SMH’s Chris Zappone: Warmongering Yellow Journalist


On Saturday, January 7, 2017, The Sydney Morning Herald took the establishment media’s Russophobic rhetoric to dangerous new levels. In what was clearly a piece pushing for war against the nuclear-armed Eurasian power, foreign news editor Chris Zappone published as fact allegations that intervention by Russian President Putin enabled Donald Trump to win the presidency.

The basis for Mr Zappone’s reckless claim is a 25-page report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in the United States on Friday. According to the report, Putin ordered an ‘influence campaign’ which was intended to ‘undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency’. He also ‘aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances’ and used paid online ‘trolls’ to change narratives on social media.

Sounds to me like Putin has been taking notes from how George Soros operates both inside and outside the United States.

Nuclear explosion photo
Photo by Maxwell Hamilton

The position of Director of National Intelligence is a political one appointed by the president. The DNI report offers no evidence for its conclusions, and justifies this lack of proof by saying the evidence is ‘classified’. After the horrendous war crime of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, carried out based on similar phony intelligence, this just isn’t good enough. For any professional journalist to promote such a dangerous narrative with no proof is a sure sign that they are pushing a nefarious agenda. Should the neocon establishment around the Obama White House get the war with Russia they are craving, this could turn out to be the most murderous agenda in history.

As anyone familiar with hacking knows, there is no way expert hacking can be traced. State-sponsored hacking in particular is untraceable. This is why you’ve never seen any actual evidence provided for it. If the DNI had a shred of evidence linking the DNC email leaks to Russia they would be parading it from the rooftops like a transgender teen in ISIS-held Mosul. They don’t.

The DNC emails which revealed Hillary Clinton’s criminality to the public were leaked, not hacked. The nature of the email dump released by WikiLeaks is much more characteristic of a leak by an insider than a hack by an outside actor.

Julian Assange has publicly and repeatedly made it clear that Russia was not behind the leaked emails published by WikiLeaks. He has even hinted that the source of the leaked DNC emails was Seth Rich, who was suspiciously murdered shortly after the leaks were made public. WikiLeaks has issued a US$20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s murderer.

None of these complexifying facts are mentioned by Mr Zappone in his inflammatory piece for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Neither is there a mention by Mr Zappone of any of the following factors in Hillary Clinton’s electoral defeat: Clinton and the DNC colluding to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders; the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play scheme with foreign powers; Clinton using an unsecured private email server to probably sell national secrets to foreign powers; President Obama’s suspicious inability to defeat raghead jihadis of ISIS; the destruction of Libya, Yemen and Syria by the Obama-Clinton foreign policy dream team; or the American public’s legitimate fear that Clinton’s proposed No Fly Zone in Syria would precipitate war with Russia shortly after she became President.

No, Mr Zappone investigates none of these. According to him, there is only one reason Mr Trump won: Russia. This is a type of yellow journalism more common in North Korea than Australia.

Russia doesn’t want war with America. The American people don’t want war with Russia. Australians don’t want war with Russia and its ally, China. President-elect Trump doesn’t want war with Russia, either. The only people who want war between the United States and Russia are the globalist oligarchy and their sycophantic shills in the establishment media. The only power they have left to bring their goal about is the misplaced faith that too many citizens in the West still have in the establishment media outlets.

When the bombs start dropping, and limbs start flying and cities start burning, it won’t be Mr Zappone in the front lines. He’ll be cowering behind a keyboard, justifying himself and egging the participants on further. The ones bleeding into the rubble will be, as they always are with these neocon imperial adventures, black and brown innocents in cities no-one can name and in countries no-one can find. That is, unless the war with Russia and China spills out into a total war like World War II. Should that happen, everyone burns to a crisp.

This level of obfuscation and dishonesty, when related to such grave matters of national security, is treachery of the highest order.

Mr Zappone is not a newcomer to shilling for World War III. He has been a signed-up card-carrying neocon warmonger for quite a few years now. In November 2012 Mr Zappone started up a blog called The Cold War Daily. The name reflects the content. The site contains post after post telling us that a new Cold War has started. For the past 18 months, Mr Zappone has been blogging hard that Trump is a Russian Manchurian Candidate (his terminology). It is clear that Mr Zappone had made his mind up about Trump long before any ‘evidence’ of Russian election interference was presented.

We needn’t worry too much about Mr Zappone’s blogging efforts starting World War III, though. His posts only ever get one or two shares or likes on social media. Not having The Sydney Morning Herald banner on top makes a big difference, I guess.

Reading through Mr Zappone’s blog posts and MSM articles over the years reveals a curious obsession with hacking, the South China Sea dispute and a future war between the United States and its geopolitical rivals. Although back in 2012 Mr Zappone’s focus was on sabre-rattling against China, in recent years his focus has shifted to the establishment’s arch-villain of the ages: Vladimir Putin.

