The Ultimate Blackpill: Gender Relatonships


Something big happened today on the internet. Now I know that’s very vague but I can’t help but think it’s going to have far reaching implications, and I can’t really make it clear how far reaching this might be without giving you the background first.

So this tale begins with the rise of the Manosphere. Broadly, this was a cultural awakening by men who realised that the blissful dream of modern dating, courtship and relationships was not a dream at all but a nightmare. This was men all over the West realising that in fact what society, their parents, their schools and even women were telling them about what women wanted was not just incorrect, but maliciously incorrect.

You see, they were told that women liked nice men and reliable men, men who prioritized relationships, but their lived experience was that women didn’t want men like that; in fact the opposite, women wanted bad boys, unpredictable men who did not place women or relationships on a pedestal, and most importantly of all, they wanted high “status” men. But when this single thread was pulled from the fabric of the lie, these newly awakened men saw more than they bargained for:

  • Wedding 1950 photo
    Bye civilisation. Photo by WalterPro

    They saw that they would never get to live in the monogamous society of their Grandfathers.

  • They saw that the welfare state was now the provider for women, and that men were to be the tax cattle to be farmed to maintain it.
  • They saw that the police state was the hyper-vigilant protector of women, and that they were now redundant.
  • They saw the divorce stats and realised that divorce was no longer a bug in the system of modern marriage, but an intended feature.
  • They saw that women didn’t even need emotional support or validation from their partner, they prefer the validation of social media and a horde of orbiters available at the press of a button.
  • They saw that many women nowadays don’t even really want a family, except in some sort of long term abstract “I’d like a child one day” sense; their careers and social life are of much more importance.

Finally they saw that there were only two ways a man could demonstrate significant value to a woman:

  • Physical attractiveness.
  • Status

But this was depressing (or “black pilling”) because both of these are relative in nature. Not everyone can be physically attractive or high status. In fact, like Qui-Gon Jinn said, “there’s always a bigger fish”, so how were you meant to perpetually display physical attractiveness and high status? There will always eventually be someone stronger, richer, more charismatic, more handsome.

But what to do with this information? This is where the factions of the Manosphere split off.

The MGTOW or Men going their own way, saw it as an unfair game and simply declined to play, acknowledging that there is more to existence than chasing the unobtainable. In contrast TRP, or “The Red Pill”, focused on self improvement; i.e. becomin attractive, becoming high status, becoming confident. TRP instructed its adherents to attain a high sexual market value and date multiple women, or “spin plates” as they called it.

Everyone in the Manosphere acknowledged that the whole crumbling edifice of gender relations was unsustainable; after all, civilization is built on and by monogamous families, so how can that occur if all men are going their own way or spinning plates?

Most didn’t bother with this level of introspective thought. They advocated for “enjoying the decline”, which is rational given that society was not really interested, and was contemptuous of their plight. But on the various internet meeting grounds, TRP’ers and MTGOW’s discussed what could be done to restore order and normalcy.

A third school of thought was arising in the manosphere, particularly in the younger members, this group had its origins in the PUA hate forum, a forum dedicated to the hatred of silver tounged pick up artists who sold guides and tips to pick up women. These disaffected men believed that not only had society lied to them but that the “The Red Pill” had as well. This group of men contended that you couldn’t just become attractive, confident or charismatic like the TRP’ers advocated, because your attractiveness & status was limited by a combination of your childhood and adolescent experiences, genetics and facial bone structure.

This group realised that if women didn’t need partners or providers because they didn’t want families, they would only want sexual partners, and therefore if you weren’t the sort of specimen that was a prime sexual partner you were shit out of luck. “Tinder” and other hook-up apps gave these women access to the infinite prime sexual partners they needed, or “Chads”, and one “Chad” could provide that service for many women. This group realised that they were not needed any more, they were superfluous to requirements. A further split occurred between people who wanted to “looksmax” which is maximise physical attractiveness via surgery to become “Chad” and those who just hated the nature of the world and female hypergamy. The main internet forums for these sub-divisions are “lookism” and “sluthate” respectively. They also congregated in a sub-reddit forum called r/incels, “incels” meaning involuntary celibate.

