Quote of the Day: r/K is everything, be the K


What if I told you that there is a scientific theory which explains the biological differences between conservatives / classical liberals / cultural libertarians, and the regressive left, so accurately it will blow your mind. It is called r/K Selection Theory.

I will not say a thing about it, as I am still wrapping my own head around it. I will instead leave it to three authorities on the matter.

Anonymous Conservative (the prime authority):

Home Page

Stefan Molyneux:

And Blll Whittle:

It’s a rabbit hole…

I would say something about XYZ Quote of the Day, but it wouldn’t quite do it justice.

It’s your XYZ.

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  • Ryan Fletcher

    David this r/K Selection Theory is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kevin Collins

    Finally makes sense now. I can now just feel sorry for them rather than being an angry old white guy =)

  • BJ

    What an interesting read; the theory offers a fascinating perspective on the devolution of people and society. It also offers an explanation of the vulnerability that movements like ISIS and militant Islam see in the West, because they have sensed that our politicians would rather run than fight.

    I will go back in a few days and read it again.

  • Gravedigger

    Absolutely brilliant. The entire reason for XYZ summed up in r/k, I feel like making business cards with the link to this post and the words, I dare you to watch this. I’m sure this would cause many exploding heads if this was actively pushed into the mainstream debate.(government schools limit, down play,avoid and self censor the study on epigenetcis and similar topics in my experience ) However I will assume that many smart Marxists are well aware of their failings and false ideas. Gold standard..bah humbug, I bet momar khadafi is still regretting trying that one on, not to mention quite a few others who expired prematurely after suggesting a return to the gold standard. NWO, one world government. You paranoid, racist, white privileged, border loving little Gravedigger, how dare you think you know better just because you are a K.

  • Kevin Collins

    Interesting when you try to post r/K Selection theory on other conservative web blogs, you get blocked???? Not usually into conspiracy theories but What The??

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Women are beginning to look like men, and men are becoming more like women.
    I get it!
    In the future when I am told to go F**k yourself, I’ll be able to?

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    So here, the competition between individuals is to simply produce as many offspring as possible, as fast as possible, without concern for their fitness or ability, so as to out-reproduce your peers. The fitness of offspring doesn’t matter, since everyone who can eat and mate will carry your genes forward, no matter how weak, stupid, or otherwise unfit they might be.

    Insert the word Islam some where here, it fits perfectly!

    • Rod W of Oz

      Occurred to me too.

  • Rod W of Oz

    Yes, very interesting. I watched the Bill Whittle video first (it was shorter). Towards the end he talks about the reason K-types didn’t march on Washington DC when Obama won is that they (we) respect and abide by the rules. Noting that the video was shot well before this year’s election it is interesting that r-type behaviour, that is not respecting rules and seeking to change them to suit their purposes, was on full display with the Democrats whinging about losing despite getting more of the popular vote, protesting, seeking to corrupt the electoral college process, trying to prevent Joe Biden from declaring the result official on Friday, and so on.
    Tends to lend credence to the theory.

    • Mr B J Mann

      It’s even worse in the UK.

      Local “liberals” align with “Democrats” to complain that Clinton should be President because she “won” the “popular vote” WHICH WAS NEVER HELD!

      They agree that the Electoral College individual state based result, which is what the candidates campaigned for, and which people voted for (or not, in the case of Trump supporters in the guaranteed majority large population states of California and New York, where most probably didn’t bother voting) should be overturned in favour of a “popular vote” which was never held.

      But these same people demand that the UK’s POPULAR VOTE EU referendum vote be reversed because “only” England (with most of the population) and Wales voted for Brexit, while small population Scotland, tiny population Northern Ireland, and miniscule population Gibraltar voted Remain.

      Because that’s 3 states against 2, regardless of population or the popular vote!

      Talk about hypocrisy!

  • David Hiscox

    Thank you everybody for your comments. It is pleasing to see how well this short article has been received. To paraphrase Obi-wan, I feel like I have only just taken my first step into a larger world.