The Wreck of the Trumble

Cartoon by Orson.

Steve B

‘Twas on the wreck of the Trumble

That the port steering Oz did stumble

And veer toward a future flawed

With policies interminable, made to crumble.


The tug boat Greens did sail their fraud

To prevent ‘The Oz’ steering starboard

They screeched and moaned and bitched and boned

‘Cause it’s in their arses their brains are stored.


The moaning, leaking old galleon ‘Shorten’

Whose ship’s manifest needed aborten

Sat limp with a sail on a flaccid length of pale

And complained that none but unions came courtin’.


Out of the dark clouds steamed ‘The Pauline’

Her bows awash, with a great head of steam

An armada of dread, vengeance in red

Ending the Marxist’s perverted, foul dream.


The crew of ‘The Trumble’ with no Abbott remorse

Scuttled their boat rather than change course

And hid in fear as ‘Pauline’ caned their rear

With a broadside of righteous conservative force.


Virtue signalling their clear intent

The tug boat rabble got totally bent

As ‘The Pauline’ drew alongside, sending Green pride

Into spasms of spurious socialist vent.


The galleon ‘Shorten’ was hulled like old crockery

Rammed by ‘The Pauline’ and XYZ’s mockery

Its limp, lifeless sail broadcasting, ‘What a fail,

Not even good enough to become used old sockery.’


From out on the shore gazed the XYZ

Watching ‘The Pauline’ kill them all dead

The war that they wage now only impotent rage

As they scuttled their vessels on an unforgiving beachhead.


Any time soon, ‘The Trumble’ will fail

Sink in self-importance, blaming all else for its flail

The tug jobs will sink and back to obscurity slink

From the deep, the dreadnought ‘Abbott’ will again sail.


And ‘The Oz’ will steer to starboard again…