Thanks For Everything, White Guys


Originally published 13 April, 2017.

Identity politics is the new black these days it seems. You can’t turn sideways without being confronted by another manifestation of it. You open up the Sydney Morning Herald to check in on the propaganda, and Clementine Ford is screeching at you about how she fears for her safety constantly. In Melbourne, probably one of the safest cities in the world for women. Have you seen Clementine Ford? Does Melbourne not have street lights? It’s all very irrational.

Every Monday night on Q&A the cultural Marxist inquisitors of the cult of diversity come together to find more unconquered areas of white male supremacy to colonise. This ritual is funded by money stolen from you by a government that sees you as ‘problematic’ at best. The white male-hating elite follow this up on Tuesday night with the more softcore manipulation of SBS’s Insight, which uses the marvellous power of groupthink and social conformity to hammer home relentlessly the message that unapologetic white men have no place in 21st century Australia.

SBS even spent an entire week, and much of your stolen tax funds, preaching at us about how racist we are. I guess SBS has to do that, right? If we’re not racist, then we wouldn’t need the SBS anymore at all, would we?

This elite agenda of demographic warfare against Aussie blokes has traction with a significant proportion of the population as well, if the comments under Clementine’s social media posts are anything to go by. There are a lot of angry middle-aged land whales out there, who after dissipating their youth in promiscuity and losing their looks in the process have decided to blame the resulting feelings of ennui on the carousel of alphas they let ride them to nowhere when they were still tight and perky. As Oscar Wilde said, you get the face you deserve at 40. The butt, too, perhaps.

It’s hard to tackle a problem if we don’t have a name for it, and the anti-white male agenda we see day in, day out is one of the biggest challenges our people face. Given that, for the moment, we’re still a majority white country, it’s a real problem. So let’s name it. Albophobia – the fear of whites. The French already coined this term with ‘albophobie’, so there’s a precedent. There, our enemy now has a name to put to that bigoted, hateful, spectacled, toothy face.

Albophobia then will join the ranks of Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism and all the other panoply of labels that comprise our postmodern identity politics. We’ve been playing defence for far too long guys, and this is a war in which the technology favours offence. This has led to the parlous state of white men in Australia today.

If you’re a white guy in postmodern Australia, your job is shut up and be taxed while the establishment works overtime to denigrate, demoralise and ultimately replace you. It’s not very dignified, when you think about it.

I know many of you readers will be repulsed at the idea of white men playing identity politics back on the neo-Marxist left. You’ll say it’s beneath us, and we’re becoming as bad as them. I thought so too for a long time. The thing is, by sticking to those principles we’re fighting with two hands tied behind our backs. Our children are only hearing the albophobic versions of history, only watching albophobic narratives on the television and watching their suburbs and streets brown in complexion over time as our morale and self-belief fails. We abort their potential peers and replace them with Chens, Kims and Singhs. They must wonder if we hate them.

There’s no competition for the toxic ideas of the cultural Marxists, and so they keep winning. And by winning, they are getting rid of us. One dead white guy at a time.

In the interests of diversity, we should fight back. For if there are no majority white countries left, how diverse will the world be then? A world of beige homogeneity is no diversity at all. Either we start to play identity politics back, or we’re done for.

There’s a lot of rich material for us to use to fight back against the albophobes. White men did, after all, create modernity. We invented the toaster, for starters. And the electric kettle. Pretty much anything that runs on electricity, really. We first burned coal to power those appliances, and gave that marvellous magic to an incredulous and astonished world. We laid the first railways, and first built the locomotives to careen along them. The telephone, television, X-ray machine, automatic windows, air-conditioning, dimmable lights, radio, the internet, the thermos, InSinkErator, the diode, fluorescent globes, nylon, UHT milk, ziplock bags, plastics, whiteboards, the refrigerator, the deep freezer, invasive surgery, the washing machine, GPS, the automatic transmission, jet flight, scuba tanks

The list is quite long, and those are just a fragment of the physical inventions we’ve come up with that have created the material utopia enjoyed by billions around the world. We haven’t mentioned natural rights, logic, the scientific method…

So blacks may now falsely claim that the Pharaohs looked like Denzel Washington and women might complain that it is only patriarchy that has held them back for so long, but we know the truth. If we’re going to play the identity politics game, it’s time to start playing properly. There’s too much at stake for us to keep sitting on the sidelines letting our opponents score goals against us unopposed. We owe it to our sons to do it.

We had hoped that it wouldn’t come to this, but it has. It’s time for white guys to get in the ring and starting playing identity politics back at the race-baiters and gender-haters who see no future for our sons in this land their forefathers colonised, cultivated and civilised.

So let Clementine screech away hysterically like the lunatic she is. Let the Q&A panel deride us for our traditional marriages, moral standards and stubborn belief in two genders. That’s fine. We know we’ll win, because that’s just how we are. After all, we invented pretty much everything, fought two world wars and we will traverse the stars.

We got this.

After our victory, I pray we will put down these nasty weapons of identity politics and get back to driving civilisation forward. When we do, the other races and the other gender will smile appreciatively and say to us kindly, ‘Thanks for everything, white guys’.

