The Globalists Are Terrified Of Pizzagate


Last week the United States Senate quietly passed legislation authorising and funding the State Department to co-ordinate with the intelligence agencies to fund pro-government propaganda. The act also authorises large sums to be provided for grants, think tanks and the promotion of influential voices friendly to the establishment. None of these subsidised information activities will be made public.

This act follows closely the passage in the House on November 30 of ‘H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorisation Act for Fiscal Year 2017’. This bill covered a wide range of intelligence-related issues, including authorisation for a potential crackdown on whatever news sources the US establishment deems to be ‘Russian propaganda’.

What makes this legislative rush by Congress most troubling has been the simultaneous propaganda campaign waged in the mainstream media against ‘fake news’ and what the establishment views to be pro-Russian misinformation.

The bill cracking down on supposed Russian media manipulation was introduced into the House on November 22; this was two days before the Washington Post published an explosive article claiming that anonymous ‘experts’ believe that Russia used propaganda to help get Donald Trump elected. The article claimed that such reliable news sources as Zero Hedge, The Drudge Report and Infowars are Russian propaganda. The Washington Post article relied upon an unverified anti-Russian website for its claims, and later was forced to publish a retraction.

This has not stopped WaPo, the New York Times and other establishment media outlets from claiming endlessly that Russia is interfering in US politics and is behind the epidemic of ‘fake news’ that lost Hillary Clinton the election. WaPo has even doubled-down on its claims, this time alleging a ‘secret’ CIA assessment as proof. Trump has responded, correctly, that the claims are ridiculous.

Hillary Clinton herself even made a brief appearance after a month incognito to give a short speech. Rather than discuss how the country can move on from a bruising and divisive presidential election, Clinton warned ominously of the threat of fake news and the need for the establishment to deal with it. Obama has also come out parroting the same lines.

A thinking citizen might ask himself at this point, what are they all freaking out about so much? Sure, Trump won. Big deal, right? Why is it that the elite are now rushing in totalitarian censorship measures? And why do they seem to want World War III? What are they so worried about us finding out?

Clues can be detected in the language the media and Clinton herself have used when making these wild, baseless and dangerous claims. During her speech, Clinton stated that ‘fake news’ is dangerous and has nearly led to people being hurt already. This is clearly a reference to the highly suspicious gunman who entered Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant shortly before in Washington, D. C. The relentless and vitriolic campaign led by the New York Times and other elite mouthpieces reinforces this conclusion.

The elites seem to be freaking out because of Pizzagate.

This then might lead this thinking citizen to ask further questions. What’s the big deal about Pizzagate? Why are the most powerful people in the world and their media defenders obsessed about a ‘conspiracy theory’ about a pizza shop?

The answer for our thinking citizen is that Pizzagate is not about a pizza shop. It’s not a wild fantasy about tunnels or children stored underground. It’s not about pizza, either. Pizzagate is an extensive citizen investigation into evidence suggesting that the Clinton Foundation is at the centre of an international web of corruption which includes treason, insider trading and the looting of countries as well as possible child trafficking and the ritual abuse of children by members of the global elite.

XYZ has already covered some of the evidence which this citizen investigation has uncovered beginning with the Podesta email dump to Wikileaks. None of this evidence has been debunked or disproved.

The thousands of citizen investigators who are researching Pizzagate are not making any specific claims or allegations. There is no ‘smoking gun’ at this stage; this is not surprising, given that none of the investigators have subpoena powers. When put together, however, the evidence which has already been uncovered shows that the mainstream media narratives of ‘fake news’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ are misleading. What the investigators of Pizzagate are calling for is an official police investigation into the matter.

The purpose of this extended article is to provide a big picture context to what the real implications of Pizzagate might be. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and the scope of what is being revealed, this will only be a partial coverage of what is being brought to light. Again, there are many lines of inquiry which are not covered here as the investigation is still ongoing.

Just as in a police investigation into organised crime, much of the Pizzagate evidence is easily dismissed when considered in isolation. When the total picture of what the evidence suggests is considered, however, the ramifications of the Pizzagate investigation are horrifying.

When the mainstream media attempts to deflect attention away from the Pizzagate evidence, they do so by focusing primarily on the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant. This is a classic information containment strategy. Comet Ping Pong is as good a place as any to begin, however, to tease out the strands of the Pizzagate web.

In 2012, GQ Magazine featured its usual list of the 50 most powerful people in Washington, D. C. Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis made number 49 on the list. Mr Alefantis’ claim to high status in the most powerful city in the most powerful country on earth is that he is a ‘restaurateur and bon vivant’.

There are many people who own restaurants and enjoy the good life, yet none of them are considered in the top 50 most powerful people in Washington. They don’t host art exhibitions attended by top diplomats and ambassadors. They certainly don’t get to visit the White House five times and meet with the President on at least one of those occasions.

Perhaps Mr Alefantis is among the most powerful people in Washington because of his relationship with Democrat power-broker and Clinton loyalist David Brock. Mr Brock is the founder of Media Matters, a pro-Clinton propaganda organisation which runs the Correct The Record machine in which Hillary supporters are paid to troll news sites and social media.

