Trump Strikes Back


Many who like Trump and his agenda’s goals are still not on the Trump Train, and by that I mean they still believe that Trump’s actions are spontaneous and perhaps even erratic. They don’t buy into the notion that Trump is playing “4D Chess” or by this point “sixty-seventh dimensional snakes & ladders”. I am of the view that he is. Sure he makes mistakes, but Trump understands that more than half of the federal government and all of Washington hate him and the people he represents, so he knows the existential nature of the game being played. To protect himself Trump has adopted a ‘tribune of the people’ role, and always ensures the ideological and cultures battles are fought when and where he wants.

You can see this in the manner by which he distanced himself from the Republicans in Congress, he anticipated that Senator McCain would betray the Republicans at the eleventh hour, thereby preventing the repeal of Obamacare and the realization of a significant Republican electoral promise. He is clearly communicating to his enemies and friends alike that the failures of the congressional Republicans are not his failings, thereby energizing his base to drain the swamp of the establishment whilst confusing his enemies, who aren’t sure if they hate Trump or the Republican establishment more.

I also believe that Trump’s ban on Transgender persons in the military was 4D chess, as literally the day before, Democrats had been talking up a big pivot away from social justice issues dear to the Left and back towards economic issues that relate to the working class. Trump took the opportunity to prevent that pivot and make the battleground an area where the right is fully united, and the left is hamstrung by the intersectionality of its “coalition” of supporters and opposing special interests.

Trump’s twitter account is a key part of his 4D chess strategy, and wielded as it is by the “God Emperor” it is absolutely wreaking havoc.

His latest take down of Richard Blumenthal was a thing of beauty:

Richard Blumenthal is a member of that ruling cosmopolitan class whom Trump’s base despises. Blumenthal is a Harvard graduate with a background in family wealth earned from finance. Blumenthal had five draft deferments before securing a posting to the Washington DC and Connecticut Marine corps reserve units during the Vietnam era. He had a summer internship at the Leftist Washington Post. His resume seems to feature nothing but roles where the taxpayer was on the hook for his salary. He also volunteered as counsel for the leftist quasi-NGO “NAACP Legal Defense Fund”. Eventually Blumenthal would be elected to office as a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives, and then went onward to the Federal Senate.

Now some might just say that this Trump twitter attack is simply a retaliation against an enemy, but then Trump tweeted this:

Trump knew that his takedown of a fake military veteran would be all the more meaningful on Purple heart day. He chose from among his enemies the weakest point in their armor and then struck with perfect timing.

Trump even followed it up with this rhetorical flourish, adding insult to injury:

Trump is truly /our/ guy, and I think we should have faith in his 7D monopoly skills.

PS. Naturally the ABC has made efforts to ensure that only a biased interpretation reaches Australians.

Their summary included the following:

“Key points:

  • Donald Trump says Richard Blumenthal lied and defrauded voters
  • Senator Blumenthal is part of a push to stop Robert Mueller being sacked
  • Mr Mueller is investigating potential Russian interference in the US election”

Really it should read:

  • “Richard Blumenthal lied and defrauded voters and got called out by Trump”

It would appear to me that the Deep State and the subservient media (of which the ABC, unimportant as it is, is a member of) are trying to imply that any criticism of the Russia-Trump Witch-hunt is tantamount to Trump trying to prevent justice. Given the overwhelming stench around the Clintons, Democrats and the Awan brothers, they’d better be careful before firing up the masses to go looking for corrupt politicians….

  • Ralphy

    A master conducting a master class. Just luvvitt!

  • Lost many of us over Syria and all the cheering kikes, will wait and see how the North Korea and Russia steps end.

    • Surely you can see how the bombing of that airfield was a red herring?

      Since then Trump has even cut funding to the rebels, it was just a feint so they could stop the media framing his lack of movement against Assad as an endorsement of the gas attack.

      For the record, obviously the gas attack was a false flag but that’s certainly not a view that Joe sixpack will ever be exposed to.

      • You’ll find Joe sixpack listens to FTN now and is well exposed to it.