These schools of thought are literally everywhere now in male spaces, and they have their own meta-language, including terms such as “LDAR” which means “Lay down and rot” which is a grim humour method of saying “don’t worry about it just give up” and “suicide fuel” which describes anything that might make one want to commit suicide, such as seeing a happy Chad and Stacey pairing. Stacey is their name for a slightly ditzy girl who waltzes through life, unaware of the existential struggle all men around her are engaged in.

For the most part though, these movements were ignored by the mainstream, perhaps until today. Now that I have given you the background I can finally tell you the news.

Reddit user u/RippedRichandIncel posted a thread entitled “THE ATOMIC BLACKPILL”, this thread contained sceenshots from interactions with girls on Tinder, but where the user had set up a fake profile with male model pictures. Now this had been done before, and been dismissed by the mainstream, but this time he specifically said in his profile bio that he was guilty of several counts of child rape.


As you can see, the fact that so many attractive girls responded positively to the fake “Ray Perr” profile and that they talked so flippantly about the nature of his crimes, is the black pill to end all black pills. u/RippedRichandIncel noted that he had received 162 matches from 204 attempted matches, this is on an app where it is not uncommon for normal men to get two matches from the same amount of attempts.

In the comments, people were discussing the nature of women and decrying the effects of rampant hypergamy. Commenters were questioning whether it is really in society and civilisation’s best interest for women to only allow men who give them “tingles” the opportunity to breed. Most importantly, they were discussing what is to do be done about the absolute epidemic of entitled “thots” (that hoe over there) the world is drowning in.

This post is already shooting up the charts at reddit and it’s only a matter of time before it’s story gets told on every Manosphere forum, and to an entire generation of young men.

A storm is coming, things can not go on as they have.

Photo by Denis Bocquet

  • entropy

    Great article, Connor. Well written and a fascinating anthropology of the ‘manosphere’.

    As always, with sexual politics, I’d be most interested in responses to this article from women. As usual, I suspect the only female response will be from crickets but I’d happily be proven wrong.

    Women stand to lose the most from male disengagement with romance (they certainly complain about it the most) but they seem completely disinterested in taking action to prevent it. So, Ladies, what’s your take on the state of modern romance and what actions do you take to promote your vision of gender harmony?

    • Wombat99

      Sure, I’ll respond.

      None of this surprises me in the least. Not because I think women, specifically, are terrible people, but because:

      -Every group of people contains a certain percentage of garbage human beings, and
      -Most people really seem to need to treat other groups as Borg collectives, instead of collections of individuals whose traits vary widely.

      So yes, an extremely hot guy who is also an openly a terrible person will still attract women, because of that percentage of “garbage.” And yes, a lot of men will extrapolate that this means ALL women think and behave this way, because clearly we are all exactly the same.

      It would be interesting to run a counter experiment, and set up a fake profile for an extremely hot, extremely awful single woman. I suspect the results would not be all that different. Because, again, a certain percentage of any group of people is going to be garbage.

      As for your last bit – I’m married, so I’m not actually IN the dating pool, and I’m bisexual anyway. So I don’t really have a dog in this fight – guys can do whatever they want, and it won’t affect me much. But, I try my best to be a decent human being, and treat everyone well regardless of sex, and spend my time with the percentage of people, in any group, who *aren’t* terrible.

      • the dude

        Your explanation basically boils down to saying that the experiment should not be seen as an indictment on womanhood as a whole, but on a certain subset of women. Ok, it may be true that not ALL women would throw themselves at Ted Buddy. However, the average dude can swipe right all day on Tinder and maybe get two or three matches. So, when the average guy who has such incredible difficulty getting any action on Tinder sees something like this, don’t be surprised when he has a “what the flying fuck???” moment.