The language Mr Zappone uses when composing his vitriolic Philippics against Trump reveals where his loyalties, if not his patronage, lie. According to Mr Zappone, Trump and Putin together represent an existential threat to ‘democracy’. Instead of shopping for Christmas presents two weeks ago, Mr Zappone was tapping out a lurid analogy of Trump’s election victory to the imperial Death Star from Star Wars. I suspect he’d gone to the movies and gotten an idea. In the piece in question, which is representative of his tone more generally, Mr Zappone characterises Putin’s supposed electioneering as a galactic weapon which threatens all you poor Ewoks (again, his term). In the article, Mr Zappone states that the ‘fundamental ideas central to democracy on which the US has been built and improved over the last 240 years… [are] democracy, rule-of-law, tolerance and openness’.

George Soros photo
George Soros.  Photo by boellstiftung

Does that language sound familiar? It should. It’s exactly the language used by George Soros to sell his neo-Marxist, New Left ‘open society’ agenda to the public. It’s a deceptive use of rhetoric to conflate ‘liberal democracy’ with cultural Marxism. In typical leftist fashion, Mr Zappone then projects his own divisive agenda of destroying the American Republic onto anyone who disagrees with his dystopian dream of a future technocratic, totalitarian state. Run by people like Mr Zappone, of course. The Ewoks have to know their place.

In a total bastardisation of history, Mr Zappone tries to rescue one of his posts with the following:

As Winston Churchill, facing a Nazi invasion in 1940, could have said of this time: “We shall defend our liberal democracy, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on Facebook, we shall fight on the chatrooms, we shall fight in Facebook and on Twitter, we shall fight in the 4Chan and Reddit; we shall never surrender.”

In Mr Zappone’s universe, shilling for Hillary is morally equivalent to fending off the Blitz. Staggering.

It’s not surprising that, in Mr Zappone’s traumatised mind, he’s comparable to Churchill rallying Britain in her darkest hour. He makes it clear that he views President-elect Trump as a reincarnation of Hitler. A blog post published shortly after Clinton’s election defeat is simply a quote about the nature of fascism, with the image of a Make America Great Again cap in the middle. Very subtle, and very pointed coming from someone of Jewish descent. Hardly surprising though, given the frequent references to anti-Semitism which Mr Zappone makes about Trump.

There are white nationalists who support Trump, just as there are black nationalists who supported Obama. Some of those white nationalists do believe that there are elite Jews in Western countries who are working against the interests of the European majority in those countries. We could call them anti-Semites. Given how establishment journalists, particularly Jewish ones like Mr Zappone, are determined to drive us headlong into war with Russia, are these beliefs completely unfounded? What does account for the irrational hatred that President-elect Trump’s America First agenda elicits from Mr Zappone? Why are whites the only race who cannot maintain a positive ethnic identity and elect people to advocate for our interests, Mr Zappone?

Spanish american war photo
20th Kansas – Spanish American War.  Photo by Marion Doss

The phrase ‘yellow journalism’ comes from the lead-up to the Spanish-American War. William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer were competing for market share in New York by whipping up the American people to support the war. It was the United States’ first foray into imperialism, laying the foundations for what has now become the imperialist neocon establishment in Washington, DC. Hearst and Pulitzer got rich while thousands of young Americans and tens of thousands of Cubans died.

The yellow journalism we are witnessing against Russia today, should it bring about a global war, will be much more deadly. The journalists who foment such a conflict will not be able to redeem their reputations afterwards. They will be remembered with contempt. The aggressive narrative being pushed by the mainstream media will only be successful if the public buy into their unsubstantiated and reckless claims. Let us hope that this time sanity prevails, truth wins and the drums of war are put away. The world cannot survive another global conflagration. Only madmen and monsters would seek it.

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Photo by Maxwell Hamilton

  • Rod W of Oz

    Good article. A couple of things about the reporting of all this irritates me.
    Firstly, most outlets argue that either you believe the DNI account or you believe the Wikileaks account – one or the other. Nobody seems to countenance the possibility that both are correct. I have no doubt that Russians attempted to interfere with the US election, just as the US tried to interfere with the recent Israeli election. But it’s also possible that the source of the Wikileaks emails was a non-state party (as stated by Assange) – a whistle-blower or similar. Both endeavours could quite plausibly have been happening in parallel.
    Secondly, neither the DNC system nor Podesta’s Gmail account are government owned or operated. And yet the media carry on as if the US itself had been attacked. When actual government bodies are subject to cyberattack, there’s barely a whimper in response, e.g. IRS (2016), OPM (2015), White House, State Department (2014).

