A Ryan Rant – Episode 22


For a while now, I’ve characterised these unhinged Cultural Marxists as malicious cultists that are devoted to destroying so-called “reactionaries” deemed to be a part of the “white Western capitalist patriarchy”.

With a zealous disregard for law and order, these PC cultists are routinely associated with acts of theft, vandalism, assault, arson, torture and murder. Hence public opinion has increasingly begun identifying these brainwashed Bolsheviks as being criminally comparable to the likes of ISIS and other homicidal cults.

It appears their only use for the law is to vexatiously harass and discourage opponents, rather than necessarily win lawsuits brought against defendants. Meanwhile, they’re intimately engaged in dirty tricks, set-ups which are intended to discredit opponents with employers and clients in order to sabotage their source of income.

In order to “handle” their “counter-revolutionary” patriot opponents, they incessantly seek to infiltrate the opposition and instigate others to break the law. If they’re unable to provoke lawlessness they merely go out of their way to commit false flag hate crimes to blame back on their “reactionary” opposition.

When all else fails, they resort to anonymous attack sites that individually profile their enemies. However, as their list of enemies grows by the day, it appears that all their underhanded tactics are doing is bolstering their opponents’ message that Cultural Marxism is socially, politically and economically cancerous.

  • Trog


    Once again you raise several very thoughtful and interesting comments Ryan.Well done.
    The above is a very, very brief description of the law of incitement (as opposed to conspiracy, accessoryship) particularly relevant to NSW and includes writing and publishing.

    When I witness Anarchists, Marxists, Islamists and Supremacists variously calling (inciting) for the violent overthrow, destruction, murder, arson of (insert whatever) here in Australia, I seriously wonder why little or nothing ever seems to be done. Not against active participants in crime, but those preaching in support and directing attacks.

    Instead we have well funded organisations such as the HRC and Anti-Discrimination Boards focusing on trivial minutiae by comparison?

    • Deplorable Steve B

      There certainly is something out of whack Trog. They will make life hell for perpetrators of trivial acts deemed to be naughty and only if they’re white guys, but they’ll encourage the wholesale destruction of western culture because they are fucksticks and scream long and loud, the only talent they have…

    • Ryan Fletcher

      It’s interesting to see how deep their worldview has pierced through our Western establishments. Like other pernicious cults they seem to have been able to strategically occupy aspects of the governing power structure, in order to implement their intention. Much in the same way Mormonism has authority over Utah, Scientology has authority over Clearwater, Florida, and probably more dramatically the authority Islam has over the Middle East.

      • Trog

        Utter madness but utterly effective as shown. Onya Ryan and Steve.