on a statement from victim groups condemning female violence against men.

    • Trog

      Very valid point. Balance for mine.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Interestingly, there are people who seek out, repeatedly, aggressive actions against themselves. It is like a comfort zone of discomfort and dysfunction.

        Clearly, the subject of this article doesn’t fall into that category, just to be clear!

        Narcissistic individuals tend to pick verbal fights, deliberately making false accusations and patently ridiculous statements. Then men will use labels like “hysterical” to silence opposition and women will use labels like “bully”.

        Verbal needling, false sense of superiority and entitlement, accusing others of their own behaviours. It’s a pattern of behaviour that is used to prop up a weak sense of self. Frequently accomplished liars with little shame but quick to respond to imagined slights.

        Tendency to short-lived and emotionally and physically abusive relationships.

        Both men and women are capable of this. Highly manipulative behaviour.

    • Bucky Turgidson

      Only men commit violent acts, surely you know that ?
      The stereotype is pushed at society from all angles.

      • entropy

        Contrary to all the evidence too, Bucky.

        Most studies show that men and women abuse each other at very similar rates. Women usually come off worse in physical confrontations, but if I picked a fight with a Samoan Rugby player and he beat the shit out of me, most people would say I deserved it.

        • Bucky Turgidson

          You would most likely be vilified and profiled as a racist if you fought with a Samoan. Shame on you for violence against a minority group. Social Media would go berserk !

        • Karen Dwyer

          So you make sure you only pick fights with non-Samoan rugby players?

          • entropy

            I have no idea what you’re trying to say, here. My point is that it’s not the winner of the fight who’s guilty of violence, it’s the person who started it.

    • Karen Dwyer

      Those statements came out decades ago. The best known proponent of women (and men) committing acts of violence:

      Audio interviews with her can be found at:

      • entropy

        So that statement only needed to be made once, decades ago, but we have to be lectured on violence against women every time a woman breaks a nail?

        Had the victim here been a woman, with exactly the same perpetrators, you’re well aware that victim groups would be jumping out of the woodwork to decry violence against women.

        There are many women who are true egalitarians, and many who have done great service for disadvantage men and male victims (e.g. Erin Pizzey), and then there are women who get defensive about their gender privilege and unnecessarily nitpick a point well made.

        While Australia still has prime time advertising singling out the emancipated, equal 51% of the population for protection from violence, I’ll continue to make those points. White knights feel free to jump in here and virtue signal how tough you are, but understand that I’m not doing this for you.

  • JO Cummins

    Names and photos now released; no surprises regarding the ethnicity of all four….

  • Bucky Turgidson
    • Gregoryno6

      Some good comments there.
      Kitler: The defence council contends that is clearly not a crime of HATE, but in fact, a crime of LOVE. As in “They love to beat the crap out of retarded white folk”.

      The defence team will find some angle that tops even this, though.

    • Muffybamburger

      OMG. I watched that “panel” piece about 45 minutes ago thanks to your link and it’s taken that long to come down out of the whirlwind of disbelief I found myself in on witnessing that black lady trying to explain how it wasn’t a hate crime. The one bloke who actually manages to cut in was sitting there through her whole rant with his jaw on the floor.
      Thanks for sharing that, if not for you even though I read just about everything newswise every day, for some reason I had “missed” that little gem.

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  • Gravedigger

    News.com actually reported it honestly. You coulda knocked me over with a feather, obviously they hadn’t received the memo on the narrative.

    • Trog

      Maybe we’re winning? Hope to God but i have detected, albeit sparingly, a very modest turnaround. Eensy weensy still and just a hint but definitely there.

  • Craig

    The SPLC has been hiding Anti white hate speech/crimes against Trump supporters.


  • Hyper Future Vision

    A quick scan through the MSM outlets in Australia shows that there is exactly F all coverage of this hate crime, not surprising really.

    They have no credible way to make this fit their anti-white narrative, their only option is to memory hole this entire story.

    I only hope they treat the next racist attack on minorities in the same way. It was only yesterday that they put a story about someone abusing a women dressed in islamic rags into high rotation.

    Get ready people, 2017 is going to deliver in a big way.


    “Is it ever OK to make light of a Black Criminal?” In fact are you allowed to describe a black as being a criminal? Aren’t they all victims of oppression and unable to help behaving as they frequently do? Hence their criminal behaviour is a symptom of the underlying psychological pathology caused by being oppressed. They can’t help it and others are to blame! Therefore considerable therapy and compensation in $$$$$$$$ is needed.

  • Karen Dwyer

    BBC (obviously not Australian, but is MSM) are describing the “hate crime” multiple charges:http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38537698

  • Muffybamburger

    I don’t know any black people in America but I just get this awful feeling that quite a few of them feel this way about white people and might in fact act on it as these young folks did.