Trump Spooks The Deep State Spooks In His First Presidential Speech


Watching Donald Trump’s astonishing and unprecedented political earthquake has been thrilling to those of us sick of the leftist puppet show put on by a shadowy and unelected oligarchy. Right-thinking men and women have seen their nations fall apart while politician mouthpieces for globalist financiers spouted scripted talking points designed to demoralize and control us. The Trump train steamed right through and crushed that entire paradigm. Trump was playing 4D chess while his opponents, like rival billionaire George Soros, were playing checkers.

Now that he is president, Trump has not stopped applying this now-familiar level of strategic mastery. This was demonstrated by his choice of venue for his first speech as president: the CIA. If you’ve been following the real news throughout the campaign, you’ll know that Trump’s actual opponents have not been Hillary, CNN or even Soros. It has been the deep state – the globalist neocon/neolib network that extends across the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, defence contractors, media insiders, academics and think-tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Tavistock Insitute, Heritage Foundation and Chatham House, among others. Most members of this real power nexus which have been running the United States trained as spooks during their university days, and many were initiated into the network via the fraternities, sororities and secret societies at universities such as Yale, Princeton and Harvard. Many trained at the CIA before spreading out to other careers, which are largely fronts for their real work.

These are the people Trump has been up against, and so far, he’s beating them. Hence the ‘dossiers’ and supposed leaks by intelligence agencies against him during the election and before his inauguration. The deep state was #withher.

Despite the deep state leadership of the intelligence agencies despising him, Trump is overwhelmingly supported by the rank-and-file of law enforcement, the military and the intelligence agencies. These are right-thinkers like you and me, not creepy narcissistic globalists like their bosses. In my view, this is why Trump chose to address four hundred CIA staff directly after becoming president. He wants to get the support of the rank-and-file in military and the intelligence agencies, to neuter their hostile bosses. The most telling quote from the speech was the following:

‘We may have to get you a larger room. We may have to get you a larger room. And maybe, maybe it’ll be built by someone who knows how to build and we won’t have columns. Do you understand that? We get rid of the columns!’

I’m sure everyone in that room understood very well what a ‘fifth column’ is – a group that undermines a country from within. It’s an expression which comes from Antonio Gramsci, a socialist whose worked assisted in the development of the Western Marxist ideology the deep state has used for decades to divide and control society. Not only was Trump showing the spooks he’s smart enough to speak in code, but that he’ll get rid of their agency if they don’t cut out their white-anting of his presidency.

There are reports that President Trump’s IQ score is up in the genius range. When you watch the man make his moves, that’s very easy to believe. Here is the full speech in case you want to watch the maestro in action.