You’re welcome. Don’t mention it.

Moses is the author of CIVILIZATIONISM, a freelance writer and an advocate for Traditional Nationalism, a philosophy which seeks to restore realism as the basis for political organisation in Australia. You can find out about the movement at, or on Facebook and

  • Deplorable Steve

    We also invented the Fender Stratocaster and the ultimate men’s automobiles, the 66 Fairlane and the Plymouth Superbird…

  • No Offence, But…

    Never watch Q(uislings)&A(pologists) anymore. I really tried to a few years ago – I really did, but the dreamtime dwelling, lying, prevaricating, regressive, misandrous matriarchs that populate, nay – infest, their panels and spew forth some of the most puerile, thoughtless, hateful invective to be heard anywhere this side of a Boko Haram vs. Hamas rap battle, finally made me reach for the remote, flick the bloody telly of and reach for a book.

  • Clever Geda

    We also invented a system that let these assholes have their way with us.

    • I wonder if the wars made us weak? Maybe we’re seeing the rejuvenation of the stock in our time. It’s a long weekend, I’m optimistic.

      • Clever Geda

        The real problem is that we invented a system of tolerance that allowed a platform for intolerance

      • I have always been of the opinion that the wholesale slaughter of Alpha males during WW1 & WW2 decimated the high value genetic stock of Europe and Commonwealth nations and the USA.

        As evidence, I present to you the average young German male: lily livered feminised Beta cucks.

        • They even sit down to pee I’ve heard. The descendants of the Wehrmacht! Disgraceful.

      • Days of Broken Arrows

        Deceptive history made us weak. We were taught in schools that the history of whites was a history of “oppression” instead of being taught that whites built civilizations that helped benefit all races. A lot of history is perspective and the anti-white perspective was all a lot of people knew growing up. We took for granted the interstates, internet, and automobile. Articles like this are essential in opening people’s eyes.

        • Like Mencius Moldbug said, history is a Necker cube. You can use it to justify any narrative. The Marxists have been masters at manipulating history to deceive and destroy us.

  • Dan Flynn

    What’s the worst thing about Albophobia?
    Is it the pain and suffering involved in watching Q&A at home on your couch?
    Is it the horror of reading the first two paragraphs of a Clementine Ford article over morning coffee?
    Or perhaps the fear and intimidation you feel when feminist lesbians chase you down the street with pitchforks screaming for your testicles?
    Have a nice long weekend fellas 🙂

    • The pitchforks, Dan. It’s a menace!

      You too, token sane lefty.

      • Dan Flynn

        Token Sane Lefty could well be my next album title. You’ll get royalties for sure Moses.

        • That’d be nice. Being a Right Wing Nut Job doesn’t pay like it used to mate…

          • Deplorable Steve

            I have ordered your book Moses and eagerly await its arrival…

          • If you buy 2 copies of Moses’s book, it comes with a free Burning Bush.

          • That’ll cost extra.

          • I got a notice from the printer that they’ve shipped the next batch Steve but it didn’t arrive before the long weekend unfortunately. It should be in your hot little hands by the end of next week. Hope you enjoy it mate.

          • Dan Flynn

            Moses you just made water come out of my nostrils 🙂

          • Addelad

            You can put out the burning bush then

    • gwallan

      “Is it the horror of reading the first two paragraphs of a Clementine Ford article over morning coffee?”

      Such sadness that once great newspapers would publish anything like Ford.

  • Addelad

    Us white males have created modernity, for sure – but we must also own up to its doppelganger – courtesy of such white male luminaries as Stalin, Rousseau, Gramsci, Marcuse, Castro, Hitler, de Gaul, Ken Livingstone, Sean Penn…

    • I guess, if we have Light, we must also have Darkness……

      • Ray Johnston

        or beyond light and darkness…”Shia LaBeouf is now living alone in a remote cabin in Lapland for an art project. The Hollywood star won’t see or speak to anyone for the …”

        • hopefully a herd of angry alt-right Reindeer will trample him to death whilst he is there……

          • Ray Johnston

            I can already feel something is going to (mis)happen to him. Maybe a finnish 4chan boy will trigger him. Oh, Shia, please just stop now……or you may never come back.

    • Karen Dwyer

      Bill Shorten, Christopher Pyne, Malcolm Turnbull. The loveliness is breathtaking… Depending on how you define “breathtaking”, of course.

      • Addelad

        I’m sure Chrissie P was breathing very deeply at 2am that morning in Parliament House at his computer

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Your wrong, everything that is listed in this article as a Western invention was actually invented by Muslims.
    Just ask them they will tell you that they invented everything starting with Taqiyya/Kitman and Jihad!

