A Ryan Rant – Episode 41 (PC Race Revisionism)


It is the position of Cultural Marxists that race is a social construct that is subjective. Which is funny because their favourite mantra is “Kill all white people”.

As we’ve been seeing, those who’ve gone through the pseudo-academic inculcation at university, have become possessed with perceiving demonic “White Privilege” everywhere they go. Thus they’re compelled to smash it with their deluded dissimulation.

With certain kosher crusaders like Noel here, applauding the strategic redefining of pride in racial identity, one can’t help but wonder where this mashugana milieu will end.

While proud Whites like myself are often denounced as being literally Hitler, it’s interesting that the Likudnik leader of the Jewish ethno-state is recalibrating the blame for the debatable 6 million.