A Ryan Rant – Episode 39 (An #ANTIFA Special)


Over the last 24 hours ANTIFA reject “Louise Rosealma”, has become an internet sensation for receiving a King hit of Karma, as well as being ousted as an aspiring pornstar under the alias Venus Rosales.

Louise who was at one time a seemingly normal beautiful white woman, has allowed herself to become a debased spectacle for all that is wrong with the regressive Left.

With the Battle of Berkley being the latest triumph against the bastion of Bolshevik agitation, the regressive Left are whining that this fashy nashy bashy of Louise was against a poor defenceless woman.

However as AltCon media editor Matt Peat notes, these same idiots who put Louise in the frontlines of riotous action, are the same ones demanding women have equal rights in the military.

Clearly a government paycheck is less important than a Soros paycheck.

  • Ryan Fletcher
    • Ray Johnston

      Hey Ryan, I came across this interesting article with a little bit about antifa “The long, slow march towards idiocy, Part 1 – from School of Vice website. The comment below by truebearing is one of the best I’ve ever read.
      “The two key elements of leftist method are lying and inversion. They project a lot too, but that is basically an unintended reverse inversion.

      The left lies to obscure their real agenda. They lie to tear down good men. They lie to revise history, and they lie to destroy meaning. They lie to prevent even slivers of truth from infecting their mutant adherents. Truth in one area can gather momentum into the next. Truth must be blotted out.

      So, the left lies to destroy truth, and those who value it, and uses it as a portal to an amoral reality where the only “good” is power over others. The left knows that few would go there willingly if they knew the truth.

      Inversion is at the core of every leftist lie. It is rebellion from truth. Inversion is what the left did with the feminists, transgenders, Muslims, etc. It is a way of destroying a culture by turning it upside down.

      The left’s use of inversion is a psychological judo, where they demonize people, lie about them, revise their history, and create false moralities that turn the decent people into the deplorables.

      Blacks sold each other into slavery. Muslims practiced savage slavery long before and long after Americans did, but even though we fought a brutal civil war to end slavery, American slavery is the only slavery that anyone talks about. The nation that corrected itself is tarred as evil racists, but not because our slavery was worse, but because the left wants to rule America and wants to invert the social order. Guilt is leverage for inversion.”

      : http://schoolofvice.com/

      • Ryan Fletcher

        Hear, hear! This process of inversion is causing us to cannibalise ourselves. Time to dissolve the inversion!

  • Ray Johnston
  • Dom Inic

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m keen to submit the occasional article for publication on your XYZ. How do I go about that? Since starting to research the far left my new ambition in life (outside my day job as an unemployed artist) is to wreak maximum damage to the leftist cause in Australia.

    Here is a my weekly Video. I think its relevant because their are some fascinating similarities in way the communist party of Australia operated in the 1960’s and how Antifa do now, there is some fascinating reading in the Lee Brown archives which are all digitised on naa.gov.au.