  • Warty2

    Get in the ring and fight back? I think not Moses. I thought Queen Vickie advised us to lie back and enjoy it, or was that just for women?
    I know we are a somewhat fractured community, because that’s what multi culturalism is in truth. We, they, them are not encouraged to assimilate, because the soggy socks tend to ask ‘assimilate to what?’. In other words they envisage the dismantling of a dominant culture, hence the ‘lie down and enjoy it’ bit.
    But we have to control at least something in order to put up a fight, and the truth is we don’t control the media; not the universities; we happily watch the glitzy social engineering stuff that comes with the Hollywood stamp of approval; family planning suggests we flush our unwanted little ones down the toilet; and our schools are rapidly generating a new generation of degenerates. But think of it, East Germany seemed to be thriving in its own un-freely disseminated atmosphere of repression right up to the moment the wall was brought down. But the termites had been working unseen in the rafters for some time before it happened. Niall Ferguson, in his Civilisation, might suggest it was the destabilising influence and symbolism of blue jeans, but I’d rather think it was already happening in mind, before it manifested.
    I tend to think the termites are already at work here in Australia, and more obviously in America, despite the street-demonstrating snowflakes.
    So why do the sons of bitches want to shut up debate? Because they are very much on the defensive. We fear ‘evil’ but it is inherently weak, and Truth can be uncompromisingly uncomfortable for those who want to side step it at any cost. Sounds a bit Hill Songy, but I deep down believe Truth will prevail.

    • Warty, I think those sons of bitches you mentioned are the Globalist Elites.
      They are busily beavering away to dilute and ultimately destroy completely, all White races, through Multiculturalism intermarriage/miscegenation.

      The Globalists and Banksters would love to ultimately breed a race of low IQ Mulatto serfs and eliminate all middle class peoples, of all races.

      Oh, and of course, entirely destroy Christianity and the basic idea of the family unit, by pushing all the Homosexual agendas they can think of.
      Trying desperately to start a race war in America, flood Europe with Muslims etc.

      The Globalists are really ramping up their efforts the last few years, maybe they are running behind schedule to destroy us……..yes, the Termites are very busy.

      As you say, hopefully, in the end, Truth will prevail.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    This is a great piece that definitely needed to be written. However, the first six or seven paragraphs should be condensed. The “meat” of this article, which starts after the airplane graphic, needs to be front-and-center. Sometimes it’s impossible to see things that are right in front of our faces. Glad to see an article pointing out the truth about modern civilization to those too (willfully) blind to see.

  • Ray Johnston

    Wot, like Saint Simeon’s 37yr stint in Syria. No, Shia will be back as mad……….no, madder than a cut snake !!

  • Darryl

    Moses, I love your writing. Even when I don’t entirely agree with you I find much of value in your articles. This is one of those times. What is important is not so much skin colour or sex, but the values and culture and philosophy and institutions of western societies. It is these characteristics that have created an environment for such achievements and to whom the credit must go. Yes, the tactic of the leftist activists at the moment is to demonise white males in particular. They want us to feel ashamed of our heritage and guilty for the negative and even the positive results of the actions of our ancestors so that we acquiesce in the destruction of western values. But the real attack is on Western values and culture. Western societies have and do consist of a majority of white skinned peoples. It is mostly in these countries where western values developed. But those values are not unique to skin colour or race. Western countries are the envy of much of the world, which is why so many wish to immigrate. And such immigration does not represent a problem so long as immigrants assimilate and adopt western values. Our society is strengthened by this, particularly when we are free to select the best people to come here. Unfortunately we are now so concerned with rights and equality and non-discrimination and even “diversity” that we are allowing the slow deterioration of the values that has made our societies so prosperous. In accepting people who are seeking a better standard of living but are ambivalent or even opposed to western values we import all the problems of the values of their various cultures and religions into our society. And we are expected to be not only tolerant but supportive of these values even when fundamentally opposed to our own. The so-called moral relativists seem to hold the field.

    But I don’t see the solution as identity politics based on white males, a group which excludes many valuable members of our society who support right wing values and are prepared to defend western culture and values. We need all members of our society who recognise their indebtedness to such culture and values and the desirability of preserving at least most of it to speak up and fight for it.

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  • Maryanne

    Love it. Moses. I just can’t wait to say, “But that’s albophobic!” in an outraged tone when somebody sneers at whites. I believe the strategy is called fighting fire with fire.

  • Warty2

    What’s happening Moses? Recycled material? I was going to comment but then I noticed I’d already commented 7 months ago, when I was someone else, but what the heck . . . how about a new comment as the new me (whatever that is post SSM postal vote).
    I noticed today that our Prince Harry is engaged to a once divorced American of ‘mixed race’, so perhaps she identifies as an artist’s palette. Anyway, our Harry is fast turning me into a republican with his mind-numbing statement about their mission statement. Not only is sweet Meghan joining ‘the team’ (instead of the family) but she and her Harry are out to ‘encourage others, and the younger generation, to be able to see the world in the CORRECT sense, rather than having a distorted view . . .’.
    Now, I can only think that Moses carries the distorted view as he appears to ridicule the identity politics Harry so strongly supports, when he, salacious Meghan (I didn’t say that did I?) and the TEAM are out to change the views of the world, the young and gullible in particular. What could Moses be thinking of? Triumphant Trumpianism? (I wish).