The Spirit of AntiChrist


Editor’s note: The following video features Moses Apostaticus at his most esoteric. He starts with the Book of Revelations, and goes from there. At XYZ, free speech is king, so please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

it’s your XYZ.

  • I’m waiting for Mrs. Dwyer.

    *grabs Popcorn*

  • Moses, what a wonderful video, covering so many themes that deeply interest me.
    Truth and reality. Do either exist anymore ?

    I was just pondering last night how we are swamped with deception and lies.
    The very fabric and minutiae of our lives are entwined in manufactured deceptions that aim to divide and conquer us.
    The divisive Homosexual Marriage Plebiscite trope is a perfect example.

    i am gobsmacked by the extraordinary shenanigans taking place in the U.S.
    Murder and endemic corruption, deep deception, the order of the day.
    The psyops, the false flags, the manufactured crises, the degeneracy.

    Is the U.S. Deep State in cahoots with false Israel, or does it have an agenda entirely different ?
    The Jewish Hawks in the U.S seem determined to foment a war with Russia and/or N. Korea.

    War usually kills the fittest, best and brightest: maybe that is a side benefit that the Elites enjoy: keep the masses dumbed down and drastically reduce the intelligence gene pool every fifty years or so.

    Interesting to note that Russia and N. Korea are prime targets of the Jewish Banksters, who desperately wish to give us a new World War. Wash/ rinse/repeat for the last century.
    Two of the last remaining holdout countries not enmeshed in the sinister Global Bankers cabal, Russia and N. Korea.

    If you look into the disastrous ongoing nuclear disaster events at Fukushima, you will find the long Jewish tentacles of sabotage/payback were present there as well.
    It’s not anti Semitic to call the Jews out on these topics. It’s seeking the truth, but the Jews will raise their handy and well worn shield of the Holocaust and Antisemitism to bedevil the proponents of truth.

    Interesting comment about Islam/Muslims being the weapon, not the enemy.
    More like the catalyst for destruction of the West, and Europe in totality.

    Satan sure has a hard on for our destruction and has certainly been busy for the last few decades and is ramping it up.
    We must be due for another, giant false flag 9/11 type event soon.

    Maybe the coming September 23rd Eclipse is a sign of Revelation 12.
    Or maybe it will be the trigger point for Project Blue Beam and the false Rapture.

    Moses, more strength to you.

  • Terra Australis

    Unreal mate. Keep up the amazing work.