The feminization of our workplaces


Last week a passenger on a flight out of Melbourne attempted to break into the cockpit of the plane while claiming that he had a bomb. He was chased around the plane by other passengers who apparently proceeded to then give him a mighty good thrashing, after which he was forcibly restrained and stuffed on the floor beneath their feet on a middle row seat.

The plane immediately turned back towards Melbourne airport where it safely landed. And this is where things got interesting. Police took a full 90 minutes to board the plane, leaving the passengers, crew, and would-be terrorist sitting on the tarmac inside the aircraft with a potential bomb on board into the bargain.

When challenged by the media as to the length of time it took police to get their shit together, Victorian police commissioner Graham “Fatty” Ashton fiercely defended the police response while adding that he understood that in such a situation that minutes could feel like hours.

But considering the fact that everyone concerned had to sit on the plane for an hour and a half, perhaps Fatty would have been more accurate to state that in such a situation hours can feel like days.

The reason for the lengthy delay in police storming the plane is entirely due to the feminization of the police forces in this country. But the police are not unique in submitting to the great feminist orthodoxy. The military, fire services, and just about every public service organisation, together with many private bodies as well, have all been infected with the same rot.

Men and women are different. How about that? Of course the progressive shitlibs will attempt to claim the opposite, which is hilarious; one minute they’re all “I fucking love science” when it comes to the awful global warming, but the next they’re deriding the existence of basic high school biology.

In a nutshell, men are outcome focused while women are process focused. Men just want to get the job done and they will rely on experience and leadership to see them through. Often they will tweak it as they go along, and usually at the end there will be a bit of a debrief where lessons can be learned by how things went.

When I used to teach courses such as Confined Space Rescue I would always take a moment to remind the men on my course how important is the debriefing stage. It is all too easy after having attempted a failed real life rescue for the individual team members to beat themselves up in an emotional sense. But the key point is that after any real scenario the experience level of each team member will have increased. What they are beating themselves up against is their post-event experience level, whereas it was their pre-event experience level that is key to approaching how things turned out.

Thus I was very careful to make sure that participants understood to always evaluate their performance based on what they knew prior to going into the situation.

This is how men operate and this is how men progress and learn. It doesn’t always work out for the best but in military or security situations it is the far superior approach.

Women, on the other hand, are process orientated. They are not so much interested in the result as they are interested in making sure that every box has been ticked along the way. If that means that the plane blows up because they haven’t finished ticking their boxes then that is just an unfortunate event that couldn’t have been avoided. In their defense they will point to their strict adherence to the appropriate action plan.

Keep in mind that I am talking about the two sexes in general. I have met men who are process orientated like women, and where you usually want them is somewhere in the rear making sure that all of the supplies have been delivered. I have also met women who are outcome focused and they are usually really good in bed.

What happened on the tarmac at Melbourne airport was a classic example of a process driven approach to the situation.

“We know we had one person who had been restrained by passengers and crew, but what we don’t know is who potentially else may have been involved, are there other devices on the plane, is there any threat around detonation, or electronic detonation.

“These are the sort of risks you’ve then got to way up.”

Mr Ashton said the 90 minutes it took for police to board the plane was “not a long amount of time in dealing with that amount of risk.”

This is a classic example of a justification of just such a process driven approach. There was no way for the police to ascertain if there were any other devices on the plane without going onto the plane itself. What they were involved in doing was ticking all the boxes so that if something did go wrong then they would have all succeeded in covering their own butts. That they have to make this approach is indicative of how the courts and workplace health and safety officials investigate incidents that do go pear-shaped.

In other words, the feminization of our workplace exists at all levels. It is a disaster, which would be the case if the workforce was completely masculinized as well. What is needed is a balance between the two approaches. But some workplaces require a heavier slant towards a masculine approach, and the police force is one of those workplaces. Other workplaces require a process driven approach, such as hospitals and libraries which is why nurses and librarians are traditionally women.