      • entropy

        “Most people really seem to need to treat other groups as Borg collectives”

        This is a great point, if you can get past the Star Trek reference. We are two halves of the same species and should be working together towards common goals. Instead we are primed by activists and gender warriors to identify by our sex and compete for resources. This hurts everyone.

        Also, I suspect the results of your counter experiment would play our as you anticipate.

        However, your position seems to be that the status quo is ‘everyone’s fault’ – the baddies from both sides. But is ‘everyone’ retreating from heterosexual relationships in droves, or just men? This sounds like victim blaming. You really think men are equally responsible for engineering an outcome that denies them sex?

        I don’t suppose you would concede that ‘everyone is at fault’ when men beat their wives?

        Who is responsible for the excesses of feminism if not those who benefit from it? Women seem happy to skim the privilege from gender equality but are allergic to the responsibility. It’s hard enough just getting them to acknowledge that they have any.

    • Thanks for the compliment Entropy, I really enjoy the conversation with xyz readers and you’ve been one of those ones who’s comments I’ve always agreed with!

      100% agree, IMO women are actually the biggest beneficiaries of the benevolent patriarchal system of the classical west. They might find that the replacement system of Islam with authoritarian patriarchy or the alternative post modern no commited relationship or marriage system is significantly worse for them…

      • entropy

        Congratulations on being someone who always agrees with me, Connor! That means you are one of those few, gifted people who is almost always correct about everything. It must be very frustrating for you, too.

        I’m pretty sure most women know exactly how good they have it and are just milking it for everything it’s worth. The whole female victim shtick is just a smokescreen. It’s disappointing but understandable and entirely predictable.

        What really pisses me off is the cucks who enable it, and the rest of us for letting them.

      • in short form : females are opportunistic parasites who feed from a usually benevolent, symbiotic host

  • SamSammy

    Something’s gotta give. Our civilization is being herded over a demographic cliff. WOMEN, PULL YOURSELVES AWAY FROM INSTAGRAM FOR FIVE MINUTES AND SEE HOW YOU ARE BEING USED TO CREATE HELL ON EARTH! Realise that the Kardashians are most definitely NOT your friends!

  • Some women are hoes, most women really do want a relationship.

    It’s just their biology.

    Men just gotta be men again.

    • Justin Mathis

      Do I smell a NAWALT? Or is that a fart?

    • BasicB93


  • Bill Davis

    The MYTHS about women promoted by Feminists and Normies are finally coming undone. More and more men are waking up.

  • Females will become irrelevant in the near future.
    Sexbots for men and designer babies grown to term inside artificial wombs.
    Raised by robot nannies. Lookin’ damn good, the future.

  • That’s disgusting.

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  • Frank Greco

    I am older, almost old enough to be among those monogamous grandfathers alluded to, with grown children. But I remember. I doubt that courtship has ever been easy, especially if you add the requirement that the result be long-lasting. Before my time there were tales of wives running off with gypsies and tinkers; if those women were alive today, they would be trying to hook up with “Ray” on Tinder. To paraphrase a quote from Star Wars: “These aren’t the girls we’re looking for.”

    Where do you find the girls you are looking for? You must hunt in the real world. The best grounds are those where you can anticipate seeing people on a recurring basis, so there is no pressure to get a phone number on first meeting. Dance classes are excellent for this (there are many kinds and it is possible to find one that you may enjoy) but any kind of adult education class may provide the correct environment. Churches also offer opportunities to do things with other people over a period of time. But that is the key factor: getting to know a woman while doing something that you’re both interested in. I must confess that I hated this period of my life. It lasted for too many years. But it was worth the effort.

    • Virgo47

      Great comment. Good luck reaching a cohort who views women as resources to be harvested on a phone app.

      I don’t know how so many men got to this point, losing all of their self respect and dignity and replacing it with rancid entitlement. I’d tell them that walking down this road makes them swiping self-fulfilling prophecies, but its too late. It’s cucks and keks all the way down.