A Ryan Rant – Episode 40 (Identitarianism Rising)


Since calling for all out civil war back in February at Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at UC Berkley, ANTIFA rejects are routinely pulling out the victim card every time their weighted gloves and iron pipes are thwarted.

Here in Australia folk like Dan Evans has been stabbed, Neil Erikson has been gang-bashed by a dozen odd ANTIFA lowlifes and even I have been sent to hospital care of these Lunatic Leftists.

Hence why your average Aussie, like the rest of the Western world, are holding these black bloc wearing idiots up to ridicule.

As Nathan Damigo showed us yesterday, it is better to be a Wolf of Odin rather than a Lamb of God in times of War. With the politics of Identitarianism gaining momentum, it is only a matter of time before the sleeping goy awakens from its slumber.

  • Richoz

    Feminists seem to think that dressing like and pretending to be men will make them just as good as if not better than men.
    Quite why they feel the need to think that is beyond me – but then I’m not a delusional leftist.
    But don’t feminists also say that sex (as well as race) is just a social construct?
    Aren’t those two points contradictory?
    Anyhoo – what DOES occur to me is this:
    If sex is a social construct, then let feminists fight men!

  • Addelad

    It’s a shock to hear our XYZ hero Ryan was hospitalized by these savage anti-civilizational Leftist pricks. Suddenly my mind is full of clichés, I shall not give in to the temptation to roll them out, but suffice it to say we face existential ruin from these latter-day Brownshirts.
    The elite would use its forces to protect the Leftists were there to be an alternate group of non-Leftist vigilantes to pop up. Firstly the police, then SWAT, then the Army would be used; I have no doubt of that. I despair.

  • Deplorable Steve

    O Mighty Moon Frog, ’tis a pity that thou art but one huge round entity. If ye were 2 planetary orbs, thou could’st descend upon upon thine enemies like giant green KEK balls and squeeze the shit out of them…

  • Warty2

    As you know, a fascist is simply one who doesn’t agree with someone else’s views on identity politics.
    I remember a responder to an article in The Australian, a bloke calling himself Wojciech, said this about the rather unnerving swing to the left: ‘it is just like stretching a rubber band: it will come back if stretched too far’. And he is of course right: it has always been like this throughout history. I take heart in Wojciech’s wisdom.