If You Want to Find Out Who Controls You, No Prizes for Guessing it’s CNN


“If you want to find out who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticise” – Voltaire

The media narrative about the 45th President has been rife with deliberate misinformation. Russian conspiracies aside, the most implausible one is the myth that the man somehow enjoys a dictatorial privilege that places him above critique and ridicule. It’s a silly false equivalency that suggests that because he justifiably defends himself when the media attack his family, or when entertainers gleefully assassinate him in a play or decapitate him in a photo shoot, that he’s throwing reporters and entertainers in gulags.

A tweet in anger against people who ordinarily do enjoy an oppressive position of power over politicians who are expected to just take everything on the chin in the interest of appearing Presidential, yet neutered, is somehow deemed equivalent to a dictator in a third world s**thole disposing of critics with the spectacular overkill of a howitzer.

The comparison doesn’t wash in any way, shape, or form. Even Trump’s ‘bullying’ has only been directed at politicians, and media professionals who, as we just unpacked, enjoy an enviable oppressive advantage over any elected official. A reporter can delve into Sarah Hyphen Young’s dodgy workplace expenses. Sarah Hyphen Young doesn’t have the platform, or the free pass to investigate whether a few boozy nights on a trip to cover the U.S. Open claimed as expenses were kosher.

Politicians in Western Civilisation don’t control or suppress the media, regardless of how they try to spin a President favouring one media organisation over another like Trump has with CNN activists, and like Obama did with the Murdoch press. The media have carte Blanche when it comes to personal attacks, spreading disinformation, and hampering or protecting sitting Presidents.

They’ll never admit it, except to hidden Project Veritas cameras, but CNN and other outlets are the real untouchable powerbrokers in Washington. So no, despite his loose cannon nature, 45 isn’t the one we need to worry about when it comes to targeting and destroying ordinary individuals who satirise or criticise them. CNN is.

CNN just tracked down the anonymous prankster who made the ‘CNN Smackdown’ video.

This isn’t a journalist satirising from a position of oppressive power, or even a public figure. This is a powerless ordinary citizen. A s**tposter who may well be 16 and living in his Mother’s basement.

Note that CNN has elicited a long winded apology, and intriguingly an assurance that he won’t do it again lest they destroy him. Even though the destruction will be in the form of a Justine Sacco style public shaming, the implication is clear, and the MO is much the same as suppressing satire under threat of being thrown in a Gulag or being summarily executed. It can even be argued that in the scheme of things, a year of hard labour would be less damaging than merciless and deliberate public shaming by a media outlet over a 24 hour news cycle.

Also note that the video isn’t necessarily even a slight on CNN. It’s in the eye of the beholder. If they weren’t so thin-skinned, so arrogant, they could have easily and effectively spun it as an indightment against Trump’s attitude to the media. It would have actually undone much of the damage caused by recent scandals, hitting a reset button of sorts. It was the sort of weaponised satire that any intelligent outlet under siege would have turned around to great effect.

I actually groaned when I saw the Trump tweet, assuming that even the dumbest CNN intern would realise this. Unbelievably they didn’t. They were handed the ball, and could have made their adversary appear foolish by being self-deprecating. Instead they kicked an own goal by playing the victim and threatening to dox some cheeky kid on Reddit. Are you serious CNN? Really?

These people are tyrants, but they are clueless tyrants. In a response to Project Veritas footage in which he is heard describing Russian Conspiracies as a ‘Nothing Burger’, Van Jones tried to weasel out by explaining that he meant that he was lamenting the fact that average Americans are more worried about making ends meet than Russian spies. You heard that right. The CNN personality with a net worth of over a million dollars was frustrated that CNN viewers are more obsessed with how they’re going to keep a roof over their head than the talking points of the progressive elite. He doesn’t frame it as CNN being out of touch, or show interest in changing their priorities when it comes to reporting, but that these stupid viewers aren’t down with the big issues. The brass on the guy.

In a sense, this story published by CNN of all people (their brazen lack of self awareness is staggering) is even more of a revelation than Project Veritas’ American Pravda expose. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this organisation is not a noble investigative outlet, but an influential dictatorial entity in its own right. With this threat to an ordinary Reddit user, it appears that CNN isn’t just American Pravda. It’s an American Stasi as well.

It’s your XYZ.

