A Ryan Rant – Episode 42 (#ANTIFA Update)


For those following the ongoing mematic shit-storm engulfing ANTIFA whore Louise Rosealma, we’re witnessing another wonderful red-pilling moment in the meme wars.

After getting squarely punched right between the eyes, this ANTIFA whore took to the GoFundMe website to dubiously crowd fund for her feels. Many of us suspect one of the few people contributing shekels to this whore was none other than globalist speculator (((George Soros))).

When the (((Mainstream Media))) rolled out their trust fund Trotskyite on television, they forgot to mention this Moldylock whore had been wearing a weighted glove and was there for one hundred Nazi scalps with here black bloc wearing mates.

This once again explains why ANTIFA have to wear the masks. Because otherwise we will find out their cucked up parents are loaded, and then you won’t vote for people whom preserve their wealth. I mean who in their right mind are asking ANTIFA who to vote for.

  • Dan Flynn

    Too much RYAN FLETCHER going on here XYZ, mix it up a bit please.

    • Deplorable Steve

      Still loving your CD Dan. Am now at the stage of singing (screeching) along with it in the car…

      • Dan Flynn

        Wonderful to hear Steve! Drive safe 🙂

    • entropy

      It’s not too much Fletcher, it’s too little everyone else.

      Still waiting for your article, Dan!

      • Dan Flynn

        Might be a while!

        • entropy


  • Ray Johnston

    Time to mix it up,bro – Antifa Man Killed In Apparent Racist, Islamic Terror Attack In Fresno –
    “One of the victims of yesterday’s fatal racist/Islamic shooting in Fresno, California was reportedly a member of Antifa.
    According to members of 4chan’s /pol/ forum, the deceased’s name is Zack Randalls. This appears to be confirmed by associates of Randalls, who have taken to Twitter to express their sympathies and share a link to a GoFundMe page.
    This article from The Fresno Bee also confirms Randalls – “a husband and father of little kids” – as a victim. /Pol/, meanwhile shares a screenshot of this Facebook profile, allegedly Randalls’, which appears to show the victim’s association with anti-fascists.“We Punch Nazis,” reads his cover photo.” : https://milo.yiannopoulos.net/2017/04/zack-randalls-antifa/

    • Karma strikes again. The situation is quite ironic.
      Antifa on the receiving end for a change.

      • Ray Johnston

        Yes, while out chasing a rainbow you get struck down by lightning. How sad. No doubt Ryan ain’t cryin’ and neither am I.

  • Earl Conner

    My curiosity got the better of me and I looked into this Louise Rosealma controversy. I can indeed confirm that ANTIFA involves ARSEHOLES! *washes eyes*

    • She had it coming.
      She posted on her Facebook 1 hour before, that she was going to get “100 Nazi scalps.”
      Didn’t work out too well for her. Stupid lolcow.

      • entropy

        Karma is a beautiful thing.

        Like they say: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”