Racial Absolutism Makes You Retarded


For years, many of us on the right have been warning that Cultural Marxism is the most dangerous threat to the nations of the West. We have scribbled furiously on fringe websites, debated awkwardly in workplace lunch-rooms, and alienated friends and family with gusto as we tried to warn our well-meaning but dangerously blind fellow citizens that there is a red tide of identity warfare coming in the West. We were aware of the toxic neo-Marxist ideology of the New Left that has been hammered into our children now for fifty years with greater and greater ferocity. A million seeds of envy, hate and guilt have been planted in our youth since the radical left took over education in the late ’60s; their harvest of rage is now here.

Events in the United States and throughout the West over the last year have made it clear even to those who disagreed with us that we were on to something. Civil unrest is here and revolution may well be on the way. Don’t for a moment think the Left will settle down. Their utopian vision has been upended, and they will not cease their violence until they are forced to by superior violence.

We didn’t defeat Marxism when we seemed to defeat the Soviet Union. The West was arming itself with submarines and aircraft carriers for the devils without, while paying no attention to the teeming devils within. The outbreak of revolutionary civil unrest has now appeared. It will not die down before either the SJW totalitarians take complete control and ban all forms of plain speech, or they are put down forcefully by a committed and determined citizenry. Either Big Sister crushes us or we crush her; there is now no other way.

Stalin photo
Photo by young shanahan

As I have outlined previously, Western Marxism is different from its now-defunct Eastern cousin. In the East, the Bolsheviks, Maoists and Khmer Rouge applied the Marxist doctrines they had learned in Western universities fairly directly. Once the peasants had been sufficiently whipped up by them to capture the government, they set to work nationalising industries, liquidating the intellectuals and the middle class and pumping out constant propaganda to convince the peasants it was all worth it. The result was half a century of misery while the Western economies powered ahead.

In the West, capitalism and Christianity proved too strong for the radicals. The revolution didn’t spread beyond Russia after 1917. After scratching their greasy beards for a few years, Marxist intellectuals identified that they needed to apply the Marxist dialectic of class to identity instead. This was their great breakthrough. They would destroy the family, discredit Christian culture and set the races and the genders against each other. This strategy was developed fairly early, and was brought to the nations of the West by mainly Jewish intellectuals from the ’30s onwards.

It has been remarkably successful. Male authority in the home has been discredited. Divorce has skyrocketed as women now work in the way only men did before. As a result, children are shunted off to daycare, as often extended families are absent or dysfunctional. The foundations of society have eroded, and it was not inevitable; it was done intentionally. This fifth column agenda to destroy Western societies was supported by the financial oligarchs, whose interests it aligned with. The victims of it have been the everyday men, women and children of the West.

Our children are taught by their neo-Marxist teachers to view everything through the lens of identity. It is the ultimate conspiracy theory – white males control the superstructure of society to ensure that every other group is oppressed for their benefit. Once you believe this toxic nonsense, there is no crime against white males which is out of bounds. White males become the untermenschen – the morally repugnant category of humanity which must be controlled, undermined and ridiculed at every opportunity. Such is the mindset we have implanted in our kids. Not only is it child abuse, it is civilisational suicide.

One of the many harmful consequences of this invidious indoctrination is an obsession with the issue of race. Along with gender and sexuality, race becomes a topic about which it is impossible for a Western Marxist to think clearly. No matter how much evidence you show them of Human Biological Diversity, they will reject it out of hand as sinister. The truth doesn’t matter. They have made a categorical moral determination that any questioning of radical racial equality is evil. If you even begin to do so, you are sinning, and in their cult there is no possibility of redemption. You are an untermensch.

Once someone thinks in such a way, they become retarded. You just can’t talk to them any more about the topic; and once debate is impossible, violence becomes inevitable.

It is also a thoroughly Marxist mentality. What many people fail to see is that Marxism is more than just a theory about class or even identity. Marx’s philosophy was predicated entirely upon the Hegelian dialectic. This is a model of change over time which views change as fractal and not linear. Hegel, who stole the idea from his student Fichte, posited that every action or thought generated its opposite, which then resulted in a higher synthesis of the two being formed.