From what I have read and what I have been told by former and serving members of the Australian Defense Force, our military has been almost completely feminized as well. Heaven help us if we ever have to fight a war against trained, committed, and outcome focused opponents.

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  • Alan Key

    [2 Feb 2017] Dr Helena Cronin: Fairness vs Sameness – on the science of sex differences
    (Dr Cronin does debunk the “conventional wisdom” after 2m20s).

  • Maybe the cops stopped for caramel donuts and a coffee at Starbucks…..

    Seriously, Australian cops are 100% bunglers.
    Look at the damning Coroners report of the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney in 2014.

    NSW cops were taking orders from a Psychiatrist on how to treat the terrorist !
    Must not upset the terrorist or hurt his feelings. He might cry.
    Complete ineptitude resulting in dead civilian hostages.

    Victorian cops must be even worse.
    Imagine waiting 90 minutes for the pussyfied cops to decide to do something.
    I read that they forgot their guns, the on call Commander could not be reached, etc.
    Keystone cops, for sure.
    Passengers on the plane must have been traumatised by the lack of action from the police.

    If ever I am in a situation like that, I certainly wont put my life in the hands of the idiot cops.

    Maybe the police need to study the 1976 Operation Entebbe, to get some pointers on rescuing hostages.
    And they need to grow some balls.

    • entropy

      Let’s not forget the Lindt assault group flashbanged themselves after throwing a stun grenade into a closed glass door. Oh yeah, and they shot one of the hostages dead.

      TAG (East) should have been running the show, but I expect the police wanted to show that they could do the job as well as the military. Which they couldn’t.

      A hostage died because of incompetence and ego, and the police want victim credits for doing the job they’re paid to do.

      • Scipione and Burn, NSW Police Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner, both went home during the Lindt siege.
        It must have been too much for them to cope with.
        Poor things.

  • OneFatOzGuy

    * they’ve got to weigh up

    Otherwise, personally I think these two recent cases are test cases for tactics and response time.

    They’ll probably assume response time will get better (couldn’t be worse) and the strategies will be adapted.

    The first rule of a winning strategy is for the opposition to not know what it is. Once you’ve shown your strength, you’re going to have to rely on the process being sufficient a 2nd or 3rd time, which it won’t be.

  • entropy

    Of course, the female flight attendant just screamed for help and it was male passengers who took the guy down.

    Now, I know it’s not her job to fight off potential terrorists, but it’s more her job than it is a passenger’s, who is paying her wage to be on the flight.

    It seems one thing is as true today as it was a hundred years ago: there are no feminists on a sinking ship.

    • flight attendant = space waitress
      don’t expect too much of them……..

    • Salome

      When flight attendants were first invented they were ‘air hostesses’ and were all trained nurses–and all female. In those days it was intended to look after the safety of passengers by attending to their medical emergencies or launching the life rafts. Male ‘flight attendants’ came along later. Prior to that, as with nurses and secretaries, it was a ‘girls’ job’. If they want security guards (please don’t call them air marshalls, as I don’t think the chief of the Air Force would be too impressed), let them employ security guards. But I don’t think you can pick on girls for doing a girls’ job just because they now have nutcases to deal with.

      • entropy

        What’s a girls’ job? I thought women were equal? Don’t you think they’re capable of demonstrating equal initiative in an emergency situation?

        Uh oh, here comes an iceberg…

        • Salome

          Traditionally, ‘girls’ jobs’ were marked by the fact that they paid very poorly.

          • entropy

            And traditionally, men protected women from physical harm, as per the age-old social contract between the sexes.

            But now female graduates earn more than their male peers, so we should expect women to stop 50+% of terrorist attacks because equality.


          • Salome

            I don’t know where you get your statistics, but I don’t think they stack up. And I know plenty of men who, like me, don’t like a lot of aspects of so-called ‘feminism’ but who can still act like gentlemen. You don’t seem to be one of them.

          • entropy

            Did you just gender shame me for not being a ‘gentleman’?