Mr Brock certainly moves in the highest of circles. Here is a picture of him at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at his home which James Alefantis posted to the Comet Ping Pong Instagram account. Behind Mr Brock is Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, owner of The Economist magazine, wife of Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild and a prominent member of the Rothschild family.

Lady de Rothschild runs globalist mouthpiece The Economist. From

The resources which have been poured by the establishment into protecting Comet Ping Pong pizzeria are immense. This doesn’t make sense at all, especially when the establishment media uniformly dismisses Pizzagate as a ‘conspiracy theory’. Why is the establishment so desperate to protect Comet Ping Pong and James Alefantis? Why are they so connected to a guy whose only credential is that he runs a pizza shop?

The answer may well be that the establishment media is focusing on Comet Ping Pong to such an extent because they do not want the public to look at the bigger picture. Pizzagate is not about a pizza shop. It is about investigating the possibility that the globalist establishment is involved in heinous and unspeakable levels of criminality.

The Clinton Foundation is at the centre of all of the piecemeal evidence being discovered and analysed by the thousands of Pizzagate investigators. Time and again, the spokes on the wheel of international criminality which is emerging seem to rotate around that one entity.

The criminal corruption of the Clinton Foundation is already a matter of public record. As outlined in the outstanding book and documentary ‘Clinton Cash’, the Clinton Foundation gives about 10 percent of its donations to real charity work. The rest disappears into the Clinton family war chest. As well as this, the charity is a front for the Clintons to use their political power and public profile to arrange lucrative mining and other contracts for their corporate sponsors with dictators in poor countries. Billions are donated secretly to the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership in Canada by various commodity companies, all so that the Clintons will use their clout to arrange lucrative mining rights.

One of the main victims of the Clinton Foundation’s predatory and exploitative operations has been Haiti. When a terrible earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, the Clintons quickly positioned themselves at the forefront of the aid effort. Hillary even flew down to the Port-au-Prince airport to give a press conference before flying home, holding up desperately needed aid while doing so. Very little of the money donated to help Haitians ever made it to the people; instead it was distributed out to various corporate cronies connected to the Clintons.

At the same time as the Clintons were profiting handsomely from the suffering of the Haitians, a fake missionary effort was being carried out by a woman named Laura Silsby. Silsby and her accomplices abducted 33 children from Haiti shortly after the quake and were caught trafficking them across the border into the Dominican Republic. All were arrested, and Silsby eventually faced charges of child trafficking. She claimed she was bringing the children to New Life Children’s Refuge in the Dominican Republic; however, no such institution had been established.

Throughout Silsby’s capture and interrogation, updates were being passed on to Hillary Clinton personally by her assistant Huma Abedin. Clinton was intimately aware of the progress of the case against Silsby, and eventually used her influence to get the charges against Silsby brought down to lesser offences. The attorney who was provided to Silsby to accomplish this has himself been convicted of sex trafficking. Silsby was released in May of the same year.

Why would the United States Secretary of State get so personally involved in what was a clear-cut case of child trafficking? What is the nature of the relationship between Silsby and Clinton?

Silsby has since changed her name to Laura Gayler and is now working for AlertSense, a company which has contracts to provide the Amber Alert notification system used for missing children in the United States. Again, why would the CEO of AlertSense, Von Hansen, hire a woman convicted of offenses related to child trafficking to work in a related field back in the United States?

Not so fortunate was Monica Petersen, who was working for the Human Trafficking Centre in Haiti this year. She had made several posts to social media accusing Hillary Clinton of being involved in child trafficking in Haiti, and according to a friend was in Haiti investigating these allegations. According to Reddit investigators, she became convinced that human trafficking was occurring out the Caracol Industrial Park set up by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. She died in November of this year, apparently via suicide. Her friends and family have expressed disbelief that she would take her own life.

The death of Monica Petersen may well be the latest in a pattern of people who go against or begin to expose the Clintons dying in mysterious circumstances. One of these was Seth Rich, a former DNC staffer whom Julian Assange has hinted may have been responsible for the DNC email leaks which exposed the Clintons conspiring with Debbie Wasserman Schultz to sabotage the primary campaign of Bernie Sanders. Rich was shot in the back near his home. Assange and Wikileaks have offered $20,000 for information on his murder.

Across from Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D. C., is the Clinton Foundation charity Beyond Borders. Beyond Borders focuses on charity work to ‘end child slavery’ and human trafficking in Haiti. Given the background to how the Clintons have operated in Haiti and the cases of Laura Silsby and Monica Petersen, the following image put up by James Alefantis to the Comet Ping Pong Instagram account raises even more disturbing questions.

Recent leads indicate this may be in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The legislation authorising propaganda and censorship, the establishment media’s campaign against fake news, the shutdown of Julian Assange and the shrill denunciations of the Pizzagate investigation in the New York Times and Washington Post all link back to this citizen investigation. If the Pizzagate citizen investigation is really just a conspiracy theory, it would not be generating such a frantic response from the elite. We do not know what exactly the investigation is unearthing yet; that will only come once law enforcement starts to do their job.