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  • Karen Dwyer

    Excellent, Eh?.

    CNN viewing is really only done for the “watching someone walk in clown shoes slip on a banana peel” cliche slapstick fun; mixed with an element of “there really is something creepy about clown faces”.

  • Karen Dwyer

    And meanwhile, over in France, Macron is quite happy to let the media know he thinks they are morons:

    • Ralphy

      You couldn’t make this stuff up. When I first read of Bizzaro World in Action Comics #263 I never for an instant thought it was real!!!

      I don’t want to go the planet and get on!

  • Karen Dwyer

    Another journalistic (non-CNN) perspective is of Msr Macron, and I’m posting it here before it disappears completely from the internet. As we know, the “Geriatric Republic” is now “married to Macron”.

    The outdated-yet-current article is from the Oriental Review, a site previously unfamiliar to me:

    “Is the Geriatric Republic About to Marry Macron?”

    Something that was originally conceived as a grandiose pageant of political marketing will come to a conclusion next Sunday in France. A young man with an evident Oedipus complex who has never held a single elected office and who was almost unknown just three years ago is now preparing to fill the seat once occupied by Georges Clémenceau and Charles de Gaulle in the Élysée Palace.

    Although it went unnoticed by the public, his campaign actually began back in June 2014. That was when Jacques Aliyah the recognized “éminence grise” of the Fifth Republic, first introduced his young protégé, at a Bilderberg Club meeting in Copenhagen. Back then, the latter was serving as the deputy secretary general to the president of France. But given President Hollande’s dismal approval ratings at the time, he was advised to distance himself from his boss, which he did, resigning 10 days after returning from Denmark.

    By that August, owing to a government crisis, Macron ended up as the economy minister for a period of 24 months, during which he was best remembered for having underpriced the powerhouse of the French high-tech industry, Alstom, when it was sold to General Electric, as well as for a string of scandals over the misappropriation of government funds and for forcing through an odious law written at Aliyahi’s behest called “Equality of Economic Opportunities” (an innocent-enough sounding name for what was actually a crackdown on clan to emerge over the course of the almost six decades of the Fifth Republic’s existence.

    Their first “project” in a top government position was the French prime minister – and later president – Georges Pompidou, who began working for the Rothschilds in 1954. Interestingly, Pompidou was no expert in banking or finance, but this did not stop Guy de Rothschild (1909-2007) from appointing this man to head the Messieurs de Rothschild Frères bank despite his professional background as a high-school literature teacher. In the dramatic month of May 1968, Pompidou was directed by his bosses to issue a challenge to the founder of the Fifth Republic, Charles de Gaulle, in order to win his own entrance into the Élysée Palace the following year. In 1973 Pompidou passed a law that some spiteful tongues dubbed “la loi Pompidou-Giscard- Rothschild,” under which private bankers gained de facto control over the French financial system.

    Ironically, it was while Pompidou was in office that the famous writer and rebel Jean-Paul Sartre founded his celebrated leftist newspaper Libération in 1973, so that the French would finally have a periodical that spurned both big banks and advertising. But just over 40 years later, the banker Édouard de Rothschild became the biggest shareholder in the troubled Libération, adding that newspaper to his media empire. As a result, just a glance at this single web page is enough to gain an appreciation for the magnitude of the “Macron-mania” that has been raining down upon the heads of the dispirited French in recent months from the pages of the Rothschild-controlled media.

    Naturally Macron is a champion of pop-futurism. He is going to turn the French into the ideal nomads, à la Aliyah – a precariat class that has acquired a few skills and some passable English, but lacks a steady job, a reliable profession, a real salary, and a future. He spins fairy tales for French young people about the “creative class” – the dream of a degenerate civilization – but he fails to mention that the society of the future will have no use for all the slackers who vote for him. He is guided by the neo-liberal premise that the main task of a declining state is to give its citizens the chance to ceaselessly change and adapt to the infamous global market, instead of doing anything at all to protect jobs, decent pensions, and the national interests. Therefore, the May 7 victory of yet another mousy little man that is being strenuously programmed by the media may well be the last in the history of the Fifth Republic – and it is certainly no harbinger of the Sixth. France is poised to step into the grave that has already been dug for her.”

    * Ryan, I saw this and thought of you 🙂

  • Ryan Fletcher