            Here’s the thing that pathological female entitlement prevents you from understanding: ‘gentlemen’ are only required to extend courtesy to ‘ladies’. Since ‘ladies’ died out last century and seem to have been replaced by screeching harridans who care for nothing but their own comfort and advancement, blokes today are under no obligation to play their games or jump through their little hoops.

            Yet here you are, playing the ‘gentleman’ card in an attempt to control me and silence my criticism. Would you call that ladylike behaviour?

    • Redeker Plan

      “Of course, the female flight attendant just screamed for help and it was male passengers who took the guy down.”

      So do you normally form your position by making things up? I don’t know where you read this in the article, not sure where you read this in the news either because when I did a simple Google search I didn’t find any articles that said a female flight attendant just screamed for help. I read that a flight attendant was attacked and passengers and crew subdued the assailant. I’m certain that someone who makes up blanket falsehoods wouldn’t then change his tune and congratulate this woman if while being assaulted by a man threatening to attack the pilot told the passengers not to help because she was going to deal with it all by herself. Right? You kind of make a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario here when you don’t have a valid point but simply a bullshit narrative.

      Also, seriously you want to push a men are better agenda and argue:
      “…but it’s more her job than it is a passenger’s, who is paying her wage to be on the flight.”

      So if someone was trying to break into the cockpit and claimed to have a bomb you’d just sit there and yell “I PAY YOUR SALARY! Everybody sit down! That’s her job!” Really? In these circles wouldn’t you and everyone else who reads/supports this kind of trash call you a cuck for that?

      • entropy

        Do you usually accuse people of making things up just because you’re too stupid or lazy to verify the facts yourself?

        Far from your impotent straw men, I’d act in a crisis situation because I’d know better than to expect any women in power to demonstrate gender equality. This is an informed observation based on the actions of men and women in virtually every crisis, ever.

        Your outrage over women being judged for their actions rather than their self-serving activist rhetoric is funny stuff, but your bigotry and misandry will play better in mummy blogs like rendezview.

        • Redeker Plan

          I accuse people who make things up when I have no idea where they got their information from (I asked didn’t i?). As I said, when I Googled it and looked the story up no news sites reported that a woman just screamed for help until the men took the assailant down. You don’t get to retell a story to suit your narrative and then call that retelling ‘facts’.

          I dislike your post and your follow up comments throughout this thread, that’s why I called you out. I don’t expect someone to show ‘gender equality’ in the midst of a major crisis, then again I highly doubt you and I have the same understanding of what ‘gender equality’ means.

          When you write something like this it pretty much means that you have little to offer the conversation: “Since ‘ladies’ died out last century and seem to have been replaced by screeching harridans who care for nothing but their own comfort and advancement”

          If I walked into a mechanic shop and started talking about the flux capacitor or how inefficient it is to try and squeeze 120 tiny horses under the hood, you’d probably write me off as crazy. Guess what, in the real world when you write like you do, it’s comes across much the same way.

          My ‘outrage’ if you want to call it that was put to use when I responded to your bogus worldview. It has nothing to do with women not being held accountable.

          • entropy

            The facts are in the public domain. Your inability to use Google is really not my problem.

            You don’t expect someone to demonstrate gender equality in a crisis? That says it all, doesn’t it. You only expect women to demand ‘gender equality’ when there’s something in it for them. It seems the disparity in our definition of equality stems from your failure to understand the concept.

            My reference to ladies was a direct response to an ‘equal human being’ trying to manipulate me by gender shaming, a technique that feminists only object to when it happens to them. If you’re incapable of seeing hypocrisy being exposed for what it is, you’re incapable of understanding my contribution to the conversation.

            Women don’t need you to defend them, white knight. They’re equal human beings who can stick up for themselves. When they are silent on these issues, it’s not because they are wilting flowers, it’s because they don’t want to lose the gender privilege that any rational, egalitarian analysis of gender equality would effect.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Mr Dwyer advises me that I’m outcome oriented. So goodnight, y’all! 😉

    • entropy

      Good night and I hope Mr Dwyer gets the outcome he was oriented upon.