      • Joe Sixpack is deeply asleep. Nothing will wake him up, he is dreaming of house prices and the next Call of Duty game release………

    • Shoshanna Silcove

      Kikes? You use that word? How is that justified in any sense? And you think any intelligent decent people will listen to your opinions when you are such an ignorant hate-filled Nazi throwback? Go back to your dark hole and stew in your own hate.

      • Addelad

        Anti-Semitism is common here – framed in an intellectual matrix of some complexity, even by the more astute and capable writers. Surely you knew that – you have commented upon it before. I have decided to stay away from comments and debate for this single reason, despite a hell of an itch that needs a bloody big scratch sometimes!

        • Oy vey. How ungrateful us goyim are.

        • nothing is worse than an itch you can”t scratch..

        • entropy

          I like to stay away from comments and debate when I don’t have an actual argument, too. Saves on the cognitive dissonance.

          While logged out, I had the pleasure of seeing some of the comments from simpletons from whom my block list normally spares me. Allow me to summarise them for you:

          “Anti-Semitism! Bawwwww!”
          Sometimes, an itch is a symptom of disease and needs medical intervention.

      • You have Israel now. Leave us alone, Goblin.

        • for the poster: Shoshanna….

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            Hey Nazi scum, you were resoundly defeated never to rise again, meanwhile the nation of Israel lives and will never be defeated so eat your black little heart out scum

          • Shoshanna.

            To quote your own words…….
            “Go back to your dark hole and stew in your own hate.”

      • “Go back to your dark hole and stew in your own hate.”
        Ironic, much ?

      • “Kikes” has its origins in being anti Christian:

        “The word kike was born on Ellis Island when there were Jewish migrants who were also illiterate (or could not use Latin alphabet letters). When asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary “X”, the Jewish immigrants would refuse, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity. Instead, they drew a circle as the signature on the entry-forms. The Yiddish word for “circle” is kikel (pronounced KY-kul), and for “little circle”, kikeleh (pronounced KY-kul-uh). Before long the immigration inspectors were calling anyone who signed with an “O” in place of an “X” a kikel or kikeleh or kikee or, finally and succinctly, kike.”

        • Shoshanna Silcove

          That is a complete fabrication. Most Jews were twice as educated and literate than the average non Jews throughout history in Europe , but like all immigrants, they did not know English when they came to America, They signed their names, moron. No one refused to write an ‘x; because it looked like a cross, idiot because and x does not look like a cross. This is total poppycock and your are a dumb ass for copying and pasting such dribble. Keep it up, you keep proving anti Semites are dumb asses

          • Shoshanna. Let’s clear this up.
            When you say anti Semites are “dumb asses”, do you mean dumb as in they lack the human capacity to speak ?
            Or, do you mean dumb as in reduced intellectual capacity ?
            ( which to say, describes you, Shoshanna)

            When you say “ass”, do you mean ass: as in the hoofed animal of the horse family ? Asses being the plural.

            Or, did you mean ass: referring to the buttocks ?
            Example: That ho has / is a nice piece of ass.
            Or: those Arabian girls have nice asses.

            Shoshanna, please, you need to be succinct and clarify your meaning if you want to get anywhere on XYZ.

            I have attached a “dumb” video for you, but I have the feeling you innately identify with dumb already.
            Be patient, wait for the ad to finish first…..enjoy.


          • Shoshanna Silcove

            AntiSemitism as a term never refers to anti Arab hatred, and everyone knows that, except for dumb asses like you. Almost as pathetic is your attempts at being cute or funny which fall as flat as a matzoh!

          • I’m sorry you feel vulnerable and alone, Shoshanna.
            A little tear is welling in the corner of my eyes as I think of your plight.
            (or, it may be my hay fever)

            Friendless, angry, hateful and alone. (you)
            You seem unhappy and depressed. Frustrated desire ?

            I found this article, it might help. Bless you, I hope you recover soon.


          • Shoshanna Silcove

            the nation of Israel lives!

          • Yes. It lives.
            Whilst thousands of Palestinians are murdered by Israel.

            Slaughtered, cut to pieces, children, little children, burned and butchered.
            How proud the (false) Israelis must be.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            No, you got that ass backwards, the terrorists are not the Jews


          • Sigh.
            Are we back to talking about asses again ?
            A strange fetish you have.
            Speaking of terrorists…….

