Ryan goes on #DanLive


This afternoon, Daniel Evans and I sat down for a chin-wag to discuss the information wars raging in the media, politics, religion and general social discussion.

Dan is a conservative capitalist who advocates for small government, a reduction in red tape, and for Aussie values to once again be brought to the forefront of society.

Dan was recently nominated for The 2016 Australian Patriot of the Year Award alongside Blair Cottrell, Pauline Hanson, David Leyonhjelm, Sonia Kruger, Rita Panahi, Mark Latham, Dick Smith, Ross Cameron and Bob Katter.

The interview is in two parts:

Ryan Fletcher on #DanLive – Part 1

Ryan Fletcher on #DanLive – Part 2

Sit back and tune into another round of discussions with your XYZ’s resident ranter.


  • Trog

    This sounded really interesting Ryan but unfortunately the audio wasn’t clear enough for me. I have a modest hearing impairment (not serious) but couldn’t quite make out a lot of it, especially your comments, bugger! It likely doesn’t help either but I only have a smart phone and no laptop. Sorry to miss it as it seemed really interesting.
    Just providing this as minor feedback so you’re aware at least and I’m sure everyone else was fine with it?

    • Karen Dwyer

      I’m also just on smartphone. I think it’s fair to say that the first full three minutes of part 1 was them faffing about setting up :-)))))

      The audio was okay but I had to go off to peel some prawns so will come back to finish part 1 and 2.

      Try sampling other parts of the audio recording, as there might be parts you hear better.

      The audio varies in the first few minutes – fine for me – but not sure whether you got past that.

      If you get suitable audio, sit and listen while you have a beer. And if you can’t get decent sound, down the beer anyway 🙂

      • Trog

        Tks Karen I could hear the 1st chap much better than Ryan as he was through a phone. I am a little deaf so just have to put up with it as I enjoy his rants. Cheers.

        • Karen Dwyer

          I was just coming back to “p.s.”: and now I finally understand why Ryan WILL insist on saying “zee” despite our repeated admonishment. :-))))))

          • Deplorable Steve B

            Zee? Isn’t that a gender now?

  • Bucky Turgidson

    Audio was ok for me.
    Thanks Ryan, it was an interesting chat.

  • Karen Dwyer

    I think I “cast no nasturtiums” when I say that the first part was like listening to two of your ‘Stralian mates talking about getting down to lighting the barbecue – after just one more beer.

    You just know that the meat won’t be cooked any time soon. But it doesn’t really matter…

    I’m going to have to come back for the rest of part 1 and part 2. Got to make a mango & basil dressing to go with the prawns.

    Looking forward to it (coming back to the audio, not just eating the prawns!) 🙂