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This past week the world was rocked by a story of four young black adults in Chicago kidnapping and torturing a young mentally disabled white man and streaming their crime over Facebook live. In the video (which I admit, I have not watched and sorry I won’t be watching it unless I need to, I just can’t bring myself to watch it) these young black adults are heard repeatedly telling him to say “f— Trump” and “f— white people”.

Plenty has been written about this story already, so I won’t go into the details of the crime and the current procedural stage right now. The left-wing media have, essentially, done all they can to discredit themselves and show their own blind hypocrisy.

As John Nolte puts it, “Chicago Hate Crime proves once again that CNN is Hitler”.

The fact that we have barely even seen this story mentioned in the Australian media, outside of the new Media, is a crime in and of itself. But it came as a “shock” to me (read: I wasn’t really shocked) to read a horribly-written piece of race-baiting in one of our own local far-Left news organisation. It goes to show just how lacking in self-awareness the Left really are, given the events of this week.

In the article, a young Sudanese man complains about being pulled over by the police and them asking him to produce his driver’s license. He says it’s a regular occurrence:

Young people from African backgrounds have reported for years they are racially profiled by police. But with public anxiety about the Apex gang rife, Sudanese-Australian community leaders say the problem is worsening.

“What I’m seeing is a growing number of people fed up with police stopping them because of their skin colour,” Mr Maleek said.

So it’s all simply due to racial profiling, is it? I mean, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the massive “youth” brawls that we are seeing? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Africans being well over-represented in the crime statistics, as this article even points out:

“But Sudanese youths were vastly over-represented in the 2015 data, responsible for 7.44 per cent of home invasions, 5.65 per cent of car thefts and 13.9 per cent of aggravated robberies, despite Sudanese-born citizens making up about 0.11 per cent of Victoria’s population.”

That’s a massive over-representation. That’s a clear indication that Sudanese “youths” are many times more likely to commit some sort of a crime than other ethnicities. Can you blame police officers for being more likely to pull over Sudanese people than others?

If Sudanese people want police officers to stop pulling them over, they need to fix the endemic issues within their own community. Crime is clearly rampant, given Sudanese “youths” are 51 times more likely than average to steal a car. This isn’t the fault of anyone but the Sudanese community. It is not Australia’s fault that they are unable to fit in and abide by the rules of the nation that was open and generous enough to take them in.

Australians are not racist for being worried about Sudanese crime levels because, clearly, Sudanese crime is a major problem. Australia is one of the least racist nations that has ever existed.

The victim mentality is alive and well, and articles like this do nothing but add fuel to the fire.

“‘The Apex problem has completely damaged the reputation of the community and this is one of the reason why we supported the ticket, so we know the police are doing the right thing,’ he says.

“He said media coverage was telling people that ‘all kids that are African are Apex’.

“‘We had a six-year-old boy asked by friends at school if he was part of the Apex gang. The community is going through are lot of marginalisation, they are being picked on, even good kids,’ he said.”

“Woe is us, this one gang has made us all look oh so bad, woe is us. Even good kids are being picked on, woe is us.”

Why does our society foster this kind of victim mentality? Why does the Left always push it and vindicate it? Why are we not telling the Sudanese community, in a straight, no-nonsense fashion, that people are worried about the Sudanese community because the Sudanese are many times more likely to commit crime, especially violent crime, than other communities? Why are we not telling them to fix the issues within their community and assimilate into the wider community?

Why, instead, do we get articles like this, validating a false sense of victimhood?

Yes, I am aware that most Sudanese are not criminals, but this is not the point. The fact is, Sudanese people are a lot more likely to commit crime and this is NOT our fault. Nor is it the fault of police officers who are simply doing their job. If a black person is many times more likely to commit a crime, it is only logical that you pull over and check more black people.

This isn’t “racist”; this is using the facts to the best of your knowledge to help prevent crime. If people who wore red hats were ten times more likely to rob a bank, would you complain of “hat profiling” if someone with a red hat walked into a bank was given extra special attention by security?

You cannot blame people for being worried about Sudanese people when there are clear and obvious issues within the Sudanese community. You cannot blame people for being worried about Sudanese violence when brawls between “youths”, who look very Sudanese, are now commonplace.

It is this exact kind of race-baiting, false-victim-creating nonsense that created the tragedy that was the Chicago Kidnapping. Black people constantly being told they are the “victims” of “white oppression” gives them the belief that they can be justified in any actions against those who “oppress” them.

It has to stop, everywhere. We have to say enough is enough, no more race baiting! No more cries of “racist” simply because police are doing their job and people are scared for perfectly justifiable reasons. No more putting the blame onto others for our own actions. If Sudanese crime is a problem, that is the fault of the Sudanese community and nobody else.

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  • Addelad

    When it comes to car stealing, they do it with characteristic sedan ease

  • Trog

    I don’t know what racism even means anymore and I don’t care. It’s bandied about at every opportunity and has lost all meaning with overuse. I don’t care what colour you are, what tribe you belong too or whether I think I’m better than you or not, all totally irrelevant.

    But, put simply, if I don’t like your beliefs, behaviour or culture based on their offending my laws and values, then it’s my right to be concerned and to say why. Nothing to do with power or superiority, just my alienation and frustration at the perrenial barrage of whining and insults I hear, and the total lack of gratitude or respect for the charity and assistance that’s offered to you.

    Spot on Matty.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Want to know what racism means?
      Read Quran 5:51

      • Trog

        Too right BnB with that mob, but I even dig my toes in with the Koran/Quran. The K way is the way I was taught to spell it and be buggered if I’m going to change because it’s more fashionable. I don’t call Rome, Roma? Racism used to mean having an innate sense of superiority, that’s now gone, and apparently because it’s all about power and white privilege, only whites can be racist????
        What absolute crap as your citation so clearly demonstrates! I wonder also how many “white-privileged” indigent are sleeping rough tonight.

        For mine it’s a pernicious form of thought police/engineering and unless it’s called out as feeble, it’s regarded as axiomatic.

        • Deplorable Steve B

          Aaahhh, Troglish! A tongue native to baboons and deplorables…

        • Bikinis not Burkas

          Keep using the K my friend, they hate it!

  • Deplorable Steve B

    Curse that talented and extraordinarily handsome Poet…

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