A Ryan Rant – Episode 30


Lefties like to chastise the Western world for being Islamophobic. But as these throwbacks migrate into Western nations I ask you: “What has Islam ever done for us?”

Apart from:

– Enslaving millions of white Christian Europeans during the Barbary slave trade
– Trafficking children for sexual exploitation

– Stoning women to death who are accused of adultery
– Committing grotesquely rampant acts of infanticide
– Throwing acid in the faces of women for not covering their faces
– Continuing to crucify Christians in the modern day
– Intergenerational incest causing a variety of birth defects
– Performing female genital mutilation on children
– Holding an almost exclusive market on suicide bombings
– Throwing homosexuals off buildings
– Child marriages to older males
– Repulsive slaughtering practices (Halal)
– and general rioting whenever civilised society doesn’t kowtow to their perverse religion of peace

What has Islam ever done for us?

To quote Pastor James McConnell:

“Islam is heathen. Islam is Satanic. Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell.”

  • Scott Ivens
  • Addelad

    Perhaps – just perhaps – Islam will prove, once again, to be the existential threat that might unite the West. When you look around at our elite, our educational system and all the rest, it’s a bloody big “perhaps.”

  • Deplorable Steve

    The Islamification of the West is akin to having the lyrics of one the greatest Christian hymns ever composed, slowly but surely desecrated by a filthy, creeping moral malaise…

    Sung to the tune of Amazing Grace.

    Allahu Akbar, how sweet the sound,
    That gives me reason to kill
    Any that offend the Prophet’s name
    And the unconverted swill.

    O grant us victory over our foe,
    Whom we will surely destroy,
    By weakening them from the inside out
    Just like what happened at Troy.

    We love our backward medieval ideals
    And we’re offended by everything,
    Yet still after millions of lives repealed
    We are ashamed of not a thing.

    Islam. It’s just wrong!!!