          • Shoshanna Silcove
          • Google “Israeli terrorism”.
            Over 23 MILLION results…….sadly enlightening, eh Shoshanna.
            Can’t hide from pure facts.

            The Tribe……how will they be judged at End of Days ?

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            hey stupid, that proves nothing, Googled Arab Terrorism and I got this: About 36,600,000 results (0.68 seconds)

          • I am not surprised.
            ((( Who ))) owns Google, after all ?

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            you idiot, you cannot have it both ways! Low IQ people like you always want to and you cannot even see your own contradictions! If Google is owned by a Jew then why does it show what you claim? ROFL. Really you have a very low IQ.

          • Your spelling is going awry, are you losing it ?
            Frothing at the mouth a bit, the bile in your throat ?
            Becoming incontinent with frustration ?

            Abuse me all you like, it reveals the monster beneath your skin.
            Evil always reveals itself.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            Can’t answer a single solitary point with anything intelligent or rational. Blind rage frustration and hate will do that, it makes a low IQ person even dumber

          • I feel for you, I really do, Shoshanna.
            It must be drattedly awful to be trapped in a paradigm.
            Cognitive dissonance seems to be ailing you and it just can’t be treated with your normal meds.
            Perhaps a bit of intense therapy with a shrink ?
            You can get a referral from your cat.

          • entropy

            Sounds like nothing has changed with that particular contributor.

            You’d think God would make his Chosen people less susceptible to mental illness and furnish them with some actual, tangible basis for their bigotry and entitlement.

          • there is truth in what you say regarding the mental illness issues….

          • Well, Google has to put little snippets of truth here and there, just like ((( Facebook ))) and the rest.
            Can’t be ALL fake news, can it ?
            If anything, the listed number of terrorist attacks by Israelis are under estimated deliberately.

            Honestly, they couldn’t have “no results found”, could they dear ?
            Unless Google was talking about, ahem, your intelligence, Shoshanna.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            hey moron, ‘The End of Days and Judgement” is a Xtian concept, and guess what, not everyone is a Xtian!

          • God/ Christian….you are afraid to even type the words.
            It speaks volumes about your true nature.
            Christ Killers.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            How can G-d be murdered? Shows how low IQ you are

          • Still cannot write GOD ?

          • Deplorable Steve

            Are you not allowed to mention God’s name?

          • Nice bar mitzvah.
            Did the circumcision go wrong ?

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            Your intolerance and ignorance and rabid hatred for another religion is totally clear.

          • Not at all. Bar Mitzvah: wonderful. What a joyous time.
            I love the dancing and festivities afterwards.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            I feel sorry for you but since you have such a low IQ I will explain to you that video is not a bar mitzvah. And also I will explain to you that you are a bad Xtian because they are supposed to love and you hate, so at the End of Days you are so worried about….well you need to worry cause where you are going is very very hot..oh and since your memory is so short being a low IQ moron I remind you that you insulted me in the beginning of this inane exchange.

          • Hmmm, my little Greek dancing video joke went over your head.
            I am sorry I over estimated your smarts. A lot.

            I promise to s-p-e-l-l things out slowwwwwllllyyyyy for you in future posts.
            Let me know if you can’t keep up.

            And, you still cannot spell Christian. Dyslexia perhaps. Satanist ?

            Oh, here is poem to calm you down. Don’t fret so much.


  • Don’t underestimate Kimmy and the Norks.
    No one knows their real capabilities.

    NK presents Pres. Trump with a real dilemma.
    If war kicks off on the Korean Peninsula and escalates to nuclear, then bend over and kiss your arse a sweet goodnight, forever.

  • Shoshanna Silcove

    Arab terrorists are killing innocents for decades.

  • Shoshanna Silcove

    While I agree with much of the views on this site, it is unfortunate that there is so much virulent anti-Semitism here. The proper authorities should shut this site down.

    • Deplorable Steve

      That’s not a good thing to argue Shoshanna. It only backs up the views held by your detractors. There are many non anti-semites that enjoy this site.