    • Bucky Turgidson

      Here is a list of Elections that the US has interfered in, including Australia. Pot/Kettle/Black…….
      China 1949 to early 1960s
      Albania 1949-53
      East Germany 1950s
      Iran 1953 *
      Guatemala 1954 *
      Costa Rica mid-1950s
      Syria 1956-7
      Egypt 1957
      Indonesia 1957-8
      British Guiana 1953-64 *
      Iraq 1963 *
      North Vietnam 1945-73
      Cambodia 1955-70 *
      Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
      Ecuador 1960-63 *
      Congo 1960 *
      France 1965
      Brazil 1962-64 *
      Dominican Republic 1963 *
      Cuba 1959 to present
      Bolivia 1964 *
      Indonesia 1965 *
      Ghana 1966 *
      Chile 1964-73 *
      Greece 1967 *
      Costa Rica 1970-71
      Bolivia 1971 *
      Australia 1973-75 *
      Angola 1975, 1980s
      Zaire 1975
      Portugal 1974-76 *
      Jamaica 1976-80 *
      Seychelles 1979-81
      Chad 1981-82 *
      Grenada 1983 *
      South Yemen 1982-84
      Suriname 1982-84
      Fiji 1987 *
      Libya 1980s
      Nicaragua 1981-90 *
      Panama 1989 *
      Bulgaria 1990 *
      Albania 1991 *
      Iraq 1991
      Afghanistan 1980s *
      Somalia 1993
      Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
      Ecuador 2000 *
      Afghanistan 2001 *
      Venezuela 2002 *
      Iraq 2003 *
      Haiti 2004 *
      Somalia 2007 to present
      Honduras 2009
      Libya 2011 *
      Syria 2012
      Ukraine 2014 *

  • Bucky Turgidson

    Moses. What a fantastic outing of Chris Zappone.
    He seems to have elevated the sky high stink of Yellow Journalism to new highs.
    Truly obsessed with Trump, by the look of his rabid posts.
    He is paranoid about Wikileaks too.
    Clearly has some mental issues to deal with, poor chap.

  • Trog

    Excellent piece Moses and thank you for your efforts. A great big dollop of useful information and insight. Like yourself, I too really wonder if any of this actually cuts the mustard with Joe Average. Your comments about Zappone’s private blogs disappearing without trace are likely prophetic for this latest piece. It seems to me it’s only the latest outrage/blasphemy for MSM and lefty activists to rage over simply because they lost! They absolutely MUST have someone to blame other than themselves! I mean tampering with computers and leeking, golly gosh, who could have possibly thunk it!

    For mine as soon as Putin can return Syria to its people and largely halt the present middle east bloodbath the better off, and safer, we all will be.This will leave the U.S. still pfaffing around in Iraq but I’m confident with the Syrian example and the Trumpster’s leadership, we can put a stop to that too.

    The Zappone article is just more vacuous hyperbole best left for more accredited authors of junior fiction. This sort of hyperventilating by agenda driven forktongues proclaiming the “end of the world is nigh”, drives me seriously nuts.

  • Gregoryno6

    Putin’s getting a little tired of these accusations.

  • entropy

    Chris Zappone is a proven Chinese agent provocateur trying to restart the Cold War. I’d give you the evidence but… well, you know.

    Classic confirmation bias from the MSM. Having already picked a side on the matter (no evidence necessary), it will fight tooth and nail to reinforce that narrative, regardless of the facts.

    Here’s a prediction for you: the hacker will own up to it at some point and the MSM will call him a liar, citing lack of evidence.

  • warty2

    Obama has a mere twelve days in office left, so it matters little what the left say of Russia. I’m sure there aren’t a great many people who genuinely feel Russia actually interfered in the US presidential election. Apart from the alleged hacking, the result of Democratic boneheadedness, there is little evidence Russia actually attempted to subvert the American presidential election. As Moses quite rightly says, it would be all over the MSM if anything significant had been found, but the Democrats are still going to milk it for all they’re worth. We the public are clearly stupid enough to read and believe garbage like Zappone’s article. We know he is simply regurgitating the Clinton narrative: ‘we was robbed’. In fact he really wouldn’t have to venture from his desk: it’s the same story line published on the Washington Post, in the New York Times, on that Huffington Post toilet roll: he doesn’t even have to pretend to be original and the luvvies over here will believe it all, as though it all flowed from his enlightened pen.

    There will be no war, not even Obama could be sour grapes enough to precipitate anything. His expulsion trick fell flat on its face, because Putin knows full well the bloke is a dead duck (sorry, lame duck). And that in a month, nobody will even remember Obama’s middle name (Hussein) though we’ll probably still crack the odd joke about the cringe-worthy similarity between Obama and Osama.

    I do wonder how many Homeland Security and DNI operatives are likely to lose their jobs. As things stand, Trump feels that the DNI is rather bloated. This may suggest that too many of its employees are a tad overweight, but that there are also a few too many of them.

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