Most pernicious and dishonest is the media’s official line that these types of child abuse conspiracies do not exist. This is just simply not true. The recent Norway pedophile ring bust led to the arrest of 51 suspects and the confiscation of more than 150 terabytes of abuse material. Many of the suspects were high-profile leaders in society. Strangely, however, Western media outlets such as the Guardian, the New York Times and the Washington Post took down any mention of the arrests shortly after operation ‘Dark Room’ was made public. On the same day as the arrests, Norway announced a 90% reduction in their donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Of course all of this may be a coincidence. As with the Pizzagate evidence, though, too many coincidences begin to form a pattern which should alert law enforcement to look into the matter.

Calls for an investigation into the Clinton Foundation and possible links to sex trafficking are not too far outside the bounds of reason, considering what is already known about the Clintons’ visit to billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island Little Saint James. According to flight logs, Bill Clinton flew down on Epstein’s plane the ‘Lolita Express’ at least 26 times; Hillary is known to have visited the island at least six times.

There have been rumours of elite pedophile rings for decades as well as claims that the corruption of the Clintons is far worse than people know. In this tense, post-election climate, Pizzagate is where all of these are coming together. No-one knows if the suspicions of the Pizzagate researchers are correct. No reasonable person could deny, however, that an investigation by law enforcement is thoroughly overdue.

This is what has the globalist elite panicked. We can expect them to become ever more desperate and dangerous as Trump’s inauguration date draws closer. Whatever has been done in the dark will be brought to the light soon enough.

Photo by Nrbelex

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Paedophilia is sanctioned by Allah (the stone Moon god statue).
    Quran 65:4 relates to the waiting period before marriage!

    And those who no longer expect menstruation among your women – if you doubt, then their period is three months, ****** and [also for] those who have not menstruated. ******** And for those who are pregnant, their term is until they give birth. And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him of his matter ease.

    A woman who was divorced by her husband has to wait (at least) three monthly periods and a woman whose husband died has to wait (at least) four months and ten days before they can marry again. The main objective appears to be that there should be no doubts as to the identity of the father if the woman gives birth to a child later on. Within this period it should become obvious whether or not a woman is pregnant. If she turns out to be pregnant, then her waiting period lasts until the birth of the child, otherwise she is free to remarry after the three months are over.

    • Basalat Raja

      This chapter sets forth the rules for divorce. Your assertion does not make any sense. If a pre-pubescent child has not menstruated, why would there be a need to wait three months to make sure she’s not pregnant?

      • Bikinis not Burkas

        One can not understand what went through the head of the Psychotic white fat dwarf named Muhammad, nothing makes sense in Islam.
        Allah aka Muhammad aka Allah, when you start researching you can tell that Muhammad was Allah.
        What it shows is that Muslims are allowed to have sex with a pre-pubescent child has not menstruated after 3 months of being married.
        Muhammad was obsessed with all kinds of sex even necrophilia.
        Read this and you may understand the ramblings of a psychotic dwarf that knew nothing of science or the universe, but is still believed by millions world wide!
        More head scratching can be had here with many WTF’s thrown in for good measure!

  • Korlash
    • Deplorable Pepe

      amazing video……even if only a portion of it was true…mind boggling covert operations…..

  • Addelad

    The voyeuristic/salacious side of me wishes this to be true; the more sensible parts (such as they are) do not. As much as I dislike the leftist “elite” I find it hard to imagine that we live in times that make Caligula or Nero seem like Friar Tuck – not that the latter was all prayer and moderation. For now I remain highly skeptical – perhaps it is borne of my reluctance to accept this could happen on such a massive scale, but equally, my “humbug” indicators are humming.

    • From the Aether

      There is no left/right here. It’s all the same. Just dig through the Dutroux case in Belgium where Caligula is not just assumed but given. In the UK you get more than hints too.

      This horror show is real.

      • Deplorable Pepe

        Yes, you just have to read shocking details of the Dutroux case to realise the vastness of this horror.
        Dutroux claimed many times to be part of a larger pedo ring involving many elites and figures in government.
        Cover up after cover up, by the Belgians.
        Look at how the English and BBC knew about Jimmy Saville,but did nothing.
        Tip of the iceberg.

      • Karen Dwyer

        I agree that this is beyond left/right divide. “Birds of a feather flock together” and I suspect that political persuasion is a lesser factor than perverse inclinations.

        Not contradicting that thought, but a parallel idea is that some with perverse proclivities will be attracted to perverse political ideologies, and vice versa.

  • Deplorable Steve B

    Once again, I am very disturbed…

    • And I did it to you at the start of the holidays too, Steve. Apologies mate.

  • sitgrass
    • Wanted to include the Jeff Smith evidence but it’s too sketchy at the moment in my view. Very suspicious that Smith Steel was taken down from the Pajama Factory website immediately. Thanks for posting.

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  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Here is some interesting reading, next time you walk through a shopping centre 1 in 25 men you see will be a pedophile, but will never touch a child, pedophiles NEVER touch children only child molesters and pederasts.

    And 1 in 900 of the adults that pass through the shopping centre doors will die in the next 12 months from tobacco consumption!

    • Deplorable Pepe

      Moral of the story: do not frequent Shopping Centres !

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