Marx turned it into a social control technology. He realised that if collectives could be formed based upon a common identity, rooted in reality but exaggerated by the Marxist, and given a narrative that history could be understood as their oppression by another, more powerful group that must be overcome to achieve utopia, hey presto! It’s a recipe for totalitarianism like never seen before in history. Society could be divided up by a tiny oligarchy into warring factions and used to justify totalitarian control.

If Marxists could convince the poor that they were a category of humanity distinct from the king and the aristocracy and that indeed the nobles were only rich because they stole the wealth of the poor, then they could weaponise the peasantry against the landed gentry and take power for themselves and their financial backers.

Marxist theorists also applied the Hegelian dialectic to the control of society. The famous dictum of the Marxist dialectic is ‘problem > reaction > solution’. This refers to a method of social control by which those in power create a problem which then elicits a reaction in the masses, and the elites come forward with the solution.

An example includes the formation of the United Nations. The League of Nations had fallen apart in the 1930s. Not deterred, the globalist oligarchy fomented a war between the Axis and the Allies which helped them achieve many of their objectives (including centralisation of power). The peoples of the world were desperate after the horrors of World Wars I & II to have world peace. The elite granted their wish with the creation of the United Nations.

Problem > reaction > solution. It works every time.

If we consider then Cultural Marxism, the dominant ideology of the New Left for the past fifty years – what is its dialectical opposite? What is the natural and expected reaction to an ideology of hatred toward white males, the white family and the continuity of white civilisation?

White nationalism, of course. It worked during the Weimar Republic in Germany, and the elite expect that it will work again. Just as Cultural Marxism is the dialectical response to Nazism, neo-Nazism will be the dialectical response to Cultural Marxism. The establishment media is talking about neo-Nazism non-stop these days. They even got Harry Potter to star in a film about it. Just as with the formation of the New Left, they are no doubt funding many of the leading writers and intellectuals pushing NatSoc white nationalism. They want their Nazis.

Unfortunately, there are many young white men and women who are falling into this dialectical trap. After enduring years of abuse at the hands of degenerate SJWs, seeing broken families and self-destructive lifestyle choices by those around them, they fall into a movement which tells them Hitler did nothing wrong, that NatSoc Germany was a cultural utopia and that every problem we have will magically be fixed if only we get rid of (((the Jews))).

It’s an appealing narrative: it’s edgy, it’s inspiring and it’s not complicated. It’s also woefully naïve. Hitler did plenty wrong, as did Churchill and Stalin and Roosevelt and Mao and all the other wartime leaders. On balance, Western governments have committed not democide (killing your own people) and genocide to the same extent as Eastern governments, in my view. We can debate that, though. What is not debatable is that Hitler’s Germany was a socialist tyranny that turned the nation into a smoking ruin and pozzed Europe for decades after. Our grandfathers fought National Socialists at Tobruk with a level of heroism that rivalled that of the Spartans at Thermopylae. I will not dishonour their memory by valorising the regime they were fighting. Anyone who believes that Nazi Germany was a utopia has joined a cult.

The difference between the left and the right is a basic disagreement about social order. The left believe in utopian social equality and are revolutionaries in order to achieve it; the right believe in natural social hierarchy and are reactionaries in order to maintain it. Hitler was not a reactionary; he was a revolutionary.

Sorry, fashy goyim. Hitler was a leftist. He was a socialist and an egalitarian. The traditional German aristocracy, who represented the real right, detested him as a result.

Ethnic nationalism is a good, wholesome and Godly thing. God made the nations, after all. It is right for a man to take care of himself so that he can provide for a family which can be part of a community which together form an ethnos. That’s the way it’s been for all of human history.

What we do not need is a generation of young men and women who fall into the trap laid out for them by the (((financial oligarchy))). Yes, I happen to agree with you about who runs the world. I just don’t obsess about race when I try to deal with it. I fight their methods, rather than just running for the red flag they place before me like an ignorant bull. Because if there’s one thing (((they))) know as well as me, it’s that becoming a fanatical absolutist based upon a Marxist dialectical worldview makes you a retard. And they’re right.

Photo by Marion Doss

  • David Hiscox

    I love Israel and I love Jews. Personally, I hope that Israel can be a first step in the reestablishment of the Roman Empire.

  • Adam Piggott

    Great article. I’m not sure that I agree with all of your conclusions but the underlining premise is rock solid.

    • Thanks Adam. I’ve been enjoying your pieces immensely. Really outstanding writing.

  • BJ

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • Straw man. There are virtually no ‘neo-nazis’ that matter anymore. WN1.0 from the 80’s and 90’s is dead. This was a chance for you to signal against ‘Nazis’ that hardly exist and nothing more.

    Also, your historical understanding is flawed. The ‘old’ right of Germany was corrupted and in no position to resist Bolshevik revolution. You are right, nuance is needed. You just need a bit more of it.

    • Ethnic nationalism is still no telos, Gustav. I appreciate you stopping by and really enjoy the high standard of writing over there at The Dingoes. I still disagree with you though.

      What are you going to do with all the brown and yellow people once you take over then? Got to put them somewhere, right…

      • Are you a Christian? Is your idea of ‘telos’ theocracy? Nationalism for all peoples doesn’t have to be a telos, it was considered basic common sense until very recently. It happens to be the case that all other issues (variations on democracy, freedom, market capitalism) become moot after your country is over-run and controlled by foreign peoples and interests.

        What do we do with non-Australian people? This is the easiest part – simply create incentives for them to return to their homelands. It’s not that we can’t afford to do it. It’s that we can’t afford not to. Cheers.

        • My telos is civilisation. Whatever best enables human flourishing is what is good. I contend, yes, that Western civilisation is a Christian one and that some form of religion is indispensable for civilisation to function. The hideous, evil genius of Marxism is that it is a covert religion. In this way it replaces the functional civilisational software of religion with malware. In North Korea, for example, Marxism has manifested as a perverted form of Confucianism. In the West, it has evolved as an inverted form of Christianity. That is why I believe that it can only be defeated by spiritual, or at least moral, weapons. You can have an all-white country and still be Marxist degenerates. Ask the Russians.

          I agree with pretty much everything else you wrote, except about physical removal of people based upon a racial or ethnic categorisation. By all means, if they do not share our beliefs, culture, language, etc then they should go back home. That is just orderly. What about third-generation Asians, for example? I know many who should absolutely be here in my view. I also know many fifth-gen whites who should probably go somewhere else.

          Of course you’ll probably come back with something about me being a ‘civic nationalist’ and that I want brown Australians. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that many of these people are here and they’ve become ostensibly Australian. I think many, not all, of them enrich us. Do I want more? No. But I don’t believe it is in our interests to just ship them back. Policies such as postwar cultural assimilation are wise I believe. We must digest the ones who have put down roots here. The only other path I see involves atrocity, and we are better than that.

          • I think we had a similar discussion before. If what you believe in is human flourishing, then why would you want to allow for the destruction of centuries of separate development and distinctiveness? Even if it is a small amount?

            Re: East Asians, it’s clear they have their own civilisations that are worthwhile and valuable. There’s little doubt they are capable to varying degrees of functioning in a Western country. But why deprive their own civilisations of their contributions? Why should our own people have to make way for their hyper-competitive strategies? You only have to look at selective schools and universities to see the damage done. Thousands of opportunities for our own people are lost to hard-working Chinese who have their own country and made little to no contribution to the building of this one. It’s a luxury we can’t afford, and has no upside beyond short term tax revenue.

            Ostensibly Australian? This is clearly false. Yes, I too know of westernised Chinese and Vietnamese. They may not speak the language of their people. But they remain fundamentally different. Our identity is far deeper than just a few learned cultural behaviours. It goes down to our core being – it is not a club that can just be joined. Their future is not our future. Their interests and outlook remains distinct. And they are all to happy to play the race card when they need it.

            I think we want the same conclusions – a cohesive, stable, prosperous nation that lacks division. There is no need for atrocity. Atrocity lies in the future of the path that we’re on – and in our present (non-European killing sprees – including crazed stabbings, familial killing and triad violence by Asians) are a regular occurrence.

            This is about identity, and goes beyond the attainment of cheap luxury (‘civilisation’) that has become the aim (telos) of libertarians in our late-capitalist experiment. Civilisation won’t do what you want it to when it’s fragmented and multiracial.

          • BC

            I realize we are in different countries, but looking even at my own country (America) we have had many come from other nations, who grew up here, who claim this is their home, they know nothing else. Yet, when they stand in protest of our laws, it is not our nations flag they wave–it is their home nation’s flag. So, even while they have been here ‘most of their lives’ they have not truly assimilated.

            It’s interesting, I was reading an article yesterday about the Japanese-Brazilians. Japan allowed many of these families to come to Japan for work, but even after years of being there they did not assimilate into the Japanese Culture. So, yes, while genetically speaking they were descended of Japanese people, they were Brazilian in culture.

            For whatever reason, assimilation is not always possible.

        • Igor Rogov

          Dismantling of the extraordinary layers of welfare state would be “incentive” good enough for the majority of them to silently go back to the Muslim countries, where the welfare is maintained via the local Mosque.
          In Australia the welfare should also be largely a local church prime concern.

      • Copyright101

        What are you going to do with all the brown and yellow people once you take over then? Got to put them somewhere, right…

        Back where they came from?

  • Igor Rogov

    Laying blame squarely on cultural Marxists, Jewish intellectuals or the Fabian society socialists may be very misleading. The trouble with the West is that it has built its economical strength on the implementation of Fordyism with the managerial revolution followed which put the management of the future firmly in hands of the bureaucratic and managerial elite. James Burnham correctly predicts the inevitable demise of the West purely from these fundamental architecture of our current society. The threat does not come from marginal groups, but they do manifest an inherent malaise of this highly unnatural system of economy and the governing that follows.

  • Craig

    I’ve never met nor know any neo-nazi’s. Though I’ve met plenty of spooks on the internet who promote neo-nazism and terrorism. Literally these spooks/informants are desperate for their violent neo-nazi’s. When an analyst is paid $100/hour to make a narrative, that narrative will be made, the analysts income depends on this outcome.

    What’s even funnier is when the spooks/informants veil shifts some what and then readily identifies itself as a Jew, when it thinks no one is watching. Hell the most prolific writer I’ve found on the internet promoting terrorism to white Nationalists is a half Jew.

    White Australia was dismantled little by little over a 70 year time frame with political policy from the top down, that has future demographic consequences still to come. I would like white Australia to be rebuilt peacefully with political policy over the next 70 years, we all know this will not happen as the next mob of hostile elite being brewed in the schooling system for the last 20 years, is going to be far more cruel then the current mob.

    One reason the alt-right has Zionist support is the fact the Zionist smells the wind of fortune shifting, the Marxist Golem they have released on Western Christianity is turning on them.

  • Ray Johnston

    This is all very theoretical I thought but where could it’s practical application be. Then, suddenly, over my shoulder I heard a voice (from the TV 🙂 “SBS presents Face up to Racism with Ray Martin”. OMG, this is spooky, reading Moses then hearing voices. It’s a sign, for sure. I googled it (link below). And sure enough, it was. WTF, is RM one of these neo-Marxist puppets or is he just an ordinary puppet OR is it a manifestation of so-called ‘Waleed envy’ ? If so, give it up Mr Martin, nobody can out waleed, Waleed. Hmmm, could it be that RM is in danger of falling (has fallen) into a dialectical trap? This is getting trippy now, I should know, i’m still tripping with Thrasymachus in the house in Piraeus. But really, this SBS (a full week) series will surely throw up countless examples of what Moses has written above AND give countess opportunities to the XYZ ‘crew’ to deconstruct the constructs. C’mon boys, Risus et bellum… this could be some of your best writing…..like……ever. I’d like to see you do it, if you can do it !! Sharpen your pencils. What’s not to love about these : “uses science to challenge the way we think about racism”….”the role race plays in finding love”…” ideology of nation, perceptions of Anglo-Celtic privilege, belief in racism, racial separatism and racial hierarchy.” The ‘Is Australia Racist?’ survey was conducted by Professor Kevin Dunn. Hmmm, what’s the go with Kevin and his…..methodology? : http://www.sbs.com.au/guide/article/2017/02/01/face-racism-what-you-need-know?cid=sbs:guide:tile3

  • BooBooBaby

    Great article.
    This is the first time I have ever been to this website before. I am looking forward to reading more.

  • LyovMyshkin

    “Unfortunately, there are many young white men and women who are falling into this dialectical trap.”

    Why is it unfortunate?

    “they fall into a movement which tells them Hitler did nothing wrong, that NatSoc Germany was a cultural utopia and that every problem we have will magically be fixed if only we get rid of (((the Jews))).”

    Except that doesn’t really exist. It’s just a bad caricature of the people who think along those lines.

    “What is not debateable is that Hitler’s Germany was a socialist tyranny that turned the nation into a smoking ruin and pozzed Europe for decades after.”

    So that’s not debatable? Thanks for letting me know.

    “Our grandfathers fought National Socialists at Tobruk with a level of heroism that rivalled that of the Spartans at Thermopylae. I will not dishonour their memory by valorising the regime they were fighting. Anyone who believes that Nazi Germany was a utopia has joined a cult.”

    Indeed they did and I’m honoured by the fact. However, as an historian once remarked if they could see the world as it is today they wouldn’t have gone to war. It’s time to rethink that war. If my granddad were alive right now I’m sure he’d agree with me. Nobody is dishonouring anything that’s hysterical. You don’t have to be a ‘holocaust denier’ or a NatSoc to say that.

    “Hitler was not a reactionary; he was a revolutionary.”

    Sort of. More of a radical. One can be a Traditionalist and a radical though.

    “Sorry, fashy goyim. Hitler was a leftist. He was a socialist and an egalitarian. The traditional German aristocracy, who represented the real right, detested him as a result.”

    There’s so much silliness in that chunk yet some sense. It’s hard to debate such things. Hitler as an egalitarian? Interesting. Do you mean he thought that the German Nation, as a whole, was full of equals? I guess that’s kind of true. But again, to say he believed the sort of absolute, tabula rasa style human equality that infects the left is not correct. And obviously his conception of gender relations was Traditional from what I’ve read.

    “The traditional German aristocracy, who represented the real right”

    That ‘real right’ had completely failed their people. These days they’re busy bringing Africans into the Hohenzollern line. Should I still respect them as the ‘real right’?

    • LyovMyshkin

      As a follow up is it the author’s assertion that if Socialism is of the left — IMO as an economic model it could be applied in a way that advances left or right — does it follow in his mind, then, that Capitalism is of the right?

      Is there anything more ‘revolutionary’ than Capitalism? The market doesn’t respect borders, creed or ethnos. In fact the giant centers of Capitalism today are some of the most aggressive proponents of this Neo-Marxism you decry.

      I don’t deny that the market, if more like us were involved, could be put towards promoting tradition.

      I just think it’s a mistake to use the word ‘socialism’ as a pejorative.

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  • Karen Dwyer

    Er, Moses A., you’ve been changed from stone to flesh …

  • GasJews1488

    This reads exactly like the lazy, self-fallating intellectual bullshit the Fascists rallied against. As a capitalist however, surely you can appreciate the irony of you getting up on a high horse and preaching like the things you say have some kind of value, meanwhile your writing is only worth a measly FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS a month.

  • “Moses Apostaticus” this is the first time at this website, too.

    I may not share all your views in this article.

    However, I find it extremely refreshing you appear to be grappling somewhat with the Jewish Question, if I’m not mistaken when you allude to:

    What we do not need is a generation of young men and women who fall into the trap laid out for them by the (((financial oligarchy))).

    Yes, I happen to agree with you about who runs the world.

    In view of these (((financial oligarchs))) and (((Cultural Marxists))) who “run the world,” I beseech you to write more about them, in the Australian context and elsewhere. (eg, PM Turnbull has (((Goldman Sachs))) links.)

    Like you I’m a teacher, in the tertiary sector engaged in a doctorate that is never-ending. I am also a person of faith, a Christian of the (Traditional) Catholic tradition.

    We clearly differ on historical issues, but I think debate is healthy and I look forward to more of your writing. I have mutual contact for finding this article. I’m from Sydney, Australia. But I have a great love for Europe and Russia, as well as matters relating to faith.

    Best wishes to